as-set: AS52783:AS-AL-CUSTOMERS-01 descr: ALCANS TELECOM LTDA DOWNSTREAM CUSTOMERS remarks: AS-SET of Alcans Telecom BGP downstream customers remarks: Max 50 customer ASes in this AS-SET remarks: ================================================= remarks: https://www.alcans.com.br remarks: ============================================================== remarks: For routing issues, peering requests, spam and security issues remarks: about AS 52783, please e-mail to bgp@alcans.com.br remarks: ============================================================== members: AS28154 # AR TELECOM PROVEDOR DE INTERNET LTDA members: AS262439 # ALCANS SERVICOS EM TELECOMUNICACOES LTDA members: AS263457 # Alpinet Informatica Ltda members: AS264008 # LANCA SERVICOS DE INFORMATICA LTDA - ME members: AS264514 # DESCALNET PROVEDOR LTDA - ME members: AS265094 # NET PARAISO members: AS265129 # Duarte & Dias Eletroeletronicos Ltda ME members: AS265213 # BRUMART a sua internet members: AS266044 # NICNET TELECOMUNICACOES LTDA members: AS266998 # NICNET PARTICIPACOES members: AS267192 # TELCOM PROVEDOR DE ACESSO LTDA - EPP members: AS268738 # M3 Net Fibra LTDA - ME members: AS268782 # H-NET TELECOM LTDA members: AS268976 # Weclix Telecom S/A members: AS269476 # DJNET COMUNICACOES LTDA - ME members: AS270743 # G L DE BARROS E CIA LTDA ME members: AS271158 # Link Dedicado Fibra Optica Tv e Telefonia Ip LTDA members: AS271639 # HOME ON TELECOMUNICACOES LTDA members: AS273777 # Bruno Sanches Carvalho mnt-by: MAINT-AS52783 changed: bgp@alcans.com.br 20240418 source: TC last-modified: 2024-04-18T18:36:56Z