route-set: RS-PEOPLENTECH-LLC descr: 8133 Leesburg Pike, Suite 220 Vienna VA 22182 United States members: mp-members:,2602:fc97::/36 remarks: PeopleNTech is a global IT and Engineering solutions provider catering to a diverse customer base. We ensure to empower our clients with innovative solutions that add measurable value to business, while adhering to global quality standards. We offer an optimal blend of business processes in varied domains to enable our customers to meet their corporate goals. Our combination of deep industry knowledge and expertise in building capabilities on short notice makes us a strategic partner for our customers. + What products/services do we provide from PeopleNTech DNS? Web Hosting solutions | Business Hosting | Managed IT Services | VPS Servers | VDP | Dedicated Servers | Radio Servers | Domain | CDN | Web Security | SSL. admin-c: ADMIN7623-ARIN tech-c: NOC33221-ARIN tech-c: TECHN1731-ARIN mnt-by: MNT-PL-1193 created: 2021-04-11T09:05:41Z last-modified: 2021-07-21T10:57:41Z source: ARIN