route-set: RS-GITHUB-V6 descr: GitHub descr: Build software better, together. descr: https://github.com || https://github.com/about remarks: # >>> Technical Contacts <<< ------------------------- admin-c: GITHU-ARIN # General enquiries to <ops@github.com> tech-c: GITHU-ARIN tech-c: NEWLA7-ARIN # Jesse Newland <jesse@github.com> tech-c: SANDE159-ARIN # Scott Sanders <jssjr@github.com> remarks: # ------------------------------------------------------ remarks: # For all urgent matters regarding phishing or attacks, remarks: # do not contact the registry. Use <abuse@github.com>. remarks: # ------------------------------------------------------ notify: ops@github.com changed: jssjr@github.com 20140429 mbrs-by-ref: MNT-GITHU mnt-by: MNT-GITHU source: ARIN