as-set: AS30781:AS-JAGUAR-PEERING-AMS-IX tech-c: DUMY-RIPE admin-c: DUMY-RIPE mnt-by: JAGUAR-MNT created: 2023-03-01T13:40:14Z last-modified: 2023-03-01T13:40:14Z source: RIPE members: AS-4788 members: AS-A2B members: AS-AKAMAI members: AS-AMAZON members: AS-APPLE members: AS-APPNEXUS members: AS-BADOO members: AS-BAHNHOF members: AS-BELCENTER members: AS-BENESOL members: AS-BIT members: AS-BIZNET members: AS-BKVG members: AS-BLIZZARD members: AS-BOOKING members: AS-BOUYGTEL-ISP members: AS-BT-EU members: AS-CATONETWORKS members: AS-CLARANET members: AS-CLOUDFLARE members: AS-COLOCATIONIX members: AS-COLOCLUE members: AS-COLT members: AS-CONTINENT8 members: AS-CORE-BACKBONE members: AS-CPRM members: AS-DAILYMOTION members: AS-DDITS members: AS-DENIC-ANY members: AS-DENIT members: AS-DROPBOX members: AS-DSTORAGE members: AS-DUOCAST members: AS-EBAYMTBB members: AS-EDGECAST members: AS-EDPNET members: AS-EIRCOM members: AS-EMIX members: AS-EQUINIX-EU members: AS-ESAB members: AS-EUNETIP members: AS-EURONETNL members: AS-EWETEL members: AS-FACEBOOK members: AS-GANDI members: AS-GBXS members: AS-GTLD members: AS-HUAWEI members: AS-HURRICANE members: AS-IELO members: AS-INCAPSULA members: AS-INFRACOMNL members: AS-INGENICO members: AS-INIT7 members: AS-INTERACTIVE3D members: AS-INTERBOX members: AS-INTERMAX members: AS-INTERNAP members: AS-IONOS members: AS-IPO members: AS-IPTP members: AS-ITIS members: AS-IUNXI members: AS-KABELFOON members: AS-KROOT members: AS-LEASEWEB members: AS-LIQUID members: AS-LLNW members: AS-LOTTOMATICA members: AS-LUNA members: AS-MANDA members: AS-MCKAY members: AS-MFNX members: AS-MICROSOFT members: AS-MTU members: AS-MYLOC members: AS-NEDZONE members: AS-NEOT members: AS-NETCOLOGNE members: AS-NETSKOPE members: AS-NFLX members: AS-NOK members: AS-NORDUNET members: AS-NOVOSERVE members: AS-ONLINESAS members: AS-OPAL members: AS-OPENCARRIER members: AS-OPENPEERING members: AS-OTEGLOBE members: AS-PCH members: AS-PEERING-TESTBED members: AS-PLUSLINE members: AS-PORTLANE members: AS-PREVIDER members: AS-PRODWARE members: AS-PROXIMUS members: AS-PTA members: AS-PTLU members: AS-QTEL-SET members: AS-RDSNET members: AS-RETN members: AS-RIOT members: AS-ROSTELECOM members: AS-RTL members: AS-RUBICONPROJECT members: AS-RUNNET members: AS-SEABORN members: AS-SERVERIUS members: AS-SIG-TELECOM members: AS-SIPARTECH members: AS-SOCO members: AS-SOLCON members: AS-SOVAM members: AS-SPEEDXS members: AS-SURFNET members: AS-TELECOM members: AS-TELEDATA members: AS-TELENOR members: AS-TENCENT members: AS-TERTIARY members: AS-TNG members: AS-TRUE members: AS-TWITCH members: AS-UNET members: AS-UNITAS members: AS-VALVE members: AS-VP members: AS-VT-TRANSIT members: AS-VTX members: AS-WEBEX members: AS-WGI members: AS-WIKIMEDIA members: AS-WNET members: AS-YAHOO members: AS-ZAINGP members: AS-ZSCALER-EMEA members: as-dialtelecom members: AS1126 members: AS1200 members: AS3333 members: AS9304 members: AS38082 members: AS41327:AS-CUSTOMERS members: AS5524 members: AS6735 members: AS8608 members: AS9269 members: AS15516 members: AS15802 members: AS21478 members: AS25151 members: AS25596 members: AS28788 members: AS30132 members: AS31500 members: AS37271 members: AS37468 members: AS39637 members: AS41552 members: AS47195 members: AS54994 remarks: **************************** remarks: * THIS OBJECT IS MODIFIED remarks: * Please note that all data that is generally regarded as personal remarks: * data has been removed from this object. remarks: * To view the original object, please query the RIPE Database at: remarks: * http://www.ripe.net/whois remarks: ****************************