as-set: AS-31576-PEERS descr: Set of as31576 BGP peers. members: AS31576 members: AS-31576-CLIENTS members: AS-GLOBAL-E members: AS-ORNIS members: AS43350 members: AS-XLIS members: AS-ROKSCOM members: AS35224 members: AS-GOOGLE members: AS-35027 members: AS35090 members: AS-OPTILIAN members: AS5524 members: AS-CYREALIS members: AS-DEVCLIC members: AS-R-IX members: AS-MTN-ICS members: AS-MAINLAB-AMS members: AS-XENOSITE members: AS-GP members: AS-3IT members: AS-SKIWEBCENTER members: AS-STELLA-NET members: AS-MAPPY members: AS-ALTITUDETELECOM members: AS-INTERCONNECT members: AS50266 members: AS-PANTHERIT members: AS-EUROACCESS members: AS15826 members: AS-PROSERVE members: AS47863 members: AS16147 members: AS-CALYXNL members: AS-PPR members: AS-EQUINOXE members: AS31673 members: AS44935 members: AS42093 members: AS-FIGARO members: AS-PANTHER members: AS8220 members: AS30132 members: AS29290 members: AS-DATAHOP members: AS41420 members: AS-FOTOVISTA members: AS-TNG members: AS-DATAWEB members: AS-HURRICANE members: AS-IUNXI members: AS-ELIOTT members: AS-BTAH members: AS34307 members: AS-HENZ members: AS-IP-MAN members: AS43054 members: AS-MOZILLA-EU1 members: AS-TRANSNODE members: AS-RETN members: AS-ISICONNEXION members: AS-BREEDBANDDELFT members: AS-TEQNOBASE members: AS-TELECOMPLETE members: AS-OBS members: AS2914 members: AS-EVERTJENETWORKS members: AS-WITBE members: AS-ZYLON members: AS-WIDEXS members: AS-IPTP members: AS-RDSNET members: AS2486 members: AS-31576-CLIENTS members: AS-REAGI members: AS-BLUENETECH members: AS-CYSONET members: AS-INFOSTRADA members: AS-PTLU members: AS-PEERS members: AS35383 members: AS31800 members: AS34002 members: AS-WAYCOM members: AS-ENTANET members: AS-NETSERVICES members: AS41677 members: AS-NETGROUND members: AS-IXEUROPE-FR members: AS3549 members: AS-SPEEDXS members: AS-ALIONIS members: AS-LASOTEL members: AS-AGARIK members: AS49627 members: AS-DCF members: AS8954 members: AS-W2MY members: AS-YOUR-SET members: AS-TERRATRANSIT members: AS-DIGITALUS members: AS34210 members: AS-INIT7 members: AS-PCH members: AS-DIALTELECOM members: AS-IGUANESTUDIO members: AS41155 members: AS-FINALFRONTIER members: AS30094 members: AS-GALOPTELECOM members: AS-INTERNAP members: AS2686 members: AS-HEXA members: AS29311 members: AS-STAYCLOSE members: AS-MFNX members: AS-LDCOMNET members: AS-BSOCOM members: AS-SYSTEMEC members: AS-DEKOOI members: AS-CLARANET members: AS-KHEOPS members: AS-ECATEL members: AS29152 members: AS-NOB members: AS-ATRATO members: AS-MZIMA members: AS-SIGNET members: AS-HIVANE members: AS-SUPPORT members: AS-IPERCAST members: AS8328 members: AS-KEWEGO members: AS-NEXEN members: AS-PUBLIEKEOMROEP members: AS-PERRIT members: AS-EXALEAD members: AS-ROUTIT members: AS-CJ2 members: AS-IPSYN members: AS-QFAST members: AS42492 members: AS-HWNG members: AS-ATE members: AS-COMPUTEL members: AS-NETWORKING4ALL members: AS-BIT members: AS-TWINFIELD members: AS44334 members: AS6774:AS-BICS-PANAP members: AS39647 members: AS-INTICONET members: AS47207 members: AS-MULTI-VISP members: AS-NETVICTORY members: AS2200 members: AS-OXYMIUM members: AS-NOVSO members: AS-TEASER members: AS8928 members: AS39700 members: AS21315 members: AS-OWSFR members: AS-MULTIPLAY members: AS15412 members: AS20504 members: AS-JEUXVIDEO members: AS-SIVIT members: AS-REASONNET members: AS8677 members: AS-GITOYEN