as-set: AS-INTEGRA descr: Integra Telecom transit ASNs members: AS-CWIE, AS25, AS71, AS210, AS606, AS699, AS801, AS1226, AS1258, AS1313, AS1348, AS1442, AS1798, AS1823, AS2013, AS2544, AS2642, AS2899, AS3680, AS3911, AS4181, AS4193, AS4241, AS4587, AS4601, AS4892, AS4997, AS5048, AS5752, AS5794, AS6114, AS6137, AS6216, AS6239, AS6250, AS6461, AS6502, AS6510, AS6540, AS6621, AS6628, AS6643, AS6971, AS7201, AS7234, AS7346, AS7385, AS7395, AS7441, AS7751, AS7752, AS7754, AS7845, AS7859, AS8085, AS8375, AS8912, AS10257, AS10345, AS10406, AS10488, AS10587, AS10594, AS10736, AS10765, AS10780, AS10842, AS10914, AS10922, AS10988, AS11006, AS11045, AS11052, AS11066, AS11068, AS11071, AS11123, AS11133, AS11177, AS11274, AS11285, AS11319, AS11378, AS11396, AS11403, AS11512, AS11528, AS11620, AS11726, AS11746, AS11769, AS11791, AS11798, AS11863, AS11901, AS11973, AS11995, AS12003, AS12102, AS12165, AS12189, AS12284, AS13361, AS13364, AS13434, AS13499, AS13541, AS13573, AS13598, AS13719, AS13833, AS13857, AS13941, AS13951, AS13963, AS14022, AS14027, AS14031, AS14230, AS14233, AS14294, AS14312, AS14327, AS14342, AS14344, AS14380, AS14404, AS14474, AS14515, AS14548, AS14628, AS14633, AS14646, AS14739, AS14789, AS14825, AS14863, AS15014, AS15015, AS15033, AS15170, AS15181, AS15191, AS15198, AS15206, AS15224, AS15323, AS16403, AS16497, AS16504, AS16550, AS16553, AS16578, AS16622, AS16653, AS16664, AS16749, AS16784, AS16882, AS16933, AS16957, AS16982, AS17018, AS17078, AS17206, AS17209, AS17362, AS17394, AS18463, AS18647, AS18648, AS18741, AS18778, AS18821, AS18866, AS18894, AS18969, AS18995, AS19045, AS19083, AS19116, AS19121, AS19242, AS19252, AS19441, AS19477, AS19546, AS19594, AS19634, AS19640, AS19648, AS19717, AS19759, AS19879, AS19983, AS20008, AS20017, AS20018, AS20030, AS20109, AS20168, AS20352, AS20354, AS20403, AS20421, AS20454, AS20469, AS21519, AS21525, AS21526, AS21541, AS21580, AS21585, AS21740, AS21998, AS22016, AS22154, AS22200, AS22230, AS22263, AS22343, AS22441, AS22490, AS22509, AS22591, AS22601, AS22697, AS22891, AS22899, AS22919, AS22936, AS22947, AS23017, AS23038, AS23073, AS23121, AS23165, AS23176, AS23182, AS23203, AS23205, AS23255, AS23281, AS23387, AS23408, AS23417, AS23423, AS23496, AS23521, AS25651, AS25703, AS25719, AS25753, AS25766, AS25828, AS25840, AS25994, AS26135, AS26156, AS26223, AS26261, AS26269, AS26277, AS26495, AS26569, AS26638, AS26662, AS26664, AS26689, AS26721, AS26856, AS26861, AS26908, AS26935, AS26947, AS26962, AS27008, AS27031, AS27246, AS27448, AS27471, AS27523, AS27547, AS27555, AS27643, AS27647, AS29699, AS29702, AS29720, AS29730, AS29763, AS29779, AS29797, AS29864, AS29870, AS29919, AS29933, AS29951, AS29960, AS29983, AS29984, AS30065, AS30076, AS30086, AS30109, AS30170, AS30247, AS30249, AS30340, AS30425, AS30583, AS30614, AS30629, AS30668, AS31745, AS31766, AS31774, AS31900