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RIPE Atlas is a dynamic, global network of thousands of probes that have been measuring Internet connectivity and reachability in near real time since 2010. Anyone can directly access the data collected by RIPE Atlas, as well as Internet maps, graphs, tools and analyses based on the aggregated results, at https://atlas.ripe.net. RIPE Atlas was developed and is operated by the RIPE NCC, along with the help of thousands of volunteers. The RIPE NCC is one of five Regional Internet Registries (RIRs) that support the global operation of the Internet.
Globalping is a platform that allows anyone to run networking commands such as ping, traceroute, dig, curl and mtr on probes distributed all around the world. Our goal is to provide a free and simple service for everyone out there to make the internet faster. You can use it to optimize your anycast network, monitor your latency, debug routing issues and even check for censorship in different countries.
perfSONAR is a network measurement toolkit designed to provide federated coverage of paths, and help to establish end-to-end usage expectations. There are 1000s of perfSONAR instances deployed world wide, many of which are available for open testing of key measures of network performance. This global infrastructure helps to identify and isolate problems as they happen, making the role of supporting network users easier for engineering teams, and increasing productivity when utilizing network resources.
RouteViews is a project founded by the Advanced Network Technology Center at the University of Oregon to allow Internet users to view global Border Gateway Protocol routing information from the perspective of other locations around the internet. Originally created to help Internet Service Providers determine how their network prefixes were viewed by others in order to debug and optimize access to their network, RouteViews is now used for a range of other purposes including academic research.
Packet Clearing House is the international organization responsible for providing operational support and security to critical Internet infrastructure, including Internet exchange points and the core of the domain name system.