as-set: AS-IHOME descr: iHome LLC AS-Macro members: AS25478 members: AS50775 members: AS-LIGALINK members: AS-VV members: AS-MIGRAPH members: AS-MAX members: AS-METROMAX members: AS-TKTEL members: AS57530 members: AS-ZAO-KES members: AS-ROSPRINT members: AS-SET-KMTN members: AS-UT-SVR members: AS-T2RU-MR-NSK members: AS-DIGCOMM members: AS-INSITINVEST members: AS-T2RU-MR-ROSTOV members: AS-VKONTAKTE members: AS-T2RU-MR-MOSCOW members: AS48190 members: AS-GERCON members: AS-TAHION members: AS-AT-TELECOM members: AS-CHUDOTEL members: AS-INFOSYSTEMS members: AS-SATNETSPB members: AS-KOLPINONET members: AS-RU-SPACENET members: AS-FLYTELECOM members: AS-DHUB members: AS-VOENTELECOM members: AS44128 members: AS202058 members: AS-RATEL members: AS-INTERCON members: AS-KONNEKTIKA members: AS-AVANTEL-NJV members: AS42574 members: AS197275 members: AS-KTCPEERS members: AS198616 members: AS198056 members: AS39805 members: AS-RECONN members: AS-CLOUDLAB members: AS-MARK-ITT members: AS-SMARTNET-PEERS members: AS-NETKAZ-PEERS members: AS48739 members: AS-FLY members: AS39410 members: AS-SAIMANETPEERS-1 members: AS42269 members: AS-CORTEL members: AS-COMPNET members: AS202498 members: AS-TESLATEL members: AS48271 members: AS-INTERLOGICA-LTD members: AS-SET-TAJIKTELECOM members: AS-NLS-PEERS members: AS-INFOCENTER members: AS-LMHD members: AS38742 members: AS210109 members: AS-TCDNET-PEERS members: AS-SSERV-RU members: AS-IIPNET members: AS-ITNET33 members: AS44595 members: AS-NORTHNET members: AS203680 members: AS47323 members: AS41349 members: AS-CNX-EKB members: AS-TRANSKZ members: AS-KOVROV members: AS-AVANTEL members: AS-COLOCAT members: AS48488 members: AS208992 members: AS48036 members: AS-REGIONSV members: AS44041 members: AS50384 members: AS201119 members: AS-VISTA members: AS-CISP members: AS-MARYNONET members: AS-SSERV-RU members: AS-MTT members: AS-NETLINE members: AS-UPITERTELECOM members: AS35508:AS-TERANET members: AS58045 members: AS49261 members: AS-KONNEKTIKARU members: AS-METRO-SET members: AS-RUCOMTECH members: AS-TINKOFF members: AS-AT-TELECOM members: AS208936 members: AS-WESTCALL-MSK members: AS-UNIONTEL-RU members: AS-LANCRAFT members: AS-KT-RU members: AS-DDESTINY members: AS208314 members: AS-ESCOMTEL members: AS-MASTERTEL members: AS50889 members: AS-DATAPLANET members: AS-AVANTRU members: AS-NOVITA members: AS-VNET-PEERS members: AS-NCONNECT members: AS41338 members: AS35802 members: AS211631 members: AS207353 members: AS-LEVEL-MSK members: AS43660 members: AS-PROMETEY members: AS-DRUGOYTEL members: AS-SEVEREN-TELECOM members: AS-MILECOM members: AS-TISDIALOG members: AS-SET-SVEN members: AS211609 members: AS57073 members: AS-OBSRUSSIA6 members: AS-SBTC members: AS-BWC members: AS-TRYTEK members: AS-AVANTA members: AS-MOTIV members: AS-SIGMA-TELECOM members: AS-SEVEREN-VOLGA members: AS-RTCLOUD-MSK members: AS205638 members: AS34824 members: AS-RUNTK-SET members: AS-SERVICEPIPE members: AS-SSERV-RU members: AS-KT-RU members: AS-STARLNK members: AS-PRIDE members: AS50471 members: AS197577 members: AS-BENET members: AS39684 members: AS-TOMICA members: AS50169 members: AS198769 members: AS48610:AS-OFORO members: AS201512 members: AS-ENERGY-RU members: AS-IVSTAR members: AS48600 members: AS-SOFTVIDEO members: AS-TETRA members: AS-SVSCOMM members: AS-T2RU-MR-NN members: AS200838 members: AS-FORATELECOM members: AS-ELIGHT members: AS-FTELECOM members: AS-SKYNET-MSK members: AS20730:AS-DVO-IX members: AS61992 members: AS-INTERSVYAZ members: AS-ISTELECOM members: AS-CENTRLAN members: AS49106 members: AS-ZVEZDATEL members: AS-SVOLS members: AS-LANLINK members: AS-SDK members: AS-INTERCOM-TECHNOLOGY members: AS-INSYS-EKB members: AS47181 members: AS-NEWLINETELECOM members: AS-FORTEX tech-c: DUMY-RIPE admin-c: DUMY-RIPE mnt-by: IHOME-MNT created: 2005-03-10T12:31:16Z last-modified: 2024-02-29T09:16:02Z source: RIPE remarks: **************************** remarks: * THIS OBJECT IS MODIFIED remarks: * Please note that all data that is generally regarded as personal remarks: * data has been removed from this object. remarks: * To view the original object, please query the RIPE Database at: remarks: * http://www.ripe.net/whois remarks: ****************************