as-set: AS-ASTRAL descr: UPC Romania S.R.L descr: ROMANIA members: AS34723 members: AS10455 members: AS47574 members: AS57668 members: AS15856 members: AS49052 members: AS16121 members: AS44626 members: AS44157 members: AS24839 members: AS47890 members: AS25316 members: AS12804 members: AS41818 members: AS12920 members: AS28743 members: AS25103 members: AS38998 members: AS29628 members: AS42270 members: AS28853 members: AS30885 members: AS9160 members: AS40984 members: AS31676 members: AS39903 members: AS39903 members: AS41496 members: AS24712 members: AS42206 members: AS33977 members: AS13210 members: AS13067 members: AS15407 members: AS25116 members: AS29437 members: AS38995 members: AS25461 members: AS33961 members: AS35820 members: AS24719 members: AS34184 members: AS42094 members: AS35020 members: AS35348 members: AS35421 members: AS34560 members: AS35664 members: AS20930 members: AS35261 members: AS48593 members: AS39383 members: AS25278 members: AS40997 members: AS39081 members: AS44204 members: AS49302 members: AS39502 members: AS41463 members: AS35577 members: AS34070 members: AS38933 members: AS41114 members: AS39347 members: AS-ASYNET members: AS-GZD members: AS41254 members: AS47734 members: AS41812 members: AS39276 members: AS35604 members: AS41971 members: AS41986 members: AS39803 members: AS42088 members: AS42123 members: AS41353 members: AS42294 members: AS42497 members: AS42305 members: AS39669 members: AS35775 members: AS43283 members: AS39745 members: AS42073 members: AS43891 members: AS44331 members: AS44271 members: AS41028 members: AS43369 members: AS33906 members: AS42452 members: AS39226 members: AS41806 members: AS47148 members: AS44830 members: AS41752 members: AS41807 members: AS44580 members: AS44875 members: AS47412 members: AS47496 members: AS44675 members: AS47792 members: AS24660 members: AS48141 members: AS48250 members: AS48242 members: AS44830 members: AS39531 members: AS12446 members: AS15952 members: AS48837 members: AS39464 members: AS47505 members: AS35512 members: AS49379 members: AS49591 members: AS12356 members: AS49378 members: AS49468 members: AS50137 members: AS42279 members: AS41858 members: AS41851 members: AS39831 members: AS49986 members: AS50573 members: AS50220 members: AS41772 members: AS50757 members: AS49169 members: AS50970 members: AS51024 members: AS48165 members: AS35818 members: AS41609 members: AS209588 members: AS51328 members: AS51098 members: AS51019 members: AS51370 members: AS24695 members: AS51204 members: AS13209 members: AS49150 members: AS21294 members: AS44826 members: AS2541 members: AS56432 members: AS48250 members: AS48843 members: AS52202 members: AS50921 members: AS30948 members: AS49595 members: AS56397 members: AS43046 members: AS57126 members: AS56913 members: AS51656 members: AS50094 members: AS56962 members: AS52149 members: AS13147 members: AS41273 members: AS50990 members: AS35638 members: AS49266 members: AS56899 members: AS57185 members: AS51761 members: AS51626 members: AS50660 members: AS50680 members: AS39861 members: AS40998 members: AS16157 members: AS48836 members: AS57450 members: AS57459 members: AS39692 members: AS56852 members: AS56997 members: AS44807 members: AS44656 members: AS58023 members: AS57180 members: AS31734 members: AS39346 members: AS29552 members: AS59398 members: AS35322 members: AS51099 members: AS48537 members: AS39081 members: AS8614 members: AS59610 members: AS57362 members: AS58337 members: AS61348 members: AS20820 members: AS61112 members: AS47629 members: AS61057 members: AS61088 members: AS58114 members: AS60934 members: AS60972 members: AS60993 members: AS57132 members: AS60766 members: AS48810 members: AS62343 members: AS38998 members: AS62304 members: AS62230 members: AS42424 members: AS62114 members: AS39732 members: AS34353 members: AS62042 members: AS198447 members: AS56744 members: AS57495 members: AS60880 members: AS51108 members: AS60150 members: AS60077 members: AS41635 members: AS41114 members: AS31354 members: AS41573 members: AS51793 members: AS35270 members: AS20787 members: AS61958 