as-set: AS-HRHINET descr: ASes routed by descr: Hrvatski Telekom d.d. descr: Croatian Telecom Inc., Zagreb, Croatia members: AS5391 members: AS-ISKON members: AS6794 members: AS8585 members: AS9146 members: AS12810 members: AS-VIP members: AS-GLOBALNET members: AS20875 members: AS21323 members: AS24755 members: AS25045 members: AS28862 members: AS29453 members: AS21183 members: AS21246 members: AS29170 members: AS29647 members: AS5379 members: AS9172 members: AS16333 members: AS30841 members: AS28813 members: AS31716 members: AS21107 members: AS1902 members: AS34943 members: AS33924 members: AS33983 members: AS8830 members: AS16178 members: AS21196 members: AS34995 members: AS-VODATEL members: AS30905 members: AS34594 members: AS34748 members: AS34540 members: AS34594 members: AS35047 members: AS35225 members: AS35128 members: AS34665 members: AS35416 members: AS35567 members: AS48256 members: AS8670 members: AS31630 members: AS34522 members: AS207517 members: AS34519 members: AS35648 members: AS-BIHNET-ALL members: AS-8585-SET members: AS39663 members: AS39611 members: AS34463 members: AS42560 members: AS40981 members: AS9119 members: AS42488 members: AS42409 members: AS42983 members: AS42450 members: AS42571 members: AS42679 members: AS43083 members: AS42661 members: AS43272 members: AS43604 members: AS43179 members: AS25365 members: AS8982 members: AS44377 members: AS42432 members: AS44306 members: AS43540 members: AS15397 members: AS-SOFTNET members: AS47451 members: AS43947 members: AS43704 members: AS47840 members: AS48265 members: AS33076 members: AS3557 members: AS47959 members: AS39689 members: AS48059 members: AS29238 members: AS197324 members: AS25467 members: AS196838 members: AS24747 members: AS50537 members: AS42983 members: AS50938 members: AS50616 members: AS197167 members: AS51386 members: AS50973 members: AS35444 members: AS51629 members: AS16145 members: AS12041 members: AS51434 members: AS52152 members: AS51924 members: AS197687 members: AS197716 members: AS197706 members: AS51989 members: AS42313 members: AS56782 members: AS197823 members: AS47394 members: AS56468 members: AS57070 members: AS43394 members: AS1886 members: AS44325 members: AS196622 members: AS47840 members: AS57388 members: AS44377 members: AS56671 members: AS30841 members: AS57869 members: AS57888 members: AS198565 members: AS59457 members: AS198994 members: AS47881 members: AS12326 members: AS25328 members: AS199433 members: AS199051 members: AS199401 members: AS198961 members: AS48794 members: AS60861 members: AS52116 members: AS8214 members: AS60304 members: AS58166 members: AS62161 members: AS51859 members: AS201777 members: AS200698 members: AS38937 members: AS200914 members: AS43061 members: AS200990 members: AS15719 members: AS-OPTIMA members: AS-OPTIMA-IPV6 members: AS203752 members: AS199638 members: AS204163 members: AS203876 members: AS2792 members: AS25144 members: AS206997 members: AS206808 members: AS202632 members: AS-TELEKOM-SRPSKE members: AS198252 members: AS47904 members: AS8928 members: AS43547 members: AS50410 members: AS205913 members: AS39826 members: AS61222 members: AS59866 members: AS209434 members: AS-HTERONET members: AS-STELKOM-CUST members: AS25365 members: AS16477 members: AS62182 members: AS209174 members: AS207541 members: AS205607 members: AS44260 members: AS212453 members: AS49498 members: AS212204 members: AS211572 members: AS210485 members: AS399443 members: AS59786 members: AS201987 members: AS208842 members: AS200248 members: AS203463 members: AS42593 members: AS-CRATIS admin-c: DUMY-RIPE tech-c: DUMY-RIPE mnt-by: HPT-MNT created: 2002-05-10T10:32:40Z last-modified: 2023-09-20T11:03:25Z source: RIPE remarks: **************************** remarks: * THIS OBJECT IS MODIFIED remarks: * Please note that all data that is generally regarded as personal remarks: * data has been removed from this object. remarks: * To view the original object, please query the RIPE Database at: remarks: * http://www.ripe.net/whois remarks: ****************************