as-set: AS-COLTUK descr: Colt United Kingdom members: AS8220 members: AS15404 members: AS21 members: AS-ORACLE-OCI-OC4 members: AS-SET-CITI-EMEA members: AS2535 members: AS3083 members: AS3096 members: AS3573 members: AS4195 members: AS5091 members: AS5662 members: AS6498 members: AS-SIX-DEGREES-TO-COLT members: AS7155 members: AS7926 members: AS8336 members: AS8640 members: AS8651 members: AS8784 members: AS8950 members: AS9084 members: AS9090 members: AS10655 members: AS10780 members: AS11179 members: AS11369 members: AS11409 members: AS11911 members: AS12058 members: AS12222 members: AS12678 members: AS12701 members: AS12761 members: AS-12878-CMC members: AS13464 members: AS13619 members: AS14062 members: AS14127 members: AS-IVZ members: AS14689 members: AS14969 members: AS15769 members: AS16050 members: AS16477 members: AS16645 members: AS16839 members: AS17060 members: AS17071 members: AS17088 members: AS17372 members: AS17903 members: AS17978 members: AS18438 members: AS19178 members: AS19305 members: AS19738 members: AS-VIRTELA-COMM members: AS21160 members: AS21208 members: AS21296 members: AS21433 members: AS21439 members: AS21459 members: AS21464 members: AS22003 members: AS22024 members: AS22097 members: AS22098 members: AS22108 members: AS22203 members: AS22604 members: AS22731 members: AS22883 members: AS24109 members: AS24406 members: AS24894 members: AS25844 members: AS25938 members: AS26057 members: AS26178 members: AS26395 members: AS26654 members: AS26685 members: AS27377 members: AS27447 members: AS28846 members: AS28934 members: AS29214 members: AS29457 members: AS-LSE members: AS29874 members: AS29954 members: AS30012 members: AS30303 members: AS30367 members: AS30383 members: AS30417 members: AS-IG members: AS31003 members: AS31404 members: AS31474 members: AS-MCKINSEY members: AS-CRX-CLT members: AS31747 members: AS-ORACLE-OCI-OC1 members: AS32176 members: AS32402 members: AS32906 members: AS33359 members: AS34253 members: AS34499 members: AS34640 members: AS34693 members: AS34890 members: AS35064 members: AS35405 members: AS35946 members: AS36184 members: AS36671 members: AS38000 members: AS38191 members: AS39341 members: AS39584 members: AS39849 members: AS39957 members: AS40123 members: AS40703 members: AS41231 members: AS41362 members: AS41596 members: AS41751 members: AS41951 members: AS42046 members: AS42880 members: AS43014 members: AS43392 members: AS43453 members: AS43486 members: AS43794 members: AS44371 members: AS44480 members: AS44548 members: AS44745 members: AS46342 members: AS46646 members: AS47351 members: AS47611 members: AS47671 members: AS47999 members: AS-MIGCORE members: AS48083 members: AS48375 members: AS48463 members: AS48553 members: AS48688 members: AS49065 members: AS-FJNET members: AS49794 members: AS49868 members: AS50287 members: AS50422 members: AS50432 members: AS51222 members: AS-MRS members: AS51489 members: AS-UPDATA members: AS53276 members: AS53485 members: AS53712 members: AS54125 members: AS54128 members: AS54201 members: AS56474 members: AS56637 members: AS56640 members: AS56644 members: AS57408 members: AS59345 members: AS59451 members: AS59529 members: AS59565 members: AS59582 members: AS59836 members: AS59907 members: AS60102 members: AS60142 members: AS60825 members: AS60898 members: AS62346 members: AS62631 members: AS63217 members: AS63442 members: AS64204 members: AS64485 members: AS134406 members: AS139324 members: AS197039 members: AS197409 members: AS197852 members: AS198302 members: AS-EIGHT-X-EIGHT-EU members: AS198567 members: AS199524 members: AS199559 members: AS199706 members: AS200047 members: AS200083 members: AS200124 members: AS200468 members: AS200682 members: AS200824 members: AS200946 members: AS200961 members: AS201071 members: AS201930 members: AS201958 members: AS202154 members: AS202161 members: AS202166 members: AS202312 members: AS202466 members: AS202587 members: AS202787 members: AS203036 members: AS203159 members: AS203160 members: AS203334 members: AS203438 members: AS203898 members: AS204204 members: AS204247 members: AS204322 members: AS204777 members: AS205177 members: AS205237 members: AS205332 members: AS205468 members: AS206007 members: AS206289 members: AS206664 members: AS206933 members: AS207087 members: AS207241 members: AS207916 members: AS208098 members: AS208379 members: AS208623 members: AS208638 members: AS-IBMGNPP-UK members: AS209449 members: AS209536 members: AS210253 members: AS211269 members: AS211460 members: AS211829 members: AS212152 members: AS212310 members: AS212404 members: AS212581 members: AS212646 members: AS212797 members: AS213000 members: AS393226 members: AS394265 members: AS394424 members: AS397074 members: AS398198 members: AS398462 members: AS-398465 members: AS16599 members: AS396499 members: AS50246 members: AS3360 tech-c: DUMY-RIPE admin-c: DUMY-RIPE mnt-by: COLT-MNT created: 2002-09-04T13:02:30Z last-modified: 2023-12-01T11:03:47Z source: RIPE remarks: **************************** remarks: * THIS OBJECT IS MODIFIED remarks: * Please note that all data that is generally regarded as personal remarks: * data has been removed from this object. remarks: * To view the original object, please query the RIPE Database at: remarks: * http://www.ripe.net/whois remarks: ****************************