as-set: AS29169:AS-PEERS4 descr: GANDI IPv4 Peering AS-SET remarks: PUBLIC PEERS IPV4 remarks: ==================== members: AS42 members: AS714 members: AS1200 members: AS1836 members: AS2484 members: AS2486 members: AS2603 members: AS2611 members: AS2711 members: AS2906 members: AS3223 members: AS3250 members: AS3265 members: AS3267 members: AS3856 members: AS4181 members: AS4651 members: AS4788 members: AS5459 members: AS5524 members: AS5577 members: AS5588 members: AS5607 members: AS5769 members: AS6079 members: AS6315 members: AS6327 members: AS6412 members: AS6661 members: AS6695 members: AS6777 members: AS6871 members: AS6939 members: AS7342 members: AS7385 members: AS7795 members: AS8218 members: AS8308 members: AS8365 members: AS8368 members: AS8426 members: AS8447 members: AS8487 members: AS8553 members: AS8554 members: AS8560 members: AS8607 members: AS8612 members: AS8657 members: AS8674 members: AS8681 members: AS8708 members: AS8714 members: AS8781 members: AS8784 members: AS8839 members: AS8851 members: AS8897 members: AS8922 members: AS9036 members: AS9137 members: AS9143 members: AS9145 members: AS10310 members: AS11666 members: AS12041 members: AS12350 members: AS12399 members: AS12611 members: AS12703 members: AS12715 members: AS12859 members: AS12876 members: AS13030 members: AS13285 members: AS13335 members: AS13489 members: AS13768 members: AS14413 members: AS14537 members: AS15133 members: AS15169 members: AS15422 members: AS15542 members: AS15547 members: AS15557 members: AS15623 members: AS15772 members: AS15830 members: AS16004 members: AS16080 members: AS16082 members: AS16276 members: AS16298 members: AS16409 members: AS16509 members: AS16559 members: AS16735 members: AS18106 members: AS19151 members: AS19551 members: AS19679 members: AS20485 members: AS20562 members: AS20940 members: AS21099 members: AS21232 members: AS21371 members: AS21396 members: AS21409 members: AS21478 members: AS21502 members: AS22652 members: AS24115 members: AS24990 members: AS25061 members: AS25091 members: AS25151 members: AS25178 members: AS25358 members: AS25369 members: AS25375 members: AS25459 members: AS25577 members: AS25593 members: AS26282 members: AS26415 members: AS27822 members: AS28716 members: AS28855 members: AS29075 members: AS29119 members: AS29140 members: AS29152 members: AS29467 members: AS29527 members: AS29550 members: AS29608 members: AS29691 members: AS29791 members: AS30740 members: AS30781 members: AS30844 members: AS30914 members: AS31122 members: AS31216 members: AS31424 members: AS31472 members: AS31500 members: AS31662 members: AS31708 members: AS32098 members: AS32787 members: AS33597 members: AS33835 members: AS33845 members: AS33873 members: AS33891 members: AS33941 members: AS34019 members: AS34066 members: AS34305 members: AS34309 members: AS34347 members: AS34442 members: AS34555 members: AS34790 members: AS35054 members: AS35393 members: AS36408 members: AS36944 members: AS37100 members: AS37564 members: AS37662 members: AS38182 members: AS39405 members: AS41157 members: AS41690 members: AS41692 members: AS41913 members: AS42344 members: AS42473 members: AS42476 members: AS42579 members: AS42689 members: AS42708 members: AS42909 members: AS42929 members: AS43142 members: AS43350 members: AS43531 members: AS44099 members: AS44141 members: AS44334 members: AS44444 members: AS44530 members: AS44654 members: AS46489 members: AS47480 members: AS47841 members: AS48528 members: AS48885 members: AS49463 members: AS49544 members: AS49594 members: AS49624 members: AS49983 members: AS50763 members: AS50809 members: AS50858 members: AS51088 members: AS51185 members: AS51243 members: AS51706 members: AS51918 members: AS56665 members: AS57633 members: AS58308 members: AS59689 members: AS60804 members: AS61337 members: AS61968 members: AS64000 members: AS197422 members: AS198335 members: AS198545 members: AS202032 members: AS202194 members: AS203476 remarks: ============================= admin-c: DUMY-RIPE tech-c: DUMY-RIPE mnt-by: GANDI-NOC created: 2010-12-08T11:56:39Z last-modified: 2024-06-19T18:32:56Z source: RIPE remarks: **************************** remarks: * THIS OBJECT IS MODIFIED remarks: * Please note that all data that is generally regarded as personal remarks: * data has been removed from this object. remarks: * To view the original object, please query the RIPE Database at: remarks: * http://www.ripe.net/whois remarks: ****************************