as-set: AS-DIGITEL descr: Digitel Other Downstreams members: AS24241,AS23748,AS23862 tech-c: STN1-LEVEL3 mnt-by: DIGITEL-MNT changed: stephen.ngo@digitelone.com 20050707 source: LEVEL3
as-set: AS-Digitel descr: Proxy-registered AS-SET object for Digitel AS9497 members: AS9497, AS23964, AS18355, AS23887, AS9425, AS17970 members: AS9821, AS4759, AS17895, AS18226, AS18187 remarks: This AS-SET object is for a ANC customer aut-num which is being exported under this origin AS. + This AS-SET object was created because no existing AS-SET object with the same origin was found, and since some ANC peers filter based on these objects this route may be rejected if this object is not created. + Please contact ip-noc@asianetcom.net if you have any questions regarding this object. mnt-by: MAINT-AS4637 changed: nic@gblx.ad.jp 20040813 #06:53:38(UTC) changed: nic@gblx.ad.jp 20040813 #06:55:36(UTC) changed: nic@gblx.ad.jp 20040830 #07:54:30(UTC) source: RADB