as-set: AS-EVIX descr: ASNs and AS-SETs for the members of EVIX remarks: List of ASes and AS-SETs announced by EVIX remarks: clients to the EVIX route servers. mnt-by: MAINT-EVIX members: AS-1AGO members: AS-209261 members: AS-AIRGAPPED members: AS-AKARL-16 members: AS-AMIRGT members: AS-AROGA members: AS-BRUEGGUS members: AS-BRYCE members: AS-CANIDAE members: AS-CDSTEPHENS members: AS-CIRRUSLAB members: AS-CR1-PEERS members: AS-DED3L members: AS-EMENDERS members: AS-ERNST members: AS-EUTPNET members: AS-FINALX members: AS-FLORIANBAUER members: AS-FOX-SET members: AS-GOTLUND members: AS-HYENANET members: AS-IFOG members: AS-JITEN members: AS-LOWHOSTING members: AS-MARBLEIS members: AS-MJVT members: AS-MSRTG members: AS-NC-CUSTOMERS members: AS-NICHONET members: AS-NITAET members: AS-OHANACRAFT members: AS-QDANIEL-SET members: AS-RB67 members: AS-RBMNET members: AS-REDRAY members: AS-SBAG members: AS-SERVPERSO members: AS-SET-AS212360 members: AS-SHARED members: AS-SHELLNET members: AS-TECNOWEB members: AS-THEO members: AS-TIANHAI members: AS-TRUEWINTER members: AS-TSCHAJERA members: AS-TWT members: AS-WOLFINED members: AS-XYNONET members: AS-YUGANDHARV members: AS-ZALEDIA members: AS-ZHIYUAN members: AS-ZNSL-ALL members: AS135103 members: AS137490 members: AS140442 members: AS142130 members: AS142281 members: AS16390 members: AS202313 members: AS202540 members: AS203900 members: AS204438 members: AS204982 members: AS205088 members: AS205102 members: AS205102:AS-SNH members: AS205593 members: AS205907 members: AS205907:AS-ALL members: AS206477 members: AS207071 members: AS207149 members: AS207268 members: AS207292 members: AS207299 members: AS207394 members: AS207424 members: AS207537 members: AS207613 members: AS207722 members: AS207740 members: AS207803 members: AS207941 members: AS208434 members: AS208702 members: AS209022 members: AS209164 members: AS209164:AS-ALL members: AS209261 members: AS209300 members: AS209300:AS-CUSTOMERS members: AS209533 members: AS209533:AS-BGPTUNNEL members: AS209650 members: AS209718 members: AS209833 members: AS209861 members: AS209861:AS-DOWNSTREAM members: AS210076 members: AS210103 members: AS210481 members: AS210577 members: AS210833 members: AS210941 members: AS211037 members: AS211088 members: AS211168 members: AS211244 members: AS21158 members: AS211688 members: AS211688:AS-WOLFFY members: AS211869 members: AS212085 members: AS212121 members: AS212121:AS-ALL members: AS212123 members: AS212123:AS-ALL members: AS212129 members: AS212360 members: AS212425 members: AS212508 members: AS212518 members: AS212635 members: AS212746 members: AS212767 members: AS212793 members: AS213015 members: AS213045 members: AS213092 members: AS213204 members: AS213244 members: AS34872 members: AS34927 members: AS36198 members: AS398419 members: AS398419:AS-ALL members: AS398447 members: AS399196 members: AS41666 members: AS42394 members: AS44977 members: AS4842 members: AS49134 members: AS49933 members: AS51861 members: AS56662 members: AS57401 members: AS57883 members: AS58057 members: AS58299 members: AS58299:AS-ALL members: AS61421 members: AS61421:AS-VNODE members: AS64114 members: AS6556 members: AS8298 members: AS8298:AS-IPNG members: AS8949 members: AS-10VPN-RESEARCH members: AS-BLOMME members: AS-FUBUKI members: AS-GOOD members: AS-NULLL members: AS-SET-AS207292 members: AS-STREXP members: AS-TCLNET members: AS-WEEABOO members: AS-XIWEI members: AS212635:AS-212635 members: AS57401:AS-OFTEIN changed: root@evix.org 20240619 source: ALTDB