as-set: AS41327:AS-CUSTOMERS descr: AS Customers propagate by Fiber Telecom remarks: --------------------------------------- remarks: It is recommended that you configure these values: remarks: IPv4 maximum-prefix limit to 2000 remarks: IPv6 maximum-prefix limit to 400 remarks: --------------------------------------- members: AS12654 members: AS13097 members: AS13182 members: AS15663 members: AS16004 members: AS21058 members: AS21086 members: AS25152 members: AS25488 members: AS28941 members: AS34281 members: AS40015 members: AS41327 members: AS-VIPNETIT # via AS41827 members: AS42176 members: AS42658 members: AS44747 members: AS44942 members: AS45015 members: AS47187 members: AS48011 members: AS49284 members: AS49597 members: AS51499 members: AS52083 members: AS56488 members: AS56559 members: AS57913 members: AS58150 members: AS58253 members: AS58316 members: AS60260 members: AS60530 members: AS60943 members: AS62093:AS-DECURTIS # via AS62093 members: AS196753 members: AS196865 members: AS197293 members: AS197650 members: AS197825 members: AS198013 members: AS198380 members: AS198399 members: AS198434 members: AS199039 members: AS199744 members: AS199837 members: AS200034 members: AS-TRANSITNAMEX # via AS200148 members: AS200497:AS-WAVECOM # via AS200497 members: AS200752 members: AS200794 members: AS200818 members: AS200887 members: AS200984 members: AS201198 members: AS201362 members: AS201483 members: AS201602 members: AS201722 members: AS201806 members: AS201847 members: AS202074 members: AS202460 members: AS202761 members: AS202975 members: AS203059 members: AS203089 members: AS203419 members: AS203469 members: AS203713 members: AS204107 members: AS204309:AS-CCOMPANY # via AS204309 members: AS204389 members: AS204402 members: AS204471:AS-KARSOLINK-CUSTOMER # via AS204471 members: AS204482 members: AS204504 members: AS204805 members: AS204809 members: AS204923 members: AS205005:AS-MICSO # via AS205005 members: AS205032 members: AS205051 members: AS205276 members: AS205374 members: AS205422 members: AS205498 members: AS205525 members: AS205716 members: AS205732 members: AS205850 members: AS205985 members: AS-SIOPLUS # via AS206173 members: AS-GLOBALCOM # via AS206182 members: AS206343 members: AS206355 members: AS206539 members: AS206655 members: AS206737 members: AS206811 members: AS206947 members: AS206966 members: AS206988 members: AS207013 members: AS207606 members: AS207715 members: AS207725 members: AS207739 members: AS207964 members: AS208018 members: AS208516 members: AS208598 members: AS208642 members: AS208867 members: AS209246 members: AS209301 members: AS209410 members: AS209529 members: AS209591 members: AS209970 members: AS210129 members: AS210238 members: AS210687 members: AS210917 members: AS210963 members: AS211222 members: AS212011 members: AS212696 members: AS213013 members: AS213089 members: AS213338 members: AS215687 members: AS215867 members: AS215984 members: AS47406:AS-PARTNERS # via AS47406 members: AS57111:AS-CUSTOMERS # via AS57111 members: AS58082:AS-OUT members: AS198102:AS-CUSTOMERS # via AS198102 members: AS204947:AS-ALL # via AS204947 members: AS-2BITE # via AS35617 members: AS-AIRBEAM # via AS50877 members: AS-APUACOM # via AS59919 members: AS-ARIANET # via AS205330 members: AS-BOOT # via AS207227 members: AS-CONNECTLIFE # via AS212602 members: AS15605:AS-CONNESI # via AS15605 members: AS-DIGITALGLOBE # via AS208376 members: AS-DIGITURUNC # via AS48011 members: AS-DIMENSIONE # via AS202870 members: AS-DODONET # via AS199324 members: AS-DOLOMITES-NETWORK # via AS205099 members: AS-EHIWEB # via AS43989 members: AS-EMAXY # via AS197825 members: AS-FIBER23 # via AS57142 members: AS-AXERA # via AS34758 members: AS-ITNET-SET # via AS3242 members: AS-LOCONTEWIFI # via AS206732 members: AS-MICROSERVIZIAIRCOMM # via AS196865 members: AS-MICROWIFI # via AS213063 members: AS-MITAN # via AS211222 members: AS-MOMAX # via AS29438 members: AS-NAMEX-SET # via AS24796 members: AS-OPTICONN # via AS57264 members: AS-PLANETEL # via AS47217 members: AS-REEVO # via AS31617 members: AS-RFCOM # via AS211084 members: AS-SERVEREASY1 # via AS60798 members: AS-SET-TLCWEB # via AS34691 members: AS-SINERGIA # via AS60989 members: AS-STIADSL # via AS43648 members: AS-TCRS # via 29050 members: AS-TECNOADSL # via AS48544 members: AS-TIMENET # via AS51580 members: AS-TWTIT # via AS30848 members: AS-UNICONNECT # via AS56327 members: AS-UNO # via AS9137 members: AS-VSIX # via AS2593 members: AS-WICITYCUST # via AS59766 members: AS-WITECNO # via AS60783 remarks: --------------------------------------- remarks: Peering information: remarks: https://as41327.peeringdb.com remarks: --------------------------------------- org: ORG-TSS43-RIPE admin-c: DUMY-RIPE tech-c: DUMY-RIPE mnt-by: FiberTelecom-MNT created: 2019-09-14T09:48:32Z last-modified: 2024-06-21T14:06:39Z source: RIPE remarks: **************************** remarks: * THIS OBJECT IS MODIFIED remarks: * Please note that all data that is generally regarded as personal remarks: * data has been removed from this object. remarks: * To view the original object, please query the RIPE Database at: remarks: * http://www.ripe.net/whois remarks: ****************************