members: AS35782 members: AS-OPENPEERING members: AS-BCH-PANAP members: AS-OPENCARRIER members: AS286 members: AS-EURONETNL members: AS-NERIM members: AS8657 members: AS-PROBENETWORKS members: AS-NEOT members: AS-INTERNET-FR members: AS-CARRIERONE members: AS-RAM members: AS-GANDI members: AS38915 members: AS-HNHW8 members: AS-BBNED-AS#1 members: AS-NEXTPERTISE members: AS39637 members: AS-NETLUX members: AS-GBXS members: AS-COLOPROVIDER members: AS-CSNET-NL members: AS33857 members: AS-UNILOGICNET members: AS-SAFEROOT members: AS-ADVISEO members: AS-LAMBDANET members: AS25152 members: AS-TYPHON members: AS-ECRITEL members: AS-AKAMAI members: AS-JAGUAR members: AS12654 members: AS30806 members: AS-C2C-NL members: AS-EUROPEASP members: AS3209 members: AS6730 members: AS-IP2 members: AS43366 members: AS-NETLAND members: AS-PROXILITY members: AS6453 members: AS-TINET members: AS12041 members: AS-NEURONNEXION members: AS48392 members: AS16276 members: AS-JETMULTIMEDIA members: AS-SUPINFO members: AS-LEASEWEB members: AS57468 members: AS-GRAFIX members: AS-SKYROCK members: AS34889 members: AS-TAS members: AS5418 members: AS-EASYNET members: AS-BLUEGIX members: AS-DENIT members: AS-LINKBYNET members: AS8315 members: AS-TECHNOTOP members: AS-EASYHOSTING members: AS35189 members: AS47172 members: AS-CONCEPTS members: AS29028 members: AS-MTU members: AS-SWCMGLOBAL members: AS-EUROSV members: AS-OVEA members: AS-PINS members: AS-FXTEL members: AS8068 members: AS-NFSI members: AS31688 members: AS36629 members: AS-OHTELE members: AS49811 members: AS-IO members: AS-EUROWEB members: AS-INFRACOMNL members: AS-PCH members: AS-KABELFOON members: AS-ILLIAN-NETWORKS members: AS44608 members: AS65444 members: AS-EMAILVISION members: AS-ZEELANDNET members: AS29462 members: AS29001 members: AS44858 members: AS8935 members: AS-DOCLER members: AS-CAVEO members: AS-INTROWEB members: AS-ORIGAMI-SYSTEMS members: AS-IELO members: AS-MOHAWK-TRANSIT members: AS31586 members: AS-CELESTE members: AS50858 members: AS-HISPAWEB members: AS30785 members: AS-FRONTIER members: AS-LTT members: AS-EUROCENTER members: AS-AZURIA members: AS34309 members: AS-INTERBOX members: AS42937 members: AS39221 members: AS-OXYD members: AS-DAILYMOTION members: AS-NEDZONE members: AS-LUNA members: AS-IKOULA members: AS-NUMERICABLE members: AS-EBSD members: AS-BENELUX members: AS-OXILION members: AS49405 members: AS-DUOCAST members: AS41552 members: AS-SDV members: AS-HOSTINGFRANCE members: AS-NXS members: AS-KEME members: AS-CW members: AS-CETSI members: AS-IN2IP members: AS-INFOCLIP members: AS16150 members: AS47121 members: AS-SITEBYTES members: AS34942 members: AS-GALACSYS members: AS-INFO members: AS-UNET members: AS-BURSTFIRE members: AS-SOLCON members: AS-GOSCOMB members: AS-PROLOCATION members: AS-PHIBEE-TELECOM members: AS-AIE members: AS-PINE members: AS-LIZARD org: ORG-GIXE1-RIPE tech-c: DUMY-RIPE admin-c: DUMY-RIPE mnt-by: OPDOP-MNT created: 2006-12-01T14:31:44Z last-modified: 2024-05-02T11:31:51Z source: RIPE remarks: **************************** remarks: * THIS OBJECT IS MODIFIED remarks: * Please note that all data that is generally regarded as personal remarks: * data has been removed from this object. remarks: * To view the original object, please query the RIPE Database at: remarks: * http://www.ripe.net/whois remarks: ****************************