as-set: AS-PTA descr: AS supported by A1 Telekom Austria remarks: ***************************** remarks: LIR infrastructure members: AS1901 members: AS5423 members: AS5424 members: AS8333 members: AS8447 members: AS8562 members: AS8562:AS-A1-LICPLUS members: AS12382 members: AS12547 members: AS12793 members: AS15824 members: AS21285 members: AS25382 remarks: ***************************** remarks: Customers members: AS3201 members: AS3573 members: AS5385 members: AS6720 members: AS8270 members: AS8547 members: AS8562 members: AS8717 members: AS8971 members: AS9023 members: AS12453 members: AS12716 members: AS12762 members: AS12766 members: AS15733 members: AS15910 members: AS15939 members: AS15994 members: AS16081 members: AS16099 members: AS16212 members: AS16305 members: AS16364 members: AS16381 members: AS18880 members: AS20634 members: AS20684 members: AS21039 members: AS21113 members: AS21283 members: AS21406 members: AS24708 members: AS24964 members: AS25069 members: AS25255 members: AS25268 members: AS28960 members: AS29056 members: AS29085 members: AS29429 members: AS29545 members: AS29560 members: AS29633 members: AS29643 members: AS30739 members: AS31152 members: AS31361 members: AS31439 members: AS31473 members: AS31543 members: AS31702 members: AS33917 members: AS34905 members: AS35150 members: AS35549 members: AS35579 members: AS35698 members: AS38977 members: AS39285 members: AS39879 members: AS39885 members: AS41249 members: AS41921 members: AS42196 members: AS42685 members: AS43365 members: AS43494 members: AS43579 members: AS43612 members: AS43913 members: AS44143 members: AS44353 members: AS44472 members: AS47106 members: AS47120 members: AS47130 members: AS47186 members: AS47364 members: AS47477 members: AS48339 members: AS48486 members: AS48856 members: AS48906 members: AS49135 members: AS49652 members: AS50099 members: AS50143 members: AS51066 members: AS51187 members: AS51767 members: AS51776 members: AS52220 members: AS56424 members: AS56963 members: AS57159 members: AS57216 members: AS59669 members: AS60823 members: AS61022 members: AS61098 members: AS61993 members: AS62627 members: AS62012 members: AS62363 members: AS197082 members: AS197198 members: AS197964 members: AS198211 members: AS198244 members: AS198439 members: AS198606 members: AS199083 members: AS199372 members: AS199437 members: AS199637 members: AS199725 members: AS200247 members: AS200724 members: AS200970 members: AS200986 members: AS201347 members: AS201728 members: AS201736 members: AS201759 members: AS201981 members: AS202453 members: AS202856 members: AS202887 members: AS202908 members: AS203467 members: AS203518 members: AS203813 members: AS204081 members: AS204349 members: AS204852 members: AS205003 members: AS205302 members: AS205803 members: AS205902 members: AS205903 members: AS206228 members: AS206322 members: AS206571 members: AS207637 members: AS207730 members: AS207868 members: AS208082 members: AS208315 members: AS208778 members: AS208983 members: AS209144 members: AS210077 members: AS210184 members: AS210341 members: AS210543 members: AS210750 members: AS211629 members: AS211984 members: AS212682 members: AS213121 members: AS215422 members: AS12716:AS-MTEL members: AS-A1SI members: AS-ACG members: AS-DCM-ASSET members: AS-EBRZ members: AS-GSTWAT members: AS-H3G-AUSTRIA members: AS-HOFSTAETTER members: AS-KRAFTCOM members: AS-LIECOMTEL members: AS-LORAL-SKYNET members: AS-MAGWIEN members: AS-METRONET members: AS-MYNET-AT members: AS-ONEVIP-UPSTREAM-SET members: AS-RIEPERT members: AS-RRZS members: AS-SPNET members: AS-SPATIALLY members: AS-TELEPORT members: AS-TELECOM members: AS-VIP members: AS-VIP-MOBLE tech-c: DUMY-RIPE admin-c: DUMY-RIPE notify: hostmaster@aon.at mnt-by: AS8447-MNT created: 2002-08-01T06:52:31Z last-modified: 2024-07-03T12:17:17Z source: RIPE remarks: **************************** remarks: * THIS OBJECT IS MODIFIED remarks: * Please note that all data that is generally regarded as personal remarks: * data has been removed from this object. remarks: * To view the original object, please query the RIPE Database at: remarks: * http://www.ripe.net/whois remarks: ****************************