as-set: AS-MARANET-CUSTOMERS descr: MARANET AS 267575 Customers networks members: AS265983 # AJATONET (F J S LESSA - ME) members: AS268518 # FRANCISCO L SILVA DE ARAUJO (cliente AJATONET) members: AS28246 # REDE SIVNET TELECOMUNICACOES LTDA members: AS264941 # Satcom Telecom Comercio e Servi?os Ltda members: AS267656 # Martins e Barros LTDA (speednet) members: AS269229 # Superondas Internet Ltda. members: AS269514 # J D ARAUJO ME members: AS271249 # V BORGES RIBEIRO EIRELI remarks: ************************************************************************************** Any inquiries concerning security incidents from source IP addresses belonging to ASN members of this particular as-set MUST be addressed directly to their respective owners / origin ASNs at their respective support channels. Please search for their relevant contact information at either PeeringDB or issue the proper whois at their aut-num. MARANET (AS267575) is responsible for NEITHER routing policies nor security issues of these direct or indirect customers' Autonomous System Numbers listed as members in this as-set. In case of abuse/UCE and you failed to hearing from the support personnel of any of these ASNs, please let us know at: Abuse/UCE: noc@maranet.com.br ************************************************************************************** mnt-by: MAINT-AS267575 changed: daniel@maranet.com.br 20240109 # 1228Z source: RADB last-modified: 2024-01-09T12:28:48Z