as-set: AS-EBONE descr: EBONE ASes members: AS-ACONET, AS-ADTECH, AS-AIGNET, AS-ARROWHEAD, AS-ASTRAL members: AS-BENELUX, AS-BIOSTOVIX, AS-BREDBAND, AS-BTFR, AS-BTN-CUSTOMERS members: AS-CABLEINET, AS-CANAD, AS-CEGETEL, AS-CITYLINE, AS-COMUNITEL members: AS-CSI, AS-CYBERNETEU, AS-DATAGRAMA, AS-DATANET, AS-DATAPHONESE members: AS-DEMON, AS-EASYNET, AS-EBONEFR, AS-ECS, AS-EDISONTEL members: AS-EQUANTRO, AS-EUROCONNECT, AS-FASTNET, AS-FASTWEB, AS-FREEDOMTOSURF members: AS-GLOBALTELCZ, AS-GLOBIX, AS-GTEIEUROPE, AS-GTSCZ, AS-GTSSK members: AS-IAXIS, AS-INODE, AS-INTERNEXT, AS-INTOUCHPEERS, AS-IPARTNERS members: AS-JAYNET, AS-KOLUMBUS, AS-LATTELEKOM, AS-LUNA, AS-LYCOSEU members: AS-MEDIASCAPE, AS-MGN, AS-MICROSOFTEU, AS-MOBIFON, AS-MOBILCOM members: AS-MURES, AS-MWAYS, AS-NERIM, AS-NETCOMUK, AS-NETZWERKER members: AS-NILDRAM, AS-NTTE, AS-PCNET, AS-PIPELINE, AS-PROFINET members: AS-SEABONE, AS-SKYNETBE, AS-SNRNET, AS-SOVAM, AS-SPACENET members: AS-SWCMGLOBAL, AS-SWIPNET, AS-T-ONLINEFRANCE, AS-TAIDE, AS-TELEDK members: AS-TELENOR, AS-TELENORIT, AS-TELERINGTOEBONE, AS-TELFORT, AS-TOTALNET members: AS-TRMD, AS-TRUESERVER, AS-TRUSTNET, AS-UTA, AS-UTFORS members: AS-VBSAT, AS-VTX, AS-WIREHUB, AS-WISH, AS-WORK members: AS-XARANET, AS109, AS112, AS1889, AS1922 members: AS2607, AS2852, AS3352, AS5423, AS5435 members: AS5571:AS-CUSTOMERS, AS5628, AS5629, AS6448, AS6706 members: AS6803, AS6855, AS6862, AS6864, AS7176 members: AS8223, AS8234, AS8245, AS8290, AS8339 members: AS8525, AS8555, AS8591, AS8674, AS8787 members: AS8913, AS8980, AS9044, AS9187, AS10102 members: AS12334, AS12362, AS12401, AS12458, AS12458:AS-CUSTOMERS members: AS12472, AS12540, AS12547, AS12552, AS12563 members: AS12570, AS12577, AS12609, AS12636, AS12644 members: AS12656, AS12692, AS12844, AS12935, AS13001 members: AS13022, AS13229:AS-CUSTOMERS, AS13265, AS13297 members: AS13297:AS-CUSTOMERS, AS13300:AS-CUSTOMERS, AS13300:AS-TRANSIT, AS13646, AS15381 members: AS15512, AS15635, AS15670, AS15695, AS15702 members: AS15703, AS15906, AS15915, AS15940, AS15941 members: AS15962, AS15990, AS16016, AS16115, AS16128 members: AS16131, AS16237, AS16298, AS20495, AS20506 members: AS20532, AS20693, AS20704, AS20857, AS20888 members: AS20920, AS20933, AS20951, AS21019, AS21106 members: AS21116, AS21155, AS21208, AS21221, AS21286 members: AS21313, AS21360, AS21380, AS21392, AS21428 members: AS21503, AS24586, AS24587, AS24730, AS24828 notify: notify: tech-c: DUMY-RIPE admin-c: DUMY-RIPE mnt-by: AS1755-MNT created: 2002-07-02T00:31:33Z last-modified: 2007-08-17T12:44:01Z source: RIPE remarks: **************************** remarks: * THIS OBJECT IS MODIFIED remarks: * Please note that all data that is generally regarded as personal remarks: * data has been removed from this object. remarks: * To view the original object, please query the RIPE Database at: remarks: * remarks: ****************************