as-set: AS-ARCOR descr: ASs supported by Arcor descr: Mannesmann Arcor AG & Co, Eschborn, Germany members: AS3209 members: AS3211 members: AS3278 members: AS39373 members: AS51402 members: AS3745 members: AS-ROCKENSTEIN members: AS196731 members: AS-MGI members: AS8373 members: AS12288 members: AS12371 members: AS41307 members: AS12657 members: AS-MOPSNET members: AS12853 members: AS-ICSMEDIA members: AS-EDISCOM members: AS12857 members: AS35065 members: AS13083 members: AS15415 members: AS15417 members: AS15434 members: AS15451 members: AS15480 members: AS15540 members: AS15726 members: AS-VODAFONED2 members: AS15698 members: AS-IKS members: AS-GELSEN-NET members: AS16356 members: AS-MMP members: AS-NETCOM members: AS19637 members: AS20880 members: AS-DEGNET members: AS21080 members: AS21173 members: AS21499 members: AS24861 members: AS25102 members: AS25276 members: AS24845 members: AS24874 members: AS25109 members: AS25115 members: AS25325 members: AS25419 members: AS28759 members: AS28940 members: AS-ODR-TSG members: AS29239 members: AS29494 members: AS200377 members: AS31259 members: AS31285 members: AS31438 members: AS31723 members: AS-TMT members: AS33806 members: AS34125 members: AS34127 members: AS34156 members: AS34439 members: AS34372 members: AS34548 members: AS35065 members: AS35151 members: AS35205 members: AS35501 members: AS35739 members: AS30825 members: AS39129 members: AS-CETEL members: AS39538 members: AS-SIT members: AS39795 members: AS41213 members: AS41886 members: AS43483 members: AS43570 members: AS44499 members: AS44974 members: AS47261 members: AS47295 members: AS47488 members: AS-SERVERWARE members: AS48097 members: AS51733 members: AS51379 members: AS31518 members: AS39077 members: AS39170 members: AS29316 members: AS-SWS members: AS15722 members: AS41585 members: AS47297 members: AS50034 members: AS-TNETKOM members: AS50824 members: AS50832 members: AS56411 members: AS196868 members: AS44355 members: AS50832 members: AS24978 members: AS24909 members: AS28918 members: AS35501 members: AS34419 members: AS197269 members: AS43204 members: AS-OTTO members: AS44355 members: AS49523 members: AS57094 members: AS57911 members: AS58265 members: AS59971 members: AS42705 members: AS42249 members: AS197524 members: AS41321 members: AS51871 members: AS8351 members: AS13083 members: AS50800 members: AS58234 members: AS58346 members: AS60254 members: AS39099 members: AS-VFNL members: AS15502 members: AS-GWCOMMS members: AS-MOBIFON members: AS-PANAFONET members: AS21334 members: AS12663 members: AS43623:AS-ARD-STERN members: AS44957 members: AS-50973 members: AS59775 members: AS62291 members: AS-PANAFONET members: AS197965 members: AS198205 members: AS-VFM members: AS198145 members: AS198570 members: AS199086 members: AS201368 members: AS201530 members: AS203865 members: AS205249 members: AS206374 members: AS206761 members: AS-BTelekom members: AS196819 members: AS197095 members: AS200924 members: AS201318 members: AS-TeleMK members: AS204400 members: AS204445 members: AS205411 members: AS205660 members: AS206063 members: AS206545 members: AS41998 members: AS38938 members: AS201878 members: AS205033 members: AS205887 members: AS208849 members: AS209694 members: AS207707 members: AS207741 members: AS208028 members: AS208372 members: AS208463 members: AS197932 members: AS199725 members: AS199963 members: AS210849 members: AS213141 members: AS211727 members: AS201299 members: AS12748 members: AS39913 members: AS212341 members: AS201698 members: AS48352 members: AS15933 members: AS-UNITYMEDIA members: AS-UNITYMEDIA-B2B tech-c: DUMY-RIPE admin-c: DUMY-RIPE mnt-by: ARCOR-MNT created: 2002-09-03T13:45:34Z last-modified: 2024-04-11T09:00:09Z source: RIPE remarks: **************************** remarks: * THIS OBJECT IS MODIFIED remarks: * Please note that all data that is generally regarded as personal remarks: * data has been removed from this object. remarks: * To view the original object, please query the RIPE Database at: remarks: * http://www.ripe.net/whois remarks: ****************************