as-set: AS3216:AS-ALL descr: SOVAM ASes remarks: remarks: GT Nets members: AS3216 members: AS2766 members: AS2599 members: AS8773 members: AS8350 members: AS8563 members: AS8755 members: AS15898 remarks: remarks: Peer Nets members: AS-CORBINA remarks: remarks: Customer Nets remarks: remarks: SPB cust Nets members: AS47746 members: AS-UTRANSIT-T members: AS-WESTCALLSPB members: AS-RUSNET-GLDN members: AS-SENATOR members: AS-BALTLINE members: AS-CHTP members: AS-CITYTELECOM members: AS-CTINET members: AS-LEIVO members: AS-SCARTEL members: AS-SEVEREN-TELECOM members: AS21353 members: AS34866 members: AS34879 members: AS39101 members: AS42144 members: AS-PETERSERVICE members: AS-EUT members: AS47363 members: AS47807 members: AS48547 members: AS49255 members: AS-PETERSTAR members: AS8634 members: AS16345 members: AS42528 members: AS41067 members: AS39092 members: AS-LANCK members: AS13257 members: AS-KSK members: AS-WESCOM members: AS9124 members: AS-ELTEL members: AS56365 members: AS-STARTELECOMSPB members: AS51981 members: AS-EXTEL members: AS-TIMEWEB remarks: remarks: Moscow and other regs Nets members: AS-MAGTEL members: AS-SAKHTEL members: AS-ROPNET members: AS5572 members: AS-MACOMNET members: AS-SVITONLINE members: AS-KIS members: AS12686 members: AS-SIBINTEK members: AS50762 members: AS-ABNJSC-SET members: AS-TN members: AS28829 members: AS-SMRTLC members: AS20872 members: AS49231 members: AS-UNICO members: AS39442 members: AS25355 members: AS29385 members: AS20848 members: AS29561 members: AS21446 members: AS-EF-INTERNET members: AS21480 members: AS24823 members: AS8219 members: AS48757 members: AS-FLEX members: AS-ORC members: AS-RCNET members: AS12679 members: AS16173 members: AS8507 members: AS35025 members: AS39725 members: AS51471 members: AS48667 members: AS2122 members: AS-NURSAT members: AS-NAUKANET members: AS-SUTC members: AS-TTCNET members: AS-TSNET-RU members: AS-SET-WANEX members: AS-IMPULS members: AS-TRANSLINECOM members: AS-RASCOM members: AS-MKSNET members: AS-EST members: AS-COM-SITE members: AS-BGT members: AS29638 members: AS-TNC members: AS-AISTNET members: AS72 members: AS31485 members: AS-TEL-NET members: AS-MCNTT members: AS33908 members: AS34042 members: AS33936 members: AS29503 members: AS-GARS members: AS34249 members: AS34102 members: AS-AVELACOM members: AS33903 members: AS34038 members: AS-INFOTEL members: AS34168 members: AS-LOGIKA members: AS33993 members: AS33878 members: AS34098 members: AS-ORBITA-PLUS-CUSTOMERS members: AS-HOSTLINE members: AS-DINET members: AS34802 members: AS51418 members: AS51613 members: AS48143 members: AS35102 members: AS-RUNNET members: AS34147 members: AS-INFOLINK members: AS35021 members: AS-RIM2000M members: AS-LANTECH members: AS34698 members: AS34838 members: AS50652 members: AS-IIPNET members: AS35598 members: AS-FIORD members: AS-RMT members: AS-GT-KAZ members: AS-CWN members: AS-COMSERVICE members: AS-IMSYS members: AS15707 members: AS35237 members: AS-GAZTELECOM members: AS48788 members: AS-WILAND-TP members: AS3516 members: AS39350 members: AS41310 members: AS-UTRANSIT members: AS39376 members: AS42762 members: AS-MCN members: AS-BIGTELECOM members: AS-STARLNK members: AS49988 members: AS41691 members: AS39850 members: AS-DATAGRUPARU members: AS31174 members: AS39711 members: