as-set: AS-ONO-UPS descr: Ono customers AS descr: advertised to upstream providers admin-c: DUMY-RIPE tech-c: DUMY-RIPE notify: DL-CPN_SPAIN@vodafone.com mnt-by: ONO-MNT created: 2002-01-22T12:35:09Z last-modified: 2024-03-11T07:37:37Z source: RIPE members: AS6739 members: AS16338 members: AS12569 members: AS13168 members: AS13287 members: AS15548 members: AS15699 members: AS16371 members: AS16372 members: AS196713 members: AS20815 members: AS21057 members: AS24580 members: AS24624 members: AS24799 members: AS24830 members: AS25140 members: AS25356 members: AS25487 members: AS29119 members: AS29269 members: AS29481 members: AS31164 members: AS31341 members: AS31346 members: AS31418 members: AS31650 members: AS3339 members: AS33932 members: AS34114 members: AS34255 members: AS34285 members: AS34511 members: AS35116 members: AS35454 members: AS35740 members: AS36408 members: AS202421 members: AS39020 members: AS39069 members: AS39353 members: AS40973 members: AS41541 members: AS42220 members: AS42241 members: AS42386 members: AS42435 members: AS42439 members: AS42493 members: AS42612 members: AS42666 members: AS43089 members: AS43697 members: AS43707 members: AS44431 members: AS44561 members: AS44585 members: AS44762 members: AS44998 members: AS45001 members: AS45037 members: AS47209 members: AS47683 members: AS47973 members: AS48048 members: AS48202 members: AS48569 members: AS48640 members: AS48710 members: AS48846 members: AS48864 members: AS49343 members: AS49388 members: AS49493 members: AS49851 members: AS50715 members: AS50977 members: AS51007 members: AS8216 members: AS9052 members: as205499 members: as205518 members: AS3573 members: AS51294 members: AS197077 members: AS51151 members: AS12980 members: AS13222 members: AS197077 members: AS48884 members: AS51487 members: AS43886 members: AS29337 members: AS52037 members: AS25247 members: AS56388 members: AS29109 members: AS16030 members: AS51457 members: AS56822 members: AS56909 members: AS56571 members: AS56989 members: AS56710 members: AS197974 members: AS197478 members: AS57074 members: AS197795 members: AS43160 members: AS20975 members: AS15734 members: AS198153 members: AS198355 members: AS42083 members: AS56924 members: AS57910 members: AS198584 members: AS16039 members: AS57970 members: AS43833 members: AS57929 members: AS198871 members: AS198731 members: AS197267 members: AS58345 members: AS41418 members: AS58223 members: AS30937 members: AS58233 members: AS56551 members: AS59723 members: AS12769 members: AS198653 members: AS196816 members: AS199434 members: AS199435 members: AS198411 members: AS197722 members: AS199478 members: AS199589 members: AS58327 members: AS199143 members: AS198968 members: AS39738 members: AS198355 members: AS197722 members: AS44582 members: AS13168 members: AS199581 members: AS50581 members: AS60314 members: AS31249 members: AS39780 members: AS200014 members: AS62409 members: AS199226 members: AS60675 members: AS59682 members: AS200064 members: AS50564 members: AS199913 members: AS198760 members: AS25479 members: AS199611 members: AS25479 members: AS199905 members: AS41418 members: AS202198 members: AS198355 members: AS202211 members: AS59550 members: AS51676 members: AS198144 members: AS197829 members: AS202054 members: AS60813 members: AS198355 members: AS62412 members: AS56989 members: AS59682 members: AS51007 members: AS42816 members: AS59682 members: AS201551 members: AS16289 members: AS24624 members: AS33932 members: AS42212 members: AS57286 members: AS201337 members: AS201843 members: AS198381 members: AS201152 members: AS12924 members: AS42612 members: AS202087 members: AS28977 members: AS59682 members: AS48221 members: AS200845 members: AS201153 members: AS200832 members: AS199930 members: AS200892 members: AS199603 members: AS9192 members: AS201815 members: AS62235 members: AS16238 members: AS204166 members: AS203936 members: AS203614 members: AS203709 members: AS201500 members: AS203534 members: AS203934 members: AS203537 members: AS198355 members: AS202829 members: AS202766 members: AS20973 members: AS202825 members: AS202583 members: AS201748 members: AS206945 members: AS207091 members: AS42820 members: AS202676 members: AS206487 members: AS206366 members: AS62352 members: AS205580 members: AS1249 members: AS15937 members: AS44466 members: AS-YMEDIANET remarks: AS-SET-CLIENT members: AS35394 members: AS43833 members: AS49000 members: AS48990 members: AS41558 members: AS47507 members: AS50564 members: AS51223 members: AS44717 members: AS48990 members: AS50977 members: AS48624 members: AS197109 members: AS34760 members: AS50926 members: AS44293 members: AS44280 members: AS49603 members: AS42947 members: AS51152 members: AS48427 members: AS39339 members: AS41343 members: AS41368 members: AS49000 members: AS50563 members: AS52037 members: AS23456 members: AS25297 members: AS41868 members: AS31653 members: AS51984 members: AS198192 members: AS57877 members: AS60551 members: AS61953 members: AS14537 members: AS197712 members: AS199976 members: AS64754 members: AS204042 members: AS204004 members: AS201735 members: AS202599 members: AS207058 members: AS206930 members: AS206853 members: AS202767 members: AS200960 members: AS206430 members: AS206657 members: AS206195 members: AS205775 members: AS205792 members: AS206837 members: AS62104 members: AS202883 members: AS202813 members: AS204463 members: AS203499 members: AS206833 members: AS201234 members: AS200290 members: AS205888 members: AS204695 members: AS205191 members: AS43388 members: AS205241 members: AS210055 members: AS41721 members: AS203991 members: AS209803 members: AS205279 members: AS206496 members: AS206882 members: AS210097 members: AS209688 members: AS59631 members: AS39691 members: AS207040 members: AS206602 members: AS197100 members: AS202345 members: AS203183 members: AS208939 members: AS208735 members: AS199312 members: AS205836 members: AS200387 members: AS60134 members: AS202754 members: AS206057 members: AS210225 members: AS208533 members: AS208738 members: AS12715 members: AS200937 members: AS208103 members: AS207628 members: AS208823 members: AS204884 members: AS207136 members: AS42325 members: AS203244 members: AS202814 members: AS206565 members: AS209492 members: AS206077 remarks: **************************** remarks: * THIS OBJECT IS MODIFIED remarks: * Please note that all data that is generally regarded as personal remarks: * data has been removed from this object. remarks: * To view the original object, please query the RIPE Database at: remarks: * http://www.ripe.net/whois remarks: ****************************