as-set: AS-COLTDE descr: Colt Germany members: AS8220 members: AS15404 members: AS-SET-CITI-EMEA members: AS2134 members: AS3295 members: AS3360 members: AS-ORACLE-GBUCS members: AS3573 members: AS3911 members: AS3917 members: AS3958 members: AS5091 members: AS5517 members: AS6095 members: AS6404 members: AS6468 members: AS6619 members: AS-CRONON-BERLIN members: AS7809 members: AS8354 members: AS8373 members: AS-LHSYS members: AS8792 members: AS8823 members: AS-NFON members: AS9175 members: AS9183 members: AS10361 members: AS10780 members: AS11086 members: AS11179 members: AS12222 members: AS12331 members: AS12512 members: AS-WLW members: AS12954 members: AS-IBMDE members: AS-HOB members: AS-LIT-BERLIN members: AS14062 members: AS-SAP-NIE members: AS14226 members: AS14398 members: AS-INTARES members: AS-OMC members: AS15415 members: AS15446 members: AS-INTERNETX members: AS15518 members: AS15580 members: AS15613 members: AS15644 members: AS-MARCANT members: AS15776 members: AS16107 members: AS16108 members: AS16313 members: AS-TMT members: AS-SATLYNX members: AS16365 members: AS16379 members: AS16568 members: AS16645 members: AS16751 members: AS16839 members: AS18676 members: AS18807 members: AS18882 members: AS19203 members: AS-NFCR members: AS19305 members: AS-BROADCOM-19637 members: AS20570 members: AS20572 members: AS-NMMN members: AS20740 members: AS21063 members: AS21173 members: AS-ROHDE-UND-SCHWARZ members: AS21433 members: AS21467 members: AS21595 members: AS22003 members: AS22097 members: AS22283 members: AS22604 members: AS24639 members: AS24786 members: AS24868 members: AS-MONZOON members: AS25411 members: AS25516 members: AS25934 members: AS25951 members: AS26395 members: AS26685 members: AS27477 members: AS28674 members: AS-WITCOM members: AS28729 members: AS28756 members: AS28879 members: AS28932 members: AS28940 members: AS28961 members: AS29018 members: AS29308 members: AS29954 members: AS30012 members: AS30103 members: AS30418 members: AS31098 members: AS31276 members: AS31285 members: AS31328 members: AS31481 members: AS31596 members: AS31614 members: AS-CRX-CLT members: AS31747 members: AS34127 members: AS34171 members: AS34213 members: AS34966 members: AS35044 members: AS35170 members: AS35391 members: AS35414 members: AS35500 members: AS35677 members: AS35704 members: AS35721 members: AS35724 members: AS35803 members: AS36068 members: AS38191 members: AS38943 members: AS39170 members: AS-SIT members: AS39795 members: AS40967 members: AS40971 members: AS40988 members: AS41167 members: AS41179 members: AS41321 members: AS41700 members: AS41926 members: AS41941 members: AS42063 members: AS42166 members: AS42274 members: AS42464 members: AS42587 members: AS42730 members: AS-CIDEN members: AS43243 members: AS43292 members: AS43305 members: AS43509 members: AS43570 members: AS43722 members: AS43735 members: AS43980 members: AS44003 members: AS44152 members: AS44510 members: AS44865 members: AS47268 members: AS47309 members: AS47340 members: AS47435 members: AS47446 members: AS47611 members: AS47700 members: AS47706 members: AS-SWUTN members: AS48303 members: AS48468 members: AS48543 members: AS48782 members: AS49216 members: AS49275 members: AS49523 members: AS49639 members: AS49819 members: AS50034 members: AS50179 members: AS50246 members: AS50441 members: AS50458 members: AS50462 members: AS50508 members: AS50630 members: AS50824 members: AS50837 members: AS50905 members: AS51053 members: AS-51167 members: AS51364 members: AS51492 members: AS52088 members: AS54201 members: AS54363 members: AS54896 members: AS56505 members: AS56532 members: AS56636 members: AS57533 members: AS58092 members: AS59657 members: AS59845 members: AS60272 members: AS60305 members: AS60481 members: AS60538 members: AS60789 members: AS60799 members: AS60845 members: AS60979 members: AS62537 members: AS63217 members: AS138190 members: AS-TNETKOM members: AS197008 members: AS197164 members: AS197208 members: AS197473 members: AS-ROPA members: AS-DGOPS members: AS198573 members: AS198673 members: AS198745 members: AS198807 members: AS198870 members: AS199271 members: AS-ENCOLINE members: AS199294 members: AS199306 members: AS199524 members: AS199769 members: AS199773 members: AS200003 members: AS200058 members: AS200183 members: as-acs-peering-downstream members: AS200402 members: AS200439 members: AS200576 members: AS200656 members: AS200703 members: AS200715 members: AS201026 members: AS201208 members: AS-DARZ members: AS201284 members: AS201291 members: AS201383 members: AS201440 members: AS201542 members: AS201543 members: AS201685 members: AS201764 members: AS202166 members: AS202182 members: AS202283 members: AS202435 members: AS202946 members: AS203046 members: AS203065 members: AS203325 members: AS203329 members: AS203336 members: AS203351 members: AS203592 members: AS203617 members: AS203621 members: AS203965 members: AS204233 members: AS204321 members: AS204642 members: AS204764 members: AS205042 members: AS205080 members: AS205115 members: AS205310 members: AS205366 members: AS205390 members: AS205487 members: AS205496 members: AS205520 members: AS205612 members: AS205661 members: AS205790 members: AS205910 members: AS206080 members: AS206133 members: AS206138 members: AS206219 members: AS206266 members: AS206449 members: AS206917 members: AS207277 members: AS207407 members: AS207505 members: AS207741 members: AS-TCC-TINC members: AS208028 members: AS208116 members: AS208163 members: AS208238 members: AS208451 members: AS208645 members: AS208681 members: AS208697 members: AS209110 members: AS209122 members: AS209257 members: AS209322 members: AS209689 members: AS209715 members: AS209740 members: AS209772 members: AS210137 members: AS210303 members: AS210463 members: AS210544 members: AS210568 members: AS211115 members: AS211483 members: AS211664 members: AS211820 members: AS211897 members: AS211941 members: AS212026 members: AS212225 members: AS212297 members: AS212382 members: AS212586 members: AS212688:AS-ALL members: AS213118 members: AS213162 members: AS213358 members: AS216134 members: AS393330 members: AS395831 members: AS397934 members: AS399449 members: AS400761 members: AS59745 tech-c: DUMY-RIPE admin-c: DUMY-RIPE mnt-by: DE-COLT-MNT created: 2002-09-17T13:06:58Z last-modified: 2024-02-01T11:03:23Z source: RIPE remarks: **************************** remarks: * THIS OBJECT IS MODIFIED remarks: * Please note that all data that is generally regarded as personal remarks: * data has been removed from this object. remarks: * To view the original object, please query the RIPE Database at: remarks: * http://www.ripe.net/whois remarks: ****************************