AS41377 members: AS39749 members: AS-HOSTER members: AS41212 members: AS-2COM members: AS51219 members: AS-TIC members: AS-IHOME members: AS-KUBTELECOM members: AS35195 members: AS31302 members: AS-TVT members: AS43787 members: AS43042 members: AS49886 members: AS41300 members: AS-LINKY members: AS20895 members: AS31208 members: AS12456 members: AS-INTELSOFT members: AS-PATH-03 members: AS42322 members: AS-ROSINTEL members: AS-SET-ITECH members: AS-IPNET-MSK members: AS-CHEBNET members: AS-VLAN members: AS-BELPAK members: AS42296 members: AS41403 members: AS42693 members: AS-CYBERPLATINA members: AS12772 members: AS-ENFORTA members: AS41430 members: AS12461 members: AS35750 members: AS-TETRA members: AS41681 members: AS42561 members: AS41258 members: AS-BYTECITY members: AS-LATTELEKOM members: AS-RENET members: AS8998 members: AS-RTS members: AS42690 members: AS-HYPERNET members: AS48089 members: AS42758 members: AS42032 members: AS42916 members: AS42941 members: AS39612 members: AS42919 members: AS-OBIT members: AS-ENGINET members: AS-SCF-GROUP members: AS42527 members: AS43000 members: AS42972 members: AS-SUNLINK-EXPORT members: AS39684 members: AS-SC-NTEL members: AS43235 members: AS42850 members: AS42945 members: AS30868 members: AS48122 members: AS43670 members: AS43020 members: AS-AGTEL-INT members: AS28989 members: AS-TELESET members: AS41668 members: AS-MNOGOBYTE members: AS-NETTRANS members: AS43146 members: AS42558 members: AS41101 members: AS43087 members: AS35683 members: AS43820 members: AS-STARTELECOM members: AS43907 members: AS-NETLINE members: AS-WIMAX members: AS43865 members: AS-AGAVA members: AS35354 members: AS48508 members: AS44315 members: AS44300 members: AS12879 members: AS-KRAFT-S members: AS-OSMP members: AS-WEBALTA members: AS41826 members: AS43309 members: AS44386 members: AS34500 members: AS-ARMENTEL members: AS49905 members: AS-SOCHITEL members: AS43812 members: AS44704 members: AS44665 members: AS-DELFINTELECOM members: AS15895:AS-ALL members: AS-DELTACOM members: AS45003 members: AS44232 members: AS15559 members: AS-KAZTELECOMPEERS members: AS35154 members: AS45054 members: AS-SVHOLDING members: AS-RUSCOMP members: AS-SYNTERRA members: AS47231 members: AS42674 members: AS47260 members: AS42554 members: AS-QUANTUM members: AS12418 members: AS47470 members: AS44470 members: AS44699 members: AS-CITYLAN members: AS42069 members: AS-INTAL members: AS44840 members: AS-BABILON members: AS-MAILRU members: AS20806 members: AS47852 members: AS47934 members: AS-SMARTLOGIC members: AS-FPIC members: AS44963 members: AS47786 members: AS47897 members: AS47456 members: AS48050 members: AS50002 members: AS47399 members: AS47677 members: AS47819 members: AS47808 members: AS-IRBISTELECOM members: AS-UCOMLINE members: AS44797 members: AS-HH members: AS-LETCOM-2-SET members: AS44131 members: AS31500 members: AS-GLOBAL-NET members: AS34998 members: AS48009 members: AS48197 members: AS16020 members: AS42500 members: AS-TTC members: AS11414 members: AS48549 members: AS-PLAYFON-RU members: AS5531 members: AS-PLUS members: AS-MAPEXT members: AS48499 members: AS47564 members: AS34336 members: AS47429 members: AS50639 members: AS8974 members: AS41264 members: AS-PROXI-COM members: AS35032 members: AS24602 members: AS41673 members: AS45055 members: