as-set: AS-KORNETRE descr: AS-paths of Resell ISPs and their Customers members: AS1237, AS3608, AS4660, AS5051, AS7563, AS7622, AS7623, AS9270, AS9316, AS9317, AS9455, AS9494, AS9643, AS9646, AS9691, AS9694, AS9695, AS9700, AS9706, AS9711, AS9768, AS9769, AS9782, AS9868, AS10046, AS10063, AS10073, AS10165, AS10166, AS10170, AS10176, AS10180, AS10191, AS10195, AS17571, AS17576, AS17583, AS17584, AS17585, AS17596, AS17597, AS17598, AS17599, AS17600, AS17612, AS17613, AS17615, AS17832, AS3976, AS4790, AS4961, AS7557, AS9457, AS9493, AS9523, AS9571, AS9578, AS9579, AS9685, AS9693, AS9703, AS9777, AS9846, AS9852, AS9856, AS9864, AS9871, AS9943, AS9959, AS9975, AS9980, AS9981, AS10047, AS10068, AS10163, AS10167, AS10173, AS10177, AS10181, AS17569, AS17573, AS17586, AS17589, AS17592, AS17610, AS17838, AS17841, AS17850, AS9647, AS17614, AS10187, AS9488, AS17832, AS9849, AS17847, AS17874, AS9530 admin-c: Namyoung Lee tech-c: Namyoung Lee notify: nw@soback.kornet.net mnt-by: MAINT-AS4766 changed: young38@soback.kornet.net 20020910 source: RADB last-modified: 2023-11-13T16:15:43Z