as-set: AS16559:AS-PEERS descr: RealConnect, Inc 718 - 7th Street NW Suite 300 Washington, DC 20001 US members: AS42, AS1273, AS1784, AS1785, AS2516, AS3303, AS3491, AS3856, AS4181, AS4323, AS4355, AS4513, AS4565, AS4788, AS5400, AS5462, AS5738, AS6079, AS6128, AS6327, AS6432, AS6447, AS6539, AS6730, AS6830, AS6939, AS7091,AS7784, AS7795, AS8001, AS8075, AS8210, AS8404, AS8422, AS8657, AS8881, AS8928, AS9145, AS9156, AS10310, AS11867, AS12008, AS12222, AS12306, AS12322, AS13184, AS13237, AS13445, AS13645, AS13768, AS14361, AS14891, AS15169, AS15290, AS15412, AS19029, AS19151, AS22612, AS22822, AS25462, AS25973, AS27357, AS27524, AS29748, AS29791, AS31800 admin-c: DO86-ARIN tech-c: DO86-ARIN remarks: ======================================================== List of peer ASes ======================================================== Abuse reports to abuse@realconnect.com Peering contact is peering@realconnect.com ======================================================== The following import actions are common to every RealConnect peering session: - RFC1918 and other reserved networks and subnets are not permitted. - Advertisements with reserved ASes in the path (ie 64512 - 65535) are not permitted. - Prefixes shorter than /3 or longer than /24 are not permitted. - Localpref will be set to 85 by default. - A hard limit is placed on the number of routes a peer is allowed to announce to us. This number is based on their registered routes plus a bit of extra overhead. ======================================================== Communities applied at ingress for Peers ======================================================== -------------------------------------------------------- prefix type communities -------------------------------------------------------- 16559:400 - Peer route -------------------------------------------------------- peering point communities -------------------------------------------------------- 16559:65401 - IBX-VA 16559:65402 - PAIX-VA 16559:65451 - Private-DC -------------------------------------------------------- ======================================================== Details of RealConnect peering policy and how to get in touch with RealConnect regarding policy matters can be found at: http://realconnect.com/peering/ ======================================================== notify: hostmaster@realconnect.com mnt-by: MAINT-AS16559 changed: daniel@realconnect.com 20090418 #12:31:36Z source: RADB