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Detected from you

2001:470:20::2         The ipv6 address of ordns.he.net            The ipv4 address of ordns.he.net
bgp.he.net             The domain name of a popular website
google.com             The domain name of a popular search engine

Traceroutes to domain names will use ipv4. 
You can change this behavior using the toggle to the right.

Valid entries are limited to domain names and ipv4 or ipv6 addresses.

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AS6939          ASNs may be entered prefixed with AS
San Jose        Cities
California      States
US              ISO Country codes
HURRICANE       AS Names (all capitals)
globalping      Restrict to Globalping probes
globalping US   List Globalping probes in the US

Valid platforms are 'globalping', 'ripe', and 'perfsonar'

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