as-set: AS-CRAPAC-CUSTOMERS descr: ************************************************************ AS61660 CRAPAC SERVICOS DE TELECOMUNICACOES LTDA - ME customer cone ************************************************************ members: AS264516 #AMA-TELECOM members: AS271074 #BARRA-DIGITAL admin-c: Rodrigo Gomes tech-c: Rudson Costa remarks: ================================================================================= This is a Proxy-registered as-set object. This particular as-set object was created by Net&Com (AS263324) on behalf of this ASN because no existing as-set object for this ASN was found, and, since some Net&Com peers filter based on these objects, any routes from this ASN may be rejected if this object is not created. In case you are the owner of this origin AS and would like to manage this as-set object yourself, please let us know so we can transfer the authority of this as-set object, in addition to any other as-set, aut-num and route objects we maintain on your behalf to you on RADb. Please contact noc@netecom.com.br if you have any questions regarding this object. ================================================================================= remarks: ================================================================================= Any inquiries concerning security incidents from source IP addresses from this customer's ASN MUST be addressed directly to them at their respective support channels. Please search for their relevant contact information at either PeeringDB or issue the proper whois at their aut-num. Net&Com (AS263324) is responsible for NEITHER routing policies nor security issues of this direct or indirect customer's Autonomous System Number. In case of abuse/UCE and you failed to hearing from the support personnel of this ASN, please let us know at: Abuse/UCE: abuse@netecom.com.br ================================================================================= mnt-by: MAINT-AS263324 changed: diego.lima@netecom.com.br 20201008 #14:22:37Z source: RADB last-modified: 2024-01-02T21:00:07Z