as-set: AS8218:AS-FR-CUSTOMERS descr: AS8218 Customers in France members: AS-ALTITUDETELECOM members: AS-AXIONE-CUSTOMERS members: AS-B3G members: AS-BCS members: AS-BLUEGIX members: AS-CFM members: AS-COVAGE members: AS-CYREALIS members: AS-DEVCLIC members: AS-DOCAPOSTE members: AS-DOCTISSIMO members: AS-EDF members: AS-FOTOVISTA members: AS-FULLSAVE members: AS-GALACSYS members: AS-GALOPTELECOM members: AS-HEXANET members: AS-HEXATOM members: AS-HIVANE members: AS-IBO members: AS-IELO members: AS-iilyo members: AS-IXEUROPE-FR members: AS-JEUXVIDEO members: AS-KEYYO members: AS-LASOTEL members: AS-LINKER members: AS-MEDIACTIVE members: AS-MIT members: AS-MULTI-VISP members: AS-MYSTREAM members: AS-NAMESHIELD members: AS-NETENSIA members: AS-NETIWAN members: AS-NEXEN members: AS-NEXYLAN members: AS-NOVSO members: AS-NUMERICABLE members: AS-PRISME members: AS-OWENTIS members: AS-OXYD members: AS-REAGI members: AS-REMOTE24-SET members: AS-RMI members: AS-S2E members: AS-SATECOM members: AS-SDV members: AS-SKYROCK members: AS-SOLUINFO members: AS-TELEHOUSE members: AS-W2MY members: AS-WITBE members: AS-WORLDLINE members: AS1301 members: AS2072 members: AS2094 members: AS2483 members: AS2486 members: AS3573 members: AS5091 members: AS5795 members: AS6453 members: AS8399 members: AS8723 members: AS12318 members: AS12516 members: AS12565 members: AS12601 members: AS12645 members: AS12727 members: AS12765 members: AS12807 members: AS12826 members: AS12849 members: AS15401 members: AS15401:AS-CUSTOMERS members: AS15436 members: AS15695 members: AS15762 members: AS15826 members: AS15847 members: AS16101 members: AS16128 members: AS16136 members: AS16140 members: AS16363 members: AS17025 members: AS20144 members: AS20672 members: AS20756 members: AS20900 members: AS21247 members: AS21610 members: AS24954 members: AS25117 members: AS25426 members: AS25452 members: AS25593 members: AS26558 members: AS28774 members: AS29075 members: AS29104 members: AS29301 members: AS29513 members: AS29605 members: AS30419 members: AS30752 members: AS30972 members: AS31167 members: AS31178 members: AS31221 members: AS31328 members: AS31591 members: AS31660 members: AS31688 members: AS33619 members: AS33897 members: AS33930 members: AS34173 members: AS34235 members: AS34306 members: AS34391 members: AS34433 members: AS34510 members: AS34659 members: AS34683 members: AS34749 members: AS34761 members: AS34970 members: AS34993 members: AS35184 members: AS35651 members: AS35798 members: AS36408 members: AS37002 members: AS38989 members: AS39162 members: AS39180 members: AS39286 members: AS39495 members: AS39606 members: AS39634 members: AS39771 members: AS39931 members: AS41090 members: AS41473 members: AS41628 members: AS41652 members: AS42487 members: AS42795 members: AS42924 members: AS43436 members: AS43494 members: AS43619 members: AS43702 members: AS43794 members: AS44000 members: AS44373 members: AS44407 members: AS44527 members: AS44902 members: AS44994 members: AS45050 members: AS47472 members: AS47494 members: AS47841 members: AS47866 members: AS47957 members: AS48026 members: AS48069 members: AS48072 members: AS48402 members: AS48504 members: AS48594 members: AS48668 members: AS49152 members: AS49328 members: AS49463 members: AS49477 members: AS49594 members: AS49690 members: AS49920 members: AS50032 members: AS50474 members: AS50535 members: AS50547 members: AS50624 members: AS50778 members: AS50889 members: AS50954 members: AS51128 members: AS51149 members: AS51243 members: AS51269 members: AS51306 members: AS51335 members: AS51664 members: AS51588 members: AS53589 members: AS54994 members: AS56403 members: AS56455 members: AS56844 members: AS57103 members: AS57468 members: AS57642 members: AS57734 members: AS57809 members: AS57928 members: AS57951 members: AS58131 members: AS59417 members: AS59470 members: AS59518 members: AS59662 members: AS59689 members: AS59842 members: AS59944 members: AS60032 members: AS60331 members: AS60427 members: AS60855 members: AS60940 members: AS61098 members: AS61168 members: AS61221 members: AS64444 members: AS100618 members: AS12771 members: AS197036 members: AS197056 members: AS197076 members: AS197133 members: AS197264 members: AS197383 members: AS197485 members: AS197562 members: AS197653 members: AS197736 members: AS198006 members: AS198177 members: AS198331 members: AS198551 members: AS198641 members: AS198682 members: AS198706 members: AS198732 members: AS198749 members: AS198875 members: AS199027 members: AS199248 members: AS199349 members: AS199397 members: AS199441 members: AS199708 members: AS199712 members: AS199749 members: AS199758 members: AS200069 members: AS200077 members: AS200435 members: AS200484 members: AS200618 members: AS200741 members: AS200783 members: AS200836 members: AS201085 members: AS201246 members: AS201408 members: AS201605 members: AS201693 members: AS201699 members: AS201807 members: AS201876 members: AS201932 members: AS201939 members: AS202214 members: AS202215 members: AS202236 members: AS202381 members: AS202448 members: AS202568 members: AS202582 members: AS202664 members: AS202862 members: AS203041 members: AS203133 members: AS203400 members: AS203745 members: AS203770 members: AS203797 members: AS203908 members: AS204046 members: AS204202 members: AS204273 members: AS204460 members: AS204515 members: AS204657 members: AS204975 members: AS205215 members: AS205263 members: AS205418 members: AS205633 members: AS205681 members: AS205921 members: AS205992 members: AS206399 members: AS206903 members: AS206940 members: AS206944 members: AS206958 members: AS207100 members: AS208014 members: AS208635 members: AS208746 members: AS209124 members: AS209536 members: AS209815 members: AS209852 members: AS209993 members: AS210182 members: AS210136 members: AS210182 members: AS210492 members: AS208199 members: AS210433 members: AS210199 members: AS212530 members: AS212579 org: ORG-NTG3-RIPE admin-c: DUMY-RIPE tech-c: DUMY-RIPE mnt-by: NEO-MNT created: 2009-03-31T08:40:09Z last-modified: 2023-06-22T00:17:04Z source: RIPE remarks: **************************** remarks: * THIS OBJECT IS MODIFIED remarks: * Please note that all data that is generally regarded as personal remarks: * data has been removed from this object. remarks: * To view the original object, please query the RIPE Database at: remarks: * remarks: ****************************