as-set: AS-ROSPRINT descr: &Equant Russia customers AS list members: AS-OPENBANK members: AS-DON-PLUS members: AS-KDP-RUSSIA members: AS-SAMTELECOM members: AS43087 members: AS43805 members: AS51532 members: AS204357 members: AS28989 members: AS2854 members: AS42558 members: AS34336 members: AS212869 members: AS48349 members: AS2874 members: AS20144 members: AS56725 members: AS3397 members: AS15974 members: AS6863 members: AS5573 members: AS6699 members: AS6856 members: AS6694 members: AS6820 members: AS6903 members: AS51213 members: AS8416 members: AS8500 members: AS8634 members: AS8905 members: AS8974 members: AS9032 members: AS9107 members: AS11414 members: AS11584 members: AS12418 members: AS12686 members: AS13230 members: AS15610 members: AS15632 members: AS15707 members: AS16173 members: AS16287 members: AS16230 members: AS16285 members: AS20602 members: AS209779 members: AS20611 members: AS20866 members: AS20806 members: AS21231 members: AS21240 members: AS21252 members: AS21275 members: AS21433 members: AS21479 members: AS25510 members: AS25511 members: AS25534 members: AS25436 members: AS25451 members: AS25534 members: AS25580 members: AS28899 members: AS28927 members: AS29169 members: AS24823 members: AS29020 members: AS29450 members: AS29528 members: AS207055 members: AS212681 members: AS30868 members: AS30910 members: AS30952 members: AS30974 members: AS31063 members: AS33844 members: AS33936 members: AS31594 members: AS31724 members: AS33852 members: AS34098 members: AS34147 members: AS34137 members: AS34232 members: AS34291 members: AS34472 members: AS34495 members: AS34662 members: AS34666 members: AS34669 members: AS34821 members: AS34879 members: AS34998 members: AS35013 members: AS35021 members: AS35025 members: AS35039 members: AS35793 members: AS35195 members: AS34995 members: AS35354 members: AS35398 members: AS39073 members: AS35595 members: AS42901 members: AS49356 members: AS38029 members: AS39165 members: AS39594 members: AS39612 members: AS39660 members: AS39264 members: AS39267 members: AS39045 members: AS39753 members: AS41060 members: AS41067 members: AS41226 members: AS41574 members: AS41217 members: AS41551 members: AS41592 members: AS41983 members: AS42231 members: AS41928 members: AS42190 members: AS42693 members: AS41938 members: AS42974 members: AS43042 members: AS43403 members: AS43429 members: AS43583 members: AS43730 members: AS43900 members: AS43952 members: AS44315 members: AS44661 members: AS44704 members: AS44232 members: AS43673 members: AS44121 members: AS44192 members: AS44479 members: AS44900 members: AS44915 members: AS46100 members: AS47168 members: AS47271 members: AS47764 members: AS47819 members: AS48312 members: AS48820 members: AS47976 members: AS48396 members: AS49108 members: AS49675 members: AS201268 members: AS49799 members: AS58207 members: AS49899 members: AS47909 members: AS50038 members: AS49410 members: AS49841 members: AS49241 members: AS50141 members: AS50339 members: AS50356 members: AS50425 members: AS50477 members: AS50639 members: AS51478 members: AS51771 members: AS51193 members: AS52013 members: AS52164 members: AS58257 members: AS8359 members: AS56533 members: AS56741 members: AS56793 members: AS56810 members: AS56880 members: AS56889 members: AS57580 members: AS57645 members: AS58231 members: AS59792 members: AS59846 members: AS60017 members: AS60347 members: AS60544 members: AS60598 members: AS60702 members: AS60796 members: AS60988 members: AS60308 members: AS196923 members: AS197258 members: AS197366 members: AS197986 members: AS197574 members: AS197559 members: AS197952 members: AS198258 members: AS198580 members: AS198929 members: AS197786 members: AS199314 members: AS201672 members: AS200926 members: AS205750 members: AS204910 members: AS207496 members: AS200830 members: AS57631 members: AS57531 members: AS16179 members: AS24913 members: AS28712 members: AS24913 members: AS50878 members: AS51384 members: AS20543 members: AS30924 members: AS31275 members: AS60361 members: AS203697 members: AS205391 members: AS202378 members: AS31133 members: AS-TKTEL members: AS-BAIKAL members: AS-URAN members: AS-ALLTELECOM members: AS-ORBITA-PLUS members: AS-FORATEC members: AS-DSIJSC members: AS-KRAFT-S members: AS-ZEPPELIN members: AS-ITERANET members: AS-NET21 members: AS-ZEBRA members: AS-TELSYCOM members: AS-VTT members: AS-2GIS members: AS57589 members: AS198645 members: AS51721 members: AS51193 members: AS59571 members: AS61197 members: AS57247 members: AS42559 members: AS49955 members: AS60526 members: AS60748 members: AS56631 members: AS57031 members: AS200627 members: AS-PECOM members: AS-MDM members: AS198712 members: AS197092 members: AS42554 members: AS42920 members: AS62236 members: AS62389 members: AS50701 members: AS60716 members: AS-ALMAZTELECOM members: AS28734 members: AS197987 members: AS201774 members: AS201571 members: AS201195 members: AS201394 members: AS201486 members: AS202156 members: AS202801 members: AS202849 members: AS207104 members: AS208008 members: AS41185 members: AS-ARBUZ members: AS-ARSNET members: AS60186 members: AS200078 members: AS57477 members: AS34853 members: AS206179 members: AS1849 members: AS44165 members: AS199537 members: AS205080 members: AS205153 members: AS204696 members: AS199537 members: AS208177 members: AS204492 members: AS205616 members: AS208811 members: AS198873 members: AS209930 members: AS8848 members: AS41187 members: AS54201 members: AS206916 members: AS210914 members: AS-O2CLOUD members: AS212410 members: AS212264 members: AS211697 members: AS211730 members: AS59957 members: AS25227 members: AS25227 members: AS213304 members: AS48891 members: AS210726 members: AS201368 members: AS209973 members: AS48009 members: AS216103 tech-c: DUMY-RIPE admin-c: DUMY-RIPE mnt-by: ROSPRINT-NCC created: 2002-07-25T12:30:36Z last-modified: 2024-03-26T10:12:51Z source: RIPE remarks: **************************** remarks: * THIS OBJECT IS MODIFIED remarks: * Please note that all data that is generally regarded as personal remarks: * data has been removed from this object. remarks: * To view the original object, please query the RIPE Database at: remarks: * http://www.ripe.net/whois remarks: ****************************