as-set: AS-CV descr: Cablevision customers members: AS6128, AS43, AS3820, AS5069, AS5719, AS6126, AS6404, AS7046, AS7936, AS10317, AS10527, AS11161, AS11209, AS11243, AS11449, AS11778, AS11817, AS11821, AS12024, AS12073, AS12203, AS12212, AS13400, AS13505, AS13581, AS13803, AS13883, AS13970, AS14006, AS14070, AS14079, AS14082, AS14243, AS14251, AS14324, AS14454, AS14555, AS14573, AS14596, AS14607, AS14644, AS14717, AS14864, AS15051, AS15253, AS15275, AS15278, AS16590, AS16709, AS17051, AS17268, AS17278, AS18458, AS18481, AS18593, AS18628, AS18728, AS18970, AS19042, AS19205, AS19449, AS19479, AS19535, AS19587, AS19618, AS19638, AS19670, AS19689, AS19714, AS19720, AS19729, AS19796, AS19916, AS20149, AS20179, AS20270, AS20292, AS20306, AS20370, AS20398, AS20940, AS21619, AS21763, AS21778, AS21821, AS21841, AS21941, AS22012, AS22033, AS22050, AS22077, AS22345, AS22460, AS22656, AS22737, AS22754, AS22848, AS22907, AS22993, AS23123, AS23227, AS23319, AS23405, AS23443, AS23463, AS23499, AS25611, AS25740, AS25854, AS25924, AS25987, AS25990, AS26032, AS26290, AS26454, AS26459, AS26461, AS26495, AS26564, AS26636, AS26654, AS26663, AS26700, AS26815, AS26905, AS27263, AS27335, AS27363, AS27366, AS27483, AS27565, AS29778, AS29844, AS29890, AS29947, AS29949, AS30138, AS30273, AS30280, AS30367, AS30396, AS30562, AS30581, AS30646, AS31798, AS31821, AS31842, AS31902, AS32145, AS32167, AS32195, AS32562, AS32674, AS32725, AS32753, AS32768, AS32826, AS32837, AS32923, AS33000, AS33245, AS33347, AS33359, AS33408, AS33515, AS33570, AS33588, AS35894, AS35895, AS35900, AS36064, AS36161, AS36378, AS36447, AS36709, AS36777, AS36851, AS39981, AS39993, AS40002, AS40063, AS40082, AS40110, AS40163, AS40233, AS40267, AS40273, AS40513, AS40527 admin-c: RPT8-ARIN tech-c: RPT8-ARIN remarks: remarks: Proxy registration remarks: remarks: This AS-SET was built from the list of routes announced remarks: by AS6128 at the NYIIX exchange point on the date shown remarks: in the most recent "changed:" header, below. remarks: remarks: It is not being maintained in any automated fashion. remarks: Use at your own risk. remarks: remarks: This was done as a temporary measure pending Cablevision remarks: building an AS-SET of their own, possibly called remarks: AS-CABLEVISION. At that point this as-set can be remarks: redefined to point to the "official" as-set. remarks: notify: bob@tink.com mnt-by: MAINT-AS22691 changed: bob@tink.com 20061107 changed: bob@tink.com 20070601 changed: bob@tink.com 20070706 changed: bob@tink.com 20080113 source: RADB last-modified: 2023-11-13T16:15:22Z