as-set: AS-COMUNITEL descr: Macro with all ASes COMUNITEL carries members: AS12357 members: AS35740 members: AS12430 members: AS48710 members: AS25356 members: AS50235 members: AS56388 members: AS34285 members: AS57656 members: AS198653 members: AS198153 members: AS12569 members: AS199905 members: AS202210 members: AS199949 members: AS44998 members: AS200165 members: AS56551 members: AS8761 members: AS199581 members: AS196929 members: AS50046 members: AS62412 members: AS199329 members: AS202997 members: AS48868 members: AS57910 members: AS31332 members: AS35486 members: AS200421 members: AS50977 members: AS207185 members: AS49603 members: AS201815 members: AS34114 members: AS29661 members: AS42212 members: AS207294 members: AS39155 members: AS206772 members: AS44428 members: AS51773 members: AS207030 members: AS206833 members: AS60458 members: AS200937 members: AS197752 members: AS200555 members: AS49934 members: AS206830 members: AS206089 members: AS43402 members: AS44431 members: AS61090 members: AS42006 members: AS206109 members: AS202211 members: AS43919 members: AS50564 members: AS15937 members: AS205580 members: AS198731 members: AS60813 members: AS206702 members: AS33932 members: AS35486 members: AS41531 members: AS39744 members: AS29481 members: AS205223 members: AS202829 members: AS204643 members: AS51487 members: AS206702 members: AS39069 members: AS204683 members: AS206089 members: AS204854 members: AS43655 members: AS197478 members: AS204748 members: AS199359 members: AS202047 members: AS49851 members: AS44585 members: AS50926 members: AS42220 members: AS199290 members: AS209791 members: AS209688 members: AS48146 members: AS209521 members: AS204004 members: AS209662 members: AS197240 members: AS201976 members: AS206487 members: AS48640 members: AS209386 members: AS200336 members: AS48066 members: AS209031 members: AS206366 members: AS62352 members: AS8659 members: AS205888 members: AS20283 members: AS205241 members: AS206565 members: AS202440 members: AS442599 members: AS209688 members: AS201748 members: AS202833 members: AS210007 members: AS208910 members: AS44762 members: AS208533 members: AS208931 members: AS209034 members: AS34471 members: AS202420 members: AS210055 members: AS209632 members: AS206496 members: AS207091 members: AS210097 members: AS206882 members: AS209909 members: AS209674 members: AS206488 members: AS208257 members: AS208265 members: AS208269 members: AS207987 members: AS208313 members: AS207944 members: AS34511 members: AS16289 members: AS44280 members: AS200064 members: AS15548 members: AS207763 members: AS197829 members: AS208170 members: AS25297 members: AS205191 members: AS25589 members: AS207412 members: AS3573 members: AS57117 members: AS16372 members: AS207294 members: AS200892 members: AS48864 members: AS2114 members: AS202766 members: AS209195 members: AS199478 members: as-codinet members: AS212139 members: AS212230 members: AS51415 members: AS48048 members: AS211974 members: AS211699 members: AS204654 members: AS205436 members: AS211345 members: AS211359 members: AS54201 members: AS199611 members: AS206837 members: AS48221 members: AS210771 members: AS212059 members: AS49576 members: AS209803 members: AS209087 members: AS20973 members: AS42386 members: AS39691 members: AS200845 members: AS43160 members: AS206451 members: AS29119 members: AS202375 members: AS204166 members: AS60675 members: AS205506 members: AS209281 members: AS211717 members: AS13137 members: AS44588 members: AS56924 members: AS60203 members: AS211074 members: AS24580 members: AS199889 members: AS60917 members: AS200481 members: AS210904 members: AS207060 members: AS198404 members: AS209690 members: AS199474 members: AS201746 members: AS502037 members: AS8311 members: AS39144 members: AS41397 members: AS61317 members: AS210790 tech-c: DUMY-RIPE admin-c: DUMY-RIPE mnt-by: COMUNITEL-MNT created: 2002-08-23T12:01:25Z last-modified: 2023-11-02T17:38:43Z source: RIPE remarks: **************************** remarks: * THIS OBJECT IS MODIFIED remarks: * Please note that all data that is generally regarded as personal remarks: * data has been removed from this object. remarks: * To view the original object, please query the RIPE Database at: remarks: * http://www.ripe.net/whois remarks: ****************************