AS48995 members: AS-USI members: AS49891 members: AS43275 members: AS196991 members: AS-SET-COLTEL members: AS-UT-SVR members: AS-MEGATON members: AS-ARTX members: AS-MERCUR members: AS-ASTEIS members: AS12668 members: AS44670 members: AS-OST-TELECOM members: AS44223 members: AS-INSYS-EKB members: AS49458 members: AS50804 members: AS48470 members: AS47682 members: AS48396 members: AS39156 members: AS51593 members: AS49377 members: AS-YTC-E members: AS21497 members: AS49347 members: AS-NTSI members: AS8369 members: AS35824 members: AS49684 members: AS30952 members: AS-KT-RU members: AS-MOLDTELECOM members: AS28712 members: AS49841 members: AS31028 members: AS50169 members: AS50228 members: AS48312 members: AS49916 members: AS41615 members: AS-INTELCOMNET members: AS50038 members: AS-ETTVER members: AS8706 members: AS35522 members: AS-MF-MGSM members: AS16118 members: AS50435 members: AS47827 members: AS31359 members: AS-FORATEC members: AS34824 members: AS-ALLTELECOM members: AS33844 members: AS31480 members: AS-OPTITELECOM members: AS-ELCAT members: AS48029 members: AS34739 members: AS50003 members: AS49531 members: AS39266 members: AS34485 members: AS46100 members: AS29046 members: AS-SC-T members: AS-BGT-NOGLIKI members: AS-ORC-EXT members: AS-TEO-GT members: AS41551 members: AS197092 members: AS43661 members: AS44621 members: AS49745 members: AS-CEA members: AS51115 members: AS34644 members: AS35580 members: AS51077 members: AS51281 members: AS-SKADI members: AS-MCC members: AS-RT members: AS-UBN members: AS48719 members: AS29554 members: AS50878 members: AS51339 members: AS51360 members: AS-NEWLINETELECOM members: AS50850 members: AS-CHIL members: AS-EDUNET members: AS-ALTURA members: AS51419 members: AS-BASHNET members: AS42231 members: AS197204 members: AS197276 members: AS-DTLN members: AS39058 members: AS51705 members: AS51916 members: AS-MMPK members: AS47257 members: AS44417 members: AS-MTELEPORT members: AS51956 members: AS48054 members: AS51546 members: AS-BST members: AS47457 members: AS24787 members: AS50464 members: AS50367 members: AS51051 members: AS-INFOMIRDOM members: AS48816 members: AS52047 members: AS52096 members: AS43095 members: AS52016 members: AS43286 members: AS-SUMTEL-KRD members: AS-SUMTEL-NN members: AS52162 members: AS-FLAGMAN members: AS-FORTEX members: AS47378 members: AS43429 members: AS43660 members: AS-SUMTEL members: AS56445 members: AS34892 members: AS31379 members: AS197256 members: AS50466 members: AS44046 members: AS49179 members: AS41617 members: AS34671 members: AS48361 members: AS56627 members: AS50341 members: AS-PWRS members: AS51346 members: AS56686 members: AS16094 members: AS42780 members: AS39303 members: AS9107 members: AS49510 members: AS197632 members: AS197821 members: AS-OSSURAL members: AS-GLOBAL63RU members: AS41460 tech-c: DUMY-RIPE admin-c: DUMY-RIPE mnt-by: AS3216-MNT created: 2011-05-25T11:58:20Z last-modified: 2024-06-10T07:32:04Z source: RIPE remarks: **************************** remarks: * THIS OBJECT IS MODIFIED remarks: * Please note that all data that is generally regarded as personal remarks: * data has been removed from this object. remarks: * To view the original object, please query the RIPE Database at: remarks: * http://www.ripe.net/whois remarks: ****************************