route-set: RS-INTEROUTE-DTAG descr: Interoute Communications Ltd members: AS8928 members: AS2609 members: AS5535 members: AS8217 members: AS8234 members: AS8911 members: AS12735 members: AS15415 members: AS19305 members: AS21234 members: AS21277 members: AS25248 members: AS29019 members: AS29286 members: AS34080 members: AS34226 members: AS35679 members: AS41935 members: AS44911 members: AS47169 members: AS48545 members: AS59950 members: AS-2CONNECT members: AS-4CALL members: AS-AH members: AS-CENTRONET members: AS-COOLHOUSING members: AS-CYFRONET members: AS-CZECHBONE members: AS-DENINET members: AS-DENINET6 members: AS-DIG members: AS-INFOSTRADA members: AS-KBCGSH members: AS-KOMDSL-OUT members: AS-NETGUARD members: AS-PRTELECOM members: AS-SCANSAFE members: AS-SET-GREPA members: AS-SOFTEXNCP-CZ members: AS-TAS members: AS-TELEKOM members: AS-TRESTEL-CZ members: RS-AS3573-TO-AS8928 members: AS-UNIDATACUST members: AS-UNO members: AS12835:AS-CUSTOMERS members: AS12533 members: AS13182 members: AS-GOM-INTERROUTE members: AS15293 members: AS16297 members: AS20924 members: AS-ALETNET members: AS21034:AS-MICSOCUST members: AS-ACANTHO members: AS24608 members: AS-IFINET members: AS24880 members: AS25350 members: AS-EUCLYDE members: AS-MYNET members: AS31570 members: AS33986 members: AS35066 members: AS-LOTTOMATICA members: AS39120 members: AS-TESENE members: AS44473 members: AS44721 members: AS44767 members: AS44898 members: AS44942:AS-OUT members: AS44986 members: AS45041 members: AS47178 members: AS47187 members: AS48135 members: AS48426 members: AS48544 members: AS51871 members: AS52030 members: AS56320 members: AS56550 members: AS57371 members: AS60475 members: AS60706:AS-OUT members: AS61244 members: AS196708 members: AS196956 members: AS197293 members: AS197664 members: AS198045 members: AS198471 members: AS199026 members: AS199042 members: AS199237 members: AS199348 members: AS199617 members: AS199649 members: AS199941 members: AS201333 members: AS201352 members: AS201474 members: AS201565 members: AS201747 members: AS201950 members: AS203073 members: AS-ADALNETWORK org: ORG-ICL2-RIPE tech-c: DUMY-RIPE admin-c: DUMY-RIPE mnt-by: AS3257-ROUTE-MNT mnt-lower: AS3257-ROUTE-MNT created: 2014-12-23T16:13:06Z last-modified: 2022-08-19T08:06:23Z source: RIPE remarks: **************************** remarks: * THIS OBJECT IS MODIFIED remarks: * Please note that all data that is generally regarded as personal remarks: * data has been removed from this object. remarks: * To view the original object, please query the RIPE Database at: remarks: * http://www.ripe.net/whois remarks: ****************************