, AS32016, AS32026, AS32028, AS32086, AS32164, AS32210, AS32271, AS32312, AS32354, AS32357, AS32359, AS32381, AS32397, AS32522, AS32575, AS32581, AS32602, AS32621, AS32669, AS32670, AS32752, AS32808, AS32810, AS32836, AS32868, AS32871, AS32879, AS32916, AS32989, AS33000, AS33055, AS33101, AS33159, AS33173, AS33186, AS33271, AS33284, AS33338, AS33348, AS33355, AS33356, AS33360, AS33367, AS33459, AS33499, AS33509, AS33520, AS33536, AS33580, AS33609, AS35870, AS35902, AS35956, AS35977, AS36009, AS36012, AS36079, AS36128, AS36140, AS36141, AS36143, AS36144, AS36172, AS36175, AS36223, AS36294, AS36330, AS36335, AS36352, AS36400, AS36416, AS36504, AS36577, AS36583, AS36598, AS36607, AS36612, AS36683, AS36687, AS36688, AS36690, AS36740, AS36811, AS36815, AS39961, AS39988, AS40003, AS40094, AS40257, AS40266, AS40281, AS40298, AS40408, AS40459, AS40492, AS40505, AS40510, AS40514, AS40540, AS40548, AS40583, AS40592, AS40644, AS40679, AS40744, AS40752, AS40761, AS40770, AS40935, AS40943, AS40958, AS46110, AS46122, AS46165, AS46175, AS46220, AS46259, AS46309, AS46315, AS46358, AS46448, AS46496, AS46501, AS46520, AS46528, AS46601, AS46662, AS46663, AS46666, AS46790, AS46802, AS46841, AS46848, AS46902, AS46925, AS46982, AS46991, AS53392, AS53528, AS53542, AS53686, AS53724, AS53752, AS53776, AS53850, AS53853, AS53882, AS53887, AS53890, AS53919, AS53978, AS54032, AS54073, AS54128, AS54140, AS54215, AS54318, AS54355, AS54362, AS54370, AS54502, AS54545, AS54629, AS54632, AS54637, AS54741, AS54747, AS54825, AS54845, AS54857, AS54881, AS54885, AS54895, AS54936, AS54969, AS55066, AS55070, AS55071, AS55106, AS55226, AS55236, AS55268, AS62496, AS62626, AS62628, AS62708, AS62710, AS62814, AS62860, AS62956, AS63006, AS63099, AS63266, AS201385, AS393291, AS393299, AS393551, AS393626, AS393630, AS393672, AS393744, AS393864, AS393887, AS393908, AS394000, AS394063, AS394157, AS394200, AS394217, AS394344, AS394355, AS394409, AS394426, AS394438, AS394456, AS394506, AS394514, AS394629, AS394697, AS394752, AS394774, AS394783, AS394864, AS394992, AS395123, AS395244, AS395501, AS395622, AS395719, AS395769, AS395833, AS396202, AS396386, AS396456 mnt-by: MAINT-AS7385 changed: dennis.pennell@integratelecom.com 20180506 source: RADB last-modified: 2023-11-13T16:11:47Z
as-set: AS-INTEGRA descr: Integra AS-SET members: AS8723 members: AS39241 tech-c: DUMY-RIPE admin-c: DUMY-RIPE mnt-by: INTEGRA-EUROPE-MNT notify: noc@integra.fr created: 2009-03-31T08:05:13Z last-modified: 2014-03-13T13:38:25Z source: RIPE remarks: **************************** remarks: * THIS OBJECT IS MODIFIED remarks: * Please note that all data that is generally regarded as personal remarks: * data has been removed from this object. remarks: * To view the original object, please query the RIPE Database at: remarks: * http://www.ripe.net/whois remarks: ****************************