as-set: AS-CWCUSTEU descr: Vodafone Limited descr: C&W Europe ASN and C&W Europe customer ASNs members: AS72 members: AS613 members: AS714 members: AS1103 members: AS-SURFNET members: AS1241 members: AS-FORTHNET members: AS1267 members: AS-INFOSTRADA members: AS1696 members: AS1889 members: AS2129 members: AS-HPEUROPEMWS members: AS2134 members: AS2147 members: AS2172 members: AS2200 members: AS-RENATER members: AS2535 members: AS2611 members: AS-BELNET members: AS2873 members: AS3083 members: AS3092 members: AS3096 members: AS3107 members: AS3216 members: AS-SOVAM members: AS3262 members: AS-SARENET members: AS3292 members: AS-TDCNET members: AS3307 members: AS-BANETELE members: AS3336 members: AS-KOLUMBUS members: AS3491 members: AS-CAIS members: AS3573 members: AS3741 members: AS-IS members: AS4293 members: AS4420 members: AS4589 members: AS-EASYNET members: AS4651 members: AS-THIX members: AS4788 members: AS-4788 members: AS4913 members: AS5073 members: AS5089 members: AS-NTLI members: AS5378 members: AS-INSNET members: AS5388 members: AS-ENERGIS members: AS5394 members: AS-UNIDATACUST members: AS5416 members: AS5425 members: AS-SPIDERNET members: AS5427 members: AS-PRTL-EU members: AS5430 members: AS-FREENETDE members: AS5459 members: AS-NONE members: AS5462 members: AS-CABLEINET members: AS5486 members: AS-INETGOLD members: AS5539 members: AS-SPACENET members: AS5551 members: AS-CWCCUSTOMERS members: AS5568 members: AS-RBNET members: AS5588 members: AS-GTS-CE members: AS6432 members: AS6667 members: AS-EUNETIP members: AS6677 members: AS-ICENET members: AS6646 members: AS-ASTRAL members: AS6739 members: AS-ONO-UPS members: AS6747 members: AS-LATTELEKOM members: AS6758 members: AS6774 members: AS6774:AS-BICS-TRANSIT members: AS6779 members: AS6848 members: AS-TELENET members: AS7473 members: AS-SINGTEL members: AS7926 members: AS8153 members: AS8195 members: AS-IONIP members: AS8216 members: AS8301 members: AS-GNCNET members: AS8319 members: AS-NETHINKS members: AS8402 members: AS-CORBINA members: AS8435 members: AS8528 members: AS8530 members: AS8546 members: AS8590 members: AS8592 members: AS-MSUNET members: AS8657 members: AS-CPRM members: AS8680 members: AS-GTIBS members: AS8681 members: AS-JERSEYTELECOM members: AS8760 members: AS-ENERGIS-I members: AS8781 members: AS-QTEL-SET members: AS8816 members: AS-METROLINK-IT members: AS8846 members: AS8866 members: AS-BTC-CW members: AS8946 members: AS9009 members: AS-GBXS members: AS9019 members: AS-DATAGRAMA members: AS-INFOSTRADA members: AS9050 members: AS-RTD members: AS9116 members: AS-GOLDEN members: AS9121 members: AS-TTNET members: AS9145 members: AS9150 members: AS-INTERCONNECT members: AS9158 members: AS-SONOFON members: AS9329 members: AS-SLTNET-TRANSIT members: AS9498 members: AS9498:AS-BHARTI-IN members: AS9583 members: AS9583:AS-SIFY members: AS9730 members: AS9829 members: AS11521 members: AS11528 members: AS11845 members: AS12293 members: AS12306 members: AS-PLUSLINE members: AS12337 members: AS-NORIS members: AS12347 members: AS-MAGNET members: AS12350 members: AS-VTX members: AS12361 members: AS-PANAFONET members: AS12386 members: AS-ALPICUSTOM members: AS12389 members: AS-ROSTELECOM members: AS12390 members: AS-KINGSTONUK members: AS12399 members: AS-SPXS members: AS12424 members: AS-JAZZTRANS members: AS12530 members: AS-SVITONLINE members: AS12540 members: AS12541 members: AS-BTIGS members: AS12573 members: AS-IONIP members: AS12676 members: AS-NCORE members: AS12713 members: AS-OTEGLOBE members: AS12715 members: AS-JAZZTRANS members: AS12807 members: AS12844 members: AS12874 members: AS-FASTWEB members: AS12880 members: AS12976 members: AS-IONIP members: AS12980 members: AS13053 members: AS-STK members: AS13100 members: AS13144 members: AS13186 members: AS13249 members: AS-ITS-WORLD members: AS13301 members: AS-UNITEDCOLO members: AS14541 members: AS15216 members: AS15217 members: AS15395 members: AS15412 members: AS-FLAGP members: AS15418 members: AS15533 members: AS15612 members: