as-set: AS-SMART-C descr: Smart Telecom Company descr: AS set for Smart Telecom customers descr: Russia remarks: +++++++ remarks: smart members: AS31376 remarks: WestCom Trade members: AS44380 remarks: plaza members: AS44899 remarks: Renaissance Construction members: AS51667 remarks: Rolis-AS members: AS199007 remarks: RTL members: AS199394 remarks: EURECA members: AS50082 remarks: KIROVTELECOM members: AS33908 remarks: KIT FINANCE members: AS30952 remarks: Technopoisk Ltd members: AS60413 remarks: ConceptClub members: AS203668 remarks: Telestore members: AS47333 remarks: CIT members: AS56853 remarks: LTV-CCTV-AS members: AS57303 remarks: Sarkisov-Y-L members: AS202650 remarks: RicInfo members: AS49994 remarks: DEFO members: AS202935 remarks: CTINET members: AS-CTINET remarks: ANT-DS members: AS209096 remarks: R-INDUSTRY members: AS-R-INDUSTRY remarks: CORP-RUS members: AS212480 remarks: Communication line members: AS35631 remarks: ALITER-AXI Co Ltd members: AS212423 members: AS212452 remarks: KSB TMP 06/12/2020 - 10/12/2020 members: AS48201 remarks: LOGTEH members: AS60913 remarks: Nord-Telecom members: AS43726 remarks: Plaza Telecom members: AS58139 remarks: MiATel2 members: AS47613 remarks: RUSCHEMALLIANCE-AS members: AS211185 remarks: KSB members: AS56619 remarks: CDBMB-AS members: AS208615 remarks: ILOT members: AS202082 remarks: +++++++ admin-c: DUMY-RIPE tech-c: DUMY-RIPE mnt-by: SMART-MNT created: 2004-08-31T13:47:47Z last-modified: 2023-08-21T15:11:04Z source: RIPE remarks: **************************** remarks: * THIS OBJECT IS MODIFIED remarks: * Please note that all data that is generally regarded as personal remarks: * data has been removed from this object. remarks: * To view the original object, please query the RIPE Database at: remarks: * http://www.ripe.net/whois remarks: ****************************