as-set: as-arbinet-lax-buyers descr: This as-set lists Arbinet's Los Angeles buyer members' AS numbers, and if available their own as-sets. members: AS-MZIMA members: AS-SOHONET-UK members: AS-TMHK members: as2571 members: as2729 members: as3918 members: as4434 members: as4605 members: as4671 members: as4787 members: as4788 members: as4855 members: as4983 members: as5555 members: as5726 members: as6287 members: as7397 members: as7479 members: as7654 members: as7712 members: as7713 members: as7862 members: as7914 members: as8082 members: as8529 members: as9326 members: as9341 members: as9381 members: as9462 members: as9474 members: as9512 members: as9590 members: as9655 members: as9729 members: as9737 members: as9785 members: as9794 members: as9833 members: as9899 members: as10030 members: as10094 members: as10098 members: as10111 members: as10132 members: as10732 members: as10993 members: as11841 members: as12141 members: as13704 members: as16164 members: as16552 members: as17444 members: as17450 members: as17454 members: as17464 members: as17545 members: as17564 members: as17627 members: as17666 members: as17670 members: as17770 members: as17800 members: as17826 members: as17884 members: as17885 members: as17971 members: as17974 members: as17988 members: as17995 members: as17996 members: as18001 members: as18051 members: as18059 members: as18156 members: as18189 members: as18206 members: as18253 members: as18364 members: as18393 members: as18534 members: as18695 members: as18723 members: as19786 members: as19942 members: as21665 members: as22298 members: as23651 members: as23659 members: as23666 members: as23671 members: as23678 members: as23691 members: as23693 members: as23694 members: as23736 members: as23749 members: as23761 members: as23948 members: as23949 members: as23974 members: as24077 members: as24195 members: as24201 members: as24203 members: as24207 members: as24212 members: as24213 members: as24432 members: as24524 members: as24526 members: as24535 members: as27044 members: as27193 members: as28885 members: as29761 members: as30092 members: as30241 members: as30260 members: as30506 members: as31779 members: as31972 members: as32266 members: as32523 members: as32630 members: as32641 members: as32642 members: as32643 members: as32644 members: as33587 members: as36003 members: as36428 members: as38006 members: as38040 members: as38044 members: as38142 members: as38143 members: as38156 members: as38159 members: as38164 members: as38165 members: as38166 members: as38171 members: as38186 members: as38202 members: as38211 members: as38296 members: as38320 members: as38450 members: as38478 members: as38496 members: as38503 members: as38505 members: as38506 members: as38507 members: as38509 members: as38510 members: as38750 members: as38761 members: as38764 members: as38765 members: as38772 members: as38773 members: as38775 members: as38776 members: as38783 members: as38901 members: as40165 members: as40185 members: as40511 members: as40669 members: as45146 members: as45259 members: as45292 members: as45293 members: as45314 members: as45320 members: as45441 members: as45503 members: as45508 members: as45697 members: as45703 members: as45705 members: as45715 members: as45732 members: as45770 members: as45816 members: as45849 members: as46028 members: as46034 members: as55561 members: as131467 admin-c: DUMY-RIPE tech-c: DUMY-RIPE notify: irr-notify@arbinet.com mnt-by: MAINT-ARBINET created: 2006-09-05T15:33:47Z last-modified: 2012-11-09T14:46:34Z source: RIPE remarks: **************************** remarks: * THIS OBJECT IS MODIFIED remarks: * Please note that all data that is generally regarded as personal remarks: * data has been removed from this object. remarks: * To view the original object, please query the RIPE Database at: remarks: * http://www.ripe.net/whois remarks: ****************************