AS-SERVECENTRIC members: AS15769 members: AS15805 members: AS15835 members: AS-MAP members: AS15865 members: AS15915 members: AS-IBERCOM members: AS15917 members: AS15951 members: AS15957 members: AS16050 members: AS16096 members: AS16265 members: AS-LEASEWEB members: AS16272 members: AS-EASTLINK members: AS16284 members: AS16299 members: AS16304 members: AS-HTK members: AS16332 members: AS16338 members: AS-AUNANET members: AS16345 members: AS16371 members: AS-ACENS members: AS17071 members: AS17458 members: AS17494 members: AS17806 members: AS17806:AS-MANGOTELESERVICE-BD members: AS18001 members: AS-customers members: AS18701 members: AS19178 members: AS19428 members: AS19806 members: AS20705 members: AS20485 members: AS-TTK members: AS20495 members: AS-WEDARE members: AS20577 members: AS20634 members: AS-LIECOMTEL members: AS20686 members: AS-BISPING members: AS20718 members: AS-ARSYSINTERNET members: AS20776 members: AS20783 members: AS-POP members: AS29838 members: AS20921 members: AS20925 members: AS20940 members: AS-AKAMAI members: AS20990 members: AS21054 members: AS21135 members: AS21155 members: AS-PROSERVE members: AS21272 members: AS21301 members: AS21309 members: AS-ACANTHO members: AS21369 members: AS21439 members: AS21502 members: AS-NUMERICABLE members: AS21874 members: AS22399 members: AS24608 members: AS24661 members: AS24675 members: AS24678 members: AS24775 members: AS24785 members: AS-JOINTTRANSIT members: AS24845 members: AS24940 members: AS-HETZNER members: AS24949 members: AS24976 members: AS25028 members: AS25163 members: AS-21CTL members: AS25255 members: AS25310 members: AS25421 members: AS25441 members: AS-IBIS members: AS25467 members: AS-AKTON members: AS25818 members: AS28867 members: AS29009 members: AS29033 members: AS29049 members: AS-AZERSATMEMBERS members: AS29091 members: AS29142 members: AS29197 members: AS29283 members: AS29571 members: AS29668 members: AS-QUBE members: AS29674 members: AS30128 members: AS30204 members: AS30437 members: AS30733 members: AS-GLOBUS members: AS30827 members: AS-XTRAORDINARY members: AS30890 members: AS-EVOLVA members: AS30894 members: AS30931 members: AS30998 members: AS-NETCOMNG-NG members: AS31411 members: AS31422 members: AS31463 members: AS31641 members: as-webhost-set members: AS31855 members: AS32033 members: AS32363 members: AS33824 members: AS33874 members: AS-VFM members: AS33891 members: AS-CSARENA members: AS34033 members: AS-NUMERICABLE members: AS34164 members: AS-AKAMAI members: AS34178 members: AS34737 members: AS34761 members: AS34809 members: AS34810 members: AS34903 members: AS34906 members: AS34930 members: AS35072 members: AS35142 members: AS35204 members: AS35299 members: AS35707 members: AS35717 members: AS35946 members: AS36873 members: AS37295 members: AS-GUAP members: AS37986 members: AS37986:AS-TULIP-IN members: AS38550 members: AS39035 members: AS39099 members: AS39111 members: AS39386 members: AS39836 members: AS39882 members: AS39915 members: AS41276 members: AS41383 members: AS41558 members: AS42816 members: AS42990 members: AS43515 members: AS43639 members: AS-AKAMAI members: AS43949 members: AS44022 members: AS44212 members: AS44292 members: AS-SPINVOX members: AS44815 members: AS44891 members: AS45758 members: AS48003 members: AS48945 members: AS49572 members: AS49635 members: AS49758 members: AS51489 members: AS52019 members: AS53973 members: AS55759 members: AS57052 members: AS196839 members: AS197085 members: AS197282 members: AS197874 members: AS198313 members: AS38040 members: AS3267 members: AS-RUNNET admin-c: DUMY-RIPE tech-c: DUMY-RIPE notify: mnt-by: CW-EUROPE-GSOC created: 2004-02-27T08:49:22Z last-modified: 2023-05-05T09:03:25Z source: RIPE remarks: **************************** remarks: * THIS OBJECT IS MODIFIED remarks: * Please note that all data that is generally regarded as personal remarks: * data has been removed from this object. remarks: * To view the original object, please query the RIPE Database at: remarks: * remarks: ****************************