as-set: AS34927:AS-Tunnelbroker-Legacy remarks: remarks: ############################### remarks: Tunnelbroker.li Customers: remarks: members: AS208565 members: AS140938 members: AS200334 members: AS209295 members: AS212783 members: AS213372 members: AS212756 members: AS209557 members: AS212983 members: AS209395 members: AS46997 members: AS207301 members: AS34692 members: AS213392 members: AS212546 members: AS212508 members: AS213021 members: AS212844 members: AS213346 members: AS212510 members: AS212415 members: AS140936 members: AS212469 members: AS212360 members: AS44854 members: AS212971 members: AS212268 members: AS212425 members: AS209334 members: AS212188 members: AS208907 members: AS212196 members: AS207824 members: AS60614 members: AS212194 members: AS212149 members: AS212904 members: AS212112 members: AS212194 members: AS212105 members: AS208188 members: AS212085 members: AS212129 members: AS212237 members: AS34615 members: AS207267 members: AS58132 members: AS211972 members: AS139742 members: AS212267 members: AS208069 members: AS209419 members: AS141694 members: AS207671 members: AS211868 members: AS62396 members: AS211869 members: AS209185 members: AS207466 members: AS208884 members: AS206639 members: AS211685 members: AS59474 members: AS209419 members: AS211640 members: AS211622 members: AS211579 members: AS207300 members: AS211704 members: AS213199 members: AS211776 members: AS198408 members: AS207781 members: AS211495 members: AS39527 members: AS211486 members: AS212270 members: AS211485 members: AS207650 members: AS211876 members: AS211635 members: AS211509 members: AS49933 members: AS42394 members: AS57470 members: AS212504 members: AS211479 members: AS203420 members: AS208753 members: AS205969 members: AS142289 members: AS211242 members: AS211184 members: AS212834 members: AS198408 members: AS142419 members: AS211072 members: AS211083 members: AS210961 members: AS212467 members: AS210925 members: AS210916 members: AS211139 members: AS210814 members: AS210881 members: AS212580 members: AS207778 members: AS56758 members: AS210563 members: AS210623 members: AS211498 members: AS47924 members: AS210597 members: AS208958 members: AS210631 members: AS211144 members: AS210732 members: AS212120 members: AS210374 members: AS210643 members: AS210189 members: AS210941 members: AS210354 members: AS24206 members: AS213385 members: AS210836 members: AS210633 members: AS58133 members: AS210013 members: AS210729 members: AS59922 members: AS208733 members: AS206569 members: AS212925 members: AS207941 members: AS147016 members: AS57797 members: AS210667 members: AS208529 members: AS208584 members: AS206271 members: AS207299 members: AS205183 members: AS209018 members: AS204585 members: AS204017 members: AS208985 members: AS203062 members: AS202828 members: AS202458 members: AS210951 members: AS61977 members: AS211139 members: AS212519 members: AS200690 members: AS207076 members: AS211665 members: AS208185 members: AS200959 members: AS202573 members: AS213267 members: AS211188 tech-c: DUMY-RIPE admin-c: DUMY-RIPE mnt-by: ch-ifog-1-mnt created: 2023-05-30T15:34:29Z last-modified: 2024-05-27T15:08:26Z source: RIPE remarks: **************************** remarks: * THIS OBJECT IS MODIFIED remarks: * Please note that all data that is generally regarded as personal remarks: * data has been removed from this object. remarks: * To view the original object, please query the RIPE Database at: remarks: * http://www.ripe.net/whois remarks: ****************************