as-set: AS-JOINTTRANSIT-IPV6 remarks: =============================================================== descr: Joint Transit AS and it's transit customer AS's for IPv6 transit remarks: =============================================================== members: AS24785 members: AS197395 members: AS1126 members: AS206516 members: AS-LUNA members: AS-FUNDAMENTS members: AS-COLOCENTER members: AS-ERITAP members: AS5418 members: AS207119 members: AS-X2COM members: AS216066 members: AS199670 members: AS5615 members: AS212922 members: AS212610 members: AS209048 members: AS6819 members: AS-SYSTEMEC members: AS203234 members: AS7500 members: AS212380 members: AS-HOFNETZ members: AS8211 members: AS8315 members: AS8328 members: AS50083 members: AS-TRUE members: AS8737 members: AS12561 members: AS13266 members: AS-QONNECTED members: AS-SOFTNET members: AS15695 members: AS197729 members: AS41490 members: AS202591 members: AS60167 members: AS-CSLDUAL members: AS-M21 members: AS205019 members: AS24587 members: AS209573 members: AS24957 members: AS-GLOBALLAYER members: AS25459 members: AS29028 members: AS29311 members: AS31615 members: AS33799 members: AS34233 members: AS206861 members: AS207982 members: AS212818 members: AS30238 members: AS34427 members: AS34766 members: AS35332 members: AS35383 members: AS35470 members: AS35705 members: AS204805 members: AS209377 members: AS39234 members: AS208332 members: AS39591 members: AS41153 members: AS203111 members: AS41552 members: AS42093 members: AS42585 members: AS42949 members: AS43190 members: AS44530 members: AS44953 members: AS47112 members: AS47121 members: AS47172 members: AS47207 members: AS48056 members: AS48522 members: AS48596 members: AS48925 members: AS49405 members: AS49784 members: AS51062 members: AS51514 members: AS51696 members: AS56453 members: AS56953 members: AS57124:AS-PARTNERS members: AS57146 members: AS57172 members: AS57440 members: AS58272 members: AS207551 members: AS-TRIX members: AS57685 members: AS58138 members: AS58291 members: AS59426 members: AS59524 members: AS59865 members: AS207283 members: AS61013 members: AS61404 members: AS62097 members: AS62105 members: AS62167 members: AS62182 members: AS62285 members: AS62710 members: AS196760 members: AS197727 members: AS197902 members: AS198089 members: AS198203 members: AS198692 members: AS199743 members: AS199863 members: AS199937 members: AS200428 members: AS200586 members: AS200249 members: AS200596 members: AS200758 members: AS30785 members: AS200191 members: AS201330 members: AS201401 members: AS207866 members: AS201650 members: AS201866 members: AS202072 members: AS202779 members: AS202796 members: AS203126 members: AS203630 members: AS204171 members: AS206073 members: AS206836 members: AS206982 members: AS200318 members: AS209784 remarks: =============================================================== members: AS-1AGO members: AS-3IT members: AS-WIFISAX members: AS-ADAPTIVE-TRANSIT members: AS-ADEODC members: AS-ABAVIA members: AS-AKAMAI members: AS-ATOSNL members: AS-BETTERBE members: AS-BLACKGATE members: AS-BITENCY members: AS-BUSINESSCONNECT members: AS-COMBELL members: AS-DCG members: AS-DENIC members: AS-DUOCASTBACKUP members: AS-ELASTIC-INTERCONNECT members: AS-FORMICIDAE members: AS-GVRH members: AS-HERMESTELECOM members: AS-HW8TRANSIT members: AS-H4HOSTING members: AS-HUAWEI members: AS-IAF members: AS-INFOPACT members: AS-INTERBOX members: AS-INTERMAX members: AS-INFINITYIT members: AS-INWX members: AS-ITLNL members: AS-KPNNL members: AS-SIDN members: AS-MDDSL members: AS-MEDIACASTER members: AS-MEDIAMONKS members: AS-MISAKA members: AS-NGNETWORKS members: AS-NL-IU-SET members: AS-NOB members: AS-IACD members: AS-OPENMINDS members: AS-RAM members: AS-RONOIT members: AS-OSSO members: AS-PREVIDER members: AS-PWCNL members: AS-ROUTIT members: AS-TUXIS members: AS-VTS-SET members: AS-ACWEBCONNECTING members: AS-ALPHA11 members: AS-GNX members: AS-H2B members: AS-ZXCS members: AS-VXBITS remarks: =============================================================== tech-c: DUMY-RIPE admin-c: DUMY-RIPE mbrs-by-ref: OPENPEERING-MNT mnt-by: OPENPEERING-MNT remarks: =============================================================== remarks: =============================================================== created: 2008-03-18T06:23:53Z last-modified: 2024-04-09T12:10:59Z source: RIPE remarks: **************************** remarks: * THIS OBJECT IS MODIFIED remarks: * Please note that all data that is generally regarded as personal remarks: * data has been removed from this object. remarks: * To view the original object, please query the RIPE Database at: remarks: * http://www.ripe.net/whois remarks: ****************************