as-set: AS-FINECOM-PEERS-AMSIX descr: Quickline AG descr: Dr. Schneider-Strasse 16 descr: CH-2560 Nidau descr: Switzerland members: AS714 members: AS1103 members: AS1126 members: AS1140 members: AS1200 members: AS1267 members: AS1764 members: AS2119 members: AS2611 members: AS2818 members: AS3209 members: AS3265 members: AS3292 members: AS3327 members: AS3333 members: AS3491 members: AS3856 members: AS4589 members: AS4651 members: AS4788 members: AS5089 members: AS5390 members: AS5410 members: AS5577 members: AS5583 members: AS6461 members: AS6661 members: AS6667 members: AS6774 members: AS6805 members: AS6939 members: AS8075 members: AS8190 members: AS8218 members: AS8365 members: AS8368 members: AS8422 members: AS8455 members: AS8492 members: AS8560 members: AS8608 members: AS8657 members: AS8708 members: AS8918 members: AS8928 members: AS8966 members: AS9009 members: AS9031 members: AS9050 members: AS9143 members: AS9145 members: AS9150 members: AS9304 members: AS9583 members: AS10310 members: AS12306 members: AS12322 members: AS12399 members: AS12414 members: AS12496 members: AS12573 members: AS12634 members: AS12713 members: AS12859 members: AS12871 members: AS12902 members: AS12989 members: AS13101 members: AS13127 members: AS13237 members: AS13285 members: AS15133 members: AS15169 members: AS15412 members: AS15435 members: AS15542 members: AS15703 members: AS15830 members: AS16237 members: AS16243 members: AS16265 members: AS16276 members: AS16509 members: AS19679 members: AS20495 members: AS20504 members: AS20562 members: AS20640 members: AS20764 members: AS20857 members: AS20932 members: AS20953 members: AS21221 members: AS21478 members: AS22822 members: AS23148 members: AS23393 members: AS24586 members: AS24642 members: AS24875 members: AS24974 members: AS25152 members: AS25286 members: AS25459 members: AS25542 members: AS25596 members: AS28788 members: AS29263 members: AS29396 members: AS29640 members: AS31042 members: AS31477 members: AS31500 members: AS31529 members: AS32590 members: AS33915 members: AS33926 members: AS34141 members: AS34215 members: AS34305 members: AS34655 members: AS34968 members: AS36351 members: AS39591 members: AS39637 members: AS39704 members: AS39743 members: AS41552 members: AS41692 members: AS42708 members: AS42949 members: AS43350 members: AS43821 members: AS46489 members: AS46786 members: AS47195 members: AS47869 members: AS57976 remarks: remarks: -------------------------------------------------------- remarks: remarks: Peering requests: peering@quickline.net remarks: Problem reports: noc@quickline.net remarks: Abuse issues: abuse@quickline.net remarks: remarks: For detailed network informations point to the remarks: following RIPE object: AS15600 remarks: remarks: Or point to http://as15600.peeringdb.com remarks: remarks: -------------------------------------------------------- remarks: tech-c: DUMY-RIPE admin-c: DUMY-RIPE notify: ip-reg@quickline.net mnt-by: CH-LAN-MNT created: 2006-04-12T14:53:41Z last-modified: 2023-01-03T08:41:18Z source: RIPE remarks: **************************** remarks: * THIS OBJECT IS MODIFIED remarks: * Please note that all data that is generally regarded as personal remarks: * data has been removed from this object. remarks: * To view the original object, please query the RIPE Database at: remarks: * http://www.ripe.net/whois remarks: ****************************