as-set: AS31027:AS-GCNET-LEGACY tech-c: DUMY-RIPE admin-c: DUMY-RIPE mnt-by: GCNET-MNT created: 2022-07-13T17:46:05Z last-modified: 2022-10-20T04:11:00Z source: RIPE members: AS31027 members: AS42525 members: AS-ADDIX members: AS-ADEODC members: AS-ASOM-NET members: AS-ASOM-NET-V6 members: AS-ATHENA members: AS-BBN members: AS-BODATA members: AS-BOLIGNET members: AS-BOYENS members: AS-CLOUDFACTORY members: AS-COMENDO members: AS-DBNET members: AS-DCGROUP members: AS-EDISCOM members: AS-ENAVN members: AS-FIBIA members: AS-GOBLER members: AS-GOOGLE-IT members: AS-HERNINGKOMMUNE members: AS-HOSTERSAS members: AS-HOSTNORDIC members: AS-I2-ANNOUNCE members: AS-INFOCONNECT members: AS-IPVISION members: AS-ITRELATION members: AS-KMD members: AS-LYTZENIT members: AS-MyWebCityDK members: AS-NETSMED members: AS-NETUSE members: AS-NGDC members: AS-NGDCv6 members: AS-NIC-DK members: AS-NMMN members: AS-NNIT members: AS-NOVO members: AS-PARKNET members: AS-PROCOPA members: AS-PROGNET members: AS-RACKHOSTING members: AS-REHLAN members: AS-RIS members: AS-SE-NET members: AS-SET_DK-AURA members: AS-SMILECONTENT members: AS-SOLIDO members: AS-SSERV members: AS-STWFL members: AS-SURFTOWN members: AS-SYMBION members: AS-TDCH members: AS-TEKCON members: AS-TERACOMDK members: AS-VERDO members: AS-ZENSYSTEMS members: AS-ZITCOM members: AS15859 members: AS196727 members: AS196827 members: AS196997 members: AS197123 members: AS197190 members: AS197291 members: AS197660 members: AS197949 members: AS198141 members: AS198194 members: AS198452 members: AS198455 members: AS198473 members: AS198608 members: AS198614 members: AS198622 members: AS198631 members: AS198901 members: AS198903 members: AS198930 members: AS198944 members: AS199041 members: AS199289 members: AS199848 members: AS199988 members: AS200292 members: AS200538 members: AS200629 members: AS200997 members: AS201035 members: AS201078 members: AS201438 members: AS201455 members: AS201503 members: AS201580 members: AS201697 members: AS201720 members: AS201889 members: AS201960 members: AS202216 members: AS202373 members: AS202377 members: AS202567 members: AS202680 members: AS202914 members: AS203243 members: AS203288 members: AS203788 members: AS203825 members: AS203953 members: AS204032 members: AS204135 members: AS204141 members: AS204151 members: AS204151:AS-TRANSIT members: AS204171 members: AS204290 members: AS204425 members: AS204652 members: AS204702 members: AS20473 members: AS204920 members: AS204922 members: AS204988 members: AS205144 members: AS205206 members: AS205287 members: AS205510 members: AS205662 members: AS205703 members: AS205760 members: AS205793 members: AS205805 members: AS205945 members: AS205979 members: AS206082 members: AS206157 members: AS206464 members: AS206606 members: AS206612 members: AS206636 members: AS206749 members: AS206920 members: AS20694 members: AS206941 members: AS207017 members: AS207247 members: AS207316 members: AS207355 members: AS207533 members: AS207603 members: AS207934 members: AS208237 members: AS208310 members: AS208665 members: AS208741 members: AS208988 members: AS209118 members: AS209125 members: AS209528 members: AS209770 members: AS210127 members: AS210226 members: AS210322 members: AS21060 members: AS210939 members: AS210972 members: AS211118 members: AS211418 members: AS211783 members: AS21198 members: AS212428 members: AS212991 members: AS213066 members: AS213214 members: AS21456 members: AS21465 members: AS24679 members: AS24853 members: AS24969 members: AS25068 members: AS25111 members: AS28717 members: AS29139 members: AS29505 members: AS29542 members: AS31027 members: AS31130 members: AS31131 members: AS31590 members: AS3240 members: AS3321 members: AS3342 members: AS33916 members: AS34165 members: AS34220 members: AS34705 members: AS34793 members: AS34848 members: AS34922 members: AS35158 members: AS35376 members: AS35589 members: AS35637 members: AS35678 members: AS35789 members: AS39026 members: AS39500 members: AS39839 members: AS41016 members: AS41259 members: AS41264 members: AS41795 members: AS42236 members: AS42355 members: AS42418 members: AS42525 members: AS42659 members: AS42686 members: AS42697 members: AS42720 members: AS42876 members: AS43088 members: AS43204 members: AS43220 members: AS43337 members: AS43557 members: AS43790 members: AS43806 members: AS43869 members: AS43986 members: AS44134 members: AS44328 members: AS44398 members: AS44433 members: AS44499 members: AS44508 members: AS45032 members: AS47173 members: AS47249 members: AS47304 members: AS47454 members: AS47634 members: AS47715 members: AS47765 members: AS48139 members: AS48726 members: AS48854 members: AS49362 members: AS49930 members: AS50021 members: AS50062 members: AS50134 members: AS50323 members: AS50346 members: AS50457 members: AS50490 members: AS50630 members: AS50783 members: AS50867 members: AS51049 members: AS51073 members: AS51251 members: AS51364 members: AS51377 members: AS51482 members: AS51510 members: AS51595 members: AS51608 members: AS51844 members: AS5491 members: AS56496 members: AS56901 members: AS57020 members: AS57030 members: AS57247 members: AS57720 members: AS57735 members: AS57736 members: AS57915 members: AS58111 members: AS58282 members: AS59700 members: AS60111 members: AS60153 members: AS60254 members: AS60422 members: AS60794 members: AS61032 members: AS61128 members: AS61397 members: AS62090 members: AS62113 members: AS62121 members: AS62210 members: AS62313 members: AS62319 members: AS62324 members: AS6834 members: AS8223 members: AS8273 members: AS8351 members: AS8502 members: AS9171 members: as-207199-ZITCOM notify: peering@globalconnect.dk remarks: **************************** remarks: * THIS OBJECT IS MODIFIED remarks: * Please note that all data that is generally regarded as personal remarks: * data has been removed from this object. remarks: * To view the original object, please query the RIPE Database at: remarks: * http://www.ripe.net/whois remarks: ****************************