members: AS47958 members: AS199513 members: AS59892 members: AS31362 members: AS204157 members: AS56654 members: AS200156 members: AS200785 members: AS60912 members: AS47388 members: AS3223 members: AS204156 members: AS34176 members: AS48336 members: AS39446 members: AS39492 members: AS39539 members: AS48556 members: AS56570 members: AS56770 members: AS59795 members: AS59854 members: AS203974 members: AS44081 members: AS203929 members: AS41055 members: AS59505 members: AS203775 members: AS62380 members: AS56540 members: AS57176 members: AS200492 members: AS31207 members: AS42417 members: AS203785 members: AS56514 members: AS49507 members: AS50192 members: AS21368 members: AS49383 members: AS6890 members: AS49050 members: AS41571 members: AS48198 members: AS42426 members: AS61353 members: AS47420 members: AS202929 members: AS51654 members: AS48095 members: AS61033 members: AS48194 members: AS35520 members: AS47225 members: AS49500 members: AS44211 members: AS202637 members: AS31609 members: AS43376 members: AS39511 members: AS51709 members: AS202203 members: AS41236 members: AS6718 members: AS42405 members: AS60905 members: AS31313 members: AS48754 members: AS31244 members: AS44220 members: AS49298 members: AS44679 members: AS62342 members: AS20616 members: AS49774 members: AS58247 members: AS3196 members: AS35577 members: AS24914 members: AS48537 members: AS39124 members: AS12804 members: AS34304 members: AS38995 members: AS38995 members: AS35584 members: AS41200 members: AS39260 members: AS35386 members: AS60090 members: AS208776 members: AS35222 members: AS208615 members: AS211294 members: AS49410 members: AS-DYNAMIC members: AS-LANCONECT members: AS-TDN members: AS-SAFEGRID members: AS-GBXS members: AS-ARKA members: AS-NETVEILLANCE members: AS-CHS members: AS-IT4WEB members: AS-SHIVANET members: AS-QUARTZ-RO members: AS-FX members: AS-MEDIASAT members: AS-CANAD members: AS-INTERGLOB members: AS-SECURE members: AS-NETCON members: AS-DIALTELECOMRO members: AS-TUNET members: AS-GIR members: AS-OMNITECHNET members: AS-MINISAT members: AS-GOODNET members: AS-RECEP members: AS-TELESON members: AS-DURAS members: AS-STMSET members: AS-STMSET members: AS-COMTEL members: AS-GMBNETSET members: AS-INETSOL members: AS-OPENSYSRO members: AS-IPN members: AS-DNET members: AS-KB members: AS-RO members: AS-HWRO-BISS members: AS-FIRSTCLASS members: AS-ROUTING-RO members: AS-POWER members: AS-BOOM members: AS-XINDI members: AS-LIGHT members: AS-SOFTEX-OPTINET members: AS-STARNETRANS members: AS-AVOLO members: AS-IDILIS members: AS-2K members: AS-NETSERV-RO members: AS-MADNETRO members: AS-SOFTKIT members: AS-SIMPLIQ members: AS-VIVA members: AS-KETY members: AS-ATOM members: AS-PCNET-CATV members: AS-TELECN members: AS-ENERGYDOT members: AS-DEVICE-SYSTEMS members: AS-NETERGY members: AS-ROHOSTWAY members: AS-SET_I-SERVICES members: AS-OPTICNET members: AS-ETP members: AS-STS-RO members: AS-RNT members: AS-TCSNET members: AS56951 members: AS34469 members: AS204229 members: AS207148 members: AS208179 members: AS33839 members: AS49645 members: AS39712 members: AS41646 members: AS43007 members: AS8708 members: AS48459 members: AS34601 members: AS34951 members: AS62322 members: AS48571 members: AS50437 members: AS56887 members: AS49074 members: AS49384 members: AS50667 members: AS57514 members: AS62299 members: AS51474 members: AS58175 members: AS212238 members: AS62651 members: AS60403 members: AS60709 members: AS207752 members: AS50984 members: AS8317 members: AS211306 members: AS59462 members: AS59677 members: AS199552 mnt-by: ASTRALTELECOM-MNT admin-c: DUMY-RIPE tech-c: DUMY-RIPE notify: ist@upc.ro notify: lir@upc.ro created: 2002-05-03T07:20:48Z last-modified: 2024-05-27T19:30:29Z source: RIPE remarks: **************************** remarks: * THIS OBJECT IS MODIFIED remarks: * Please note that all data that is generally regarded as personal remarks: * data has been removed from this object. remarks: * To view the original object, please query the RIPE Database at: remarks: * http://www.ripe.net/whois remarks: ****************************