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Asia Pacific

Technical Contact:
| +8801714063309
Policy Contact:
| +8801711190056

IPv4 Prefixes:,,

IPv6 Prefixes:
2001:df3:d680::/64, 2001:de8:b:2900::/64

AS42 WoodyNet, Inc. 2001:df3:d680::2
AS3856 Packet Clearing House, Inc. 2001:df3:d680::3
AS6447 University of Oregon 2001:df3:d680::30
AS9230 Bangladesh Online Ltd. 2001:df3:d680::20
AS9441 Next Online Limited.
AS9825 Sustainable Development Networking Program 2001:df3:d680::17
AS9832 ISN, Internet Service Provider
AS17471 Grameen Cybernet Ltd. Bangladesh. AS for local peering and transit. Dhaka
AS18230 Zipnet Limited DKB AS number 2001:df3:d680::126
AS23688 Link3 Technologies Ltd. 2001:df3:d680::21
AS23923 Agni Systems Limited 2001:df3:d680::172
AS23991 Ranks ITT Ltd.
AS24323 aamra networks limited, 2001:df3:d680::252
AS24342 BRACNet Limited 2001:df3:d680::176
AS24481 ConnectBD Ltd. Internet Service provider, House # 41, Road1/A, BlockI, Banani, Dhaka 2001:df3:d680::29
AS26415 VeriSign Global Registry Services 2001:df3:d680::12
AS38026 MetroNet Bangladesh Limited, Fiber Optic Based Metropolitan Data
AS38067 Radiant Communications Limited
AS38200 BTS Communications (BD) ltd, 2001:df3:d680::3d
AS38203 ADN Telecom Ltd. 2001:df3:d680::39
AS38256 Bengal Group Ltd. Nationwide Internet Service Provider, Bangladesh. 2001:df3:d680::84
AS38493 Royal Green Communication Limited 2001:df3:d680::69
AS38592 Chittagong Online Limited AS38592 AP
AS38712 Telnet Communication Limited Network and Transit Service Provider. Having Nationwide MPLS Network Fo 2001:df3:d680::40
AS38744 AlwaysOn Network Bangladesh Ltd 2001:df3:d680::35
AS45276 NReach Net (Pvt.) Ltd
AS45326 Broad Band Telecom Services Ltd 2001:df3:d680::83
AS45766 Triangle Services Limited. 2001:df3:d680::59
AS55406 HRC Technologies Ltd 2001:df3:d680::23
AS55492 Dhaka Fiber Net Limited 2001:df3:d680::53
AS55828 Drik ICT Ltd 2001:df3:d680::56
AS58629 Global Fair Communications Ltd.
AS58689 ICC Communication
AS58768 Daffodil Online Ltd. 2001:df3:d680::76
AS58813 Dtech Limited
AS58912 Chittagong Telecom Services Ltd
AS59340 Help Line 2001:df3:d680::72
AS63526 Systems Solutions & development Technologies Limited
AS63932 Bangladesh Computer Council 2001:df3:d680::220
AS63961 Bangladesh Research and Education Network (BdREN)
AS63969 Race Online Limited
AS63980 Minara Firoz Infotech 2001:df3:d680::211
AS63996 Mazeda Networks Limited 2001:df3:d680::131
AS64063 BDconnect.net 2001:df3:d680::87
AS64074 Alpha Broadway System 2001:df3:d680::55
AS131247 Infobd24 Systems 2001:df3:d680::75
AS133155 Satellite Connection 2001:df3:d680::123
AS133854 X-press Technologies Limited. 2001:df3:d680::108
AS134113 Kazi Sazzad Hossain T/A Millennium Computers & Networking 2001:df3:d680::33
AS134371 CIRCLE NETWORK BANGLADESH 2001:df3:d680::128
AS134562 DISCOVERY INTERNET 2001:df3:d680::171
AS134599 Digital Dot Net (DDN)
AS134712 Pipex Network 2001:df3:d680::228
AS134732 Dot Internet 2001:df3:d680::130
AS135076 INFOCOM LIMITED 2001:df3:d680::1
AS135130 Md. Wahid Murad T/A Anik Computer & Networking 2001:df3:d680::143
AS135310 Inspire Broadband
AS136014 SS Online
AS136156 MD Rehanur Rahman t/a M/S FNF Online
AS136429 BAS Network 2001:df3:d680::232
AS137385 Saddam Hossain t/a Asian Network 2001:df3:d680::142
AS137403 SALTSYNC 2001:df3:d680::125
AS137425 INCOMIT SOLUTION 2001:df3:d680::179
AS137515 Md. Raisul Islam 2001:df3:d680::215
AS137526 Plusnet Inc 2001:df3:d680::231
AS137532 Md Golam Kibria 2001:df3:d680::5
AS137541 Royalnet
AS137703 Noakhali Broadband Network 2001:df3:d680::199
AS137959 Vision Technologies Ltd. 2001:df3:d680::122
AS137967 Digicon Telecommunication Ltd
AS138043 T Network 2001:df3:d680::13
AS138362 Md. Mobarak Hossain 2001:df3:d680::217
AS138482 Skyview Online Ltd 2001:df3:d680::190
AS138536 Premium Connectivity Limited 2001:df3:d680::157
AS138548 CONNECT 3 2001:df3:d680::78
AS138575 APPLE NET 2001:df3:d680::225
AS138915 Kaopu Cloud HK Limited 2001:df3:d680::214
AS138998 HPLink 2001:df3:d680::37
AS139325 IQ-TEL 2001:df3:d680::62
AS139347 Md Masud Rana Roni t/a RV Cyber World 2001:df3:d680::224
AS139642 Smart Link 2001:df3:d680::64
AS139643 i Smart 2001:df3:d680::243
AS139735 PACE IT
AS139771 Alpha Network 2001:df3:d680::229
AS139904 Kloud Technologies Limited
AS140616 ZN IT Solution 2001:df3:d680::207
AS141773 Bangladesh Data Center Company Limited 2001:df3:d680::255
AS141988 Optimus Technologies
AS142547 Fatickchari Communication Network
AS147314 IP Communications Limited 2001:df3:d680::132
AS149659 Chaldal Limited