as-set: AS30071:AS-TBONE descr: OCCAID Joint Tech Coordination Cmd AS Macro for OCCAID Public Internet Peers members: AS30071, AS-TOWARDEX, AS3557, AS112, AS23709, AS6596, AS1280, AS3856, AS6561, AS7091, AS2500, AS31064, AS31292, AS32459 remarks: ---------------------------------------------------- remarks: Above are the ASN's OCCAID accepts to exchange remarks: public Internet traffic. remarks: ---------------------------------------------------- admin-c: NMA13-ARIN tech-c: NMA13-ARIN notify: occaid@cnacs.occaid.org mnt-by: MAINT-TOWARDEX changed: ndf@towardex.com 20040307 changed: rad@towardex.com 20040518 #08:05:14(UTC) changed: blahdy@qmail.twdx.net 20041020 #04:03:23(UTC) source: ALTDB