as-set: AS-EXATEL-INT descr: Autonomous Systems advertised descr: to upstream providers outside of Poland by EXATEL S.A. members: AS205355 members: AS44501 members: AS-WPT members: AS20804 members: AS-FUTURO members: AS42832 members: AS-VOIP-UPSTREAM members: AS6778 members: AS8308 members: AS8726 members: AS8764 members: AS8886 members: AS12476 members: AS12539 members: AS12877 members: AS15419 members: AS15541 members: AS16130 members: AS16274 members: AS20763 members: AS20909 members: AS20938 members: AS21068 members: AS21166 members: AS21211 members: AS21433 members: AS21328 members: AS24607 members: AS25349 members: AS24928 members: AS25075 members: AS25138 members: AS25191 members: AS25410 members: AS25552 members: AS28950 members: AS-ZETO members: AS28815 members: AS39489 members: AS28978 members: AS29167 members: AS29223 members: AS29235 members: AS43963 members: AS29389 members: AS29398 members: AS29451 members: AS34842 members: AS29501 members: AS29512 members: AS29522 members: AS29593 members: AS29596 members: AS29642 members: AS30726 members: AS30730 members: AS29576 members: AS30793 members: AS30816 members: AS30883 members: AS15995 members: AS21404 members: AS31106 members: AS31129 members: AS31181 members: AS31255 members: AS31280 members: AS31304 members: AS24984 members: AS31412 members: AS31423 members: AS31431 members: AS31528 members: AS31628 members: AS8314 members: AS31658 members: AS31683 members: AS32768 members: AS33838 members: AS3395 members: AS34076 members: AS34324 members: AS15908 members: AS34435 members: AS199104 members: AS34635 members: AS34730 members: AS34902 members: AS35126 members: AS35281 members: AS35463 members: AS8486 members: AS41178 members: AS35787 members: AS35601 members: AS39112 members: AS39174 members: AS39219 members: AS8226 members: AS31114 members: AS5522 members: AS21214 members: AS30721 members: AS29625 members: AS3249 members: AS38942 members: AS15440 members: AS21480 members: AS39354 members: AS8691 members: AS39007 members: AS16343 members: AS31126 members: AS30944 members: AS34037 members: AS33852 members: AS33922 members: AS24852 members: AS24877 members: AS35284 members: AS34857 members: AS25190 members: AS24645 members: AS21420 members: AS20490 members: AS34961 members: AS21031 members: AS35135 members: AS6769 members: AS24825 members: AS31738 members: AS29407 members: AS33869 members: AS43862 members: AS20960 members: AS13194 members: AS20842 members: AS5430 members: AS34826 members: AS43482 members: AS34045 members: AS38987 members: AS41201 members: AS39566 members: AS41358 members: AS41322 members: AS41580 members: AS20808 members: AS49300 members: AS42246 members: AS42272 members: AS42453 members: AS15618 members: AS42401 members: AS4709 members: AS50705 members: AS41660 members: AS39897 members: AS25070 members: AS43153 members: AS43244 members: AS35198 members: AS34337 members: AS43769 members: AS48022 members: AS-TELNET-KR members: AS44454 members: AS47290 members: AS-INTERNET-CAFE members: AS47640 members: AS39661 members: AS47876 members: AS39794 members: AS43463 members: AS12757 members: AS21147 members: AS47205 members: AS47512 members: AS48424 members: AS42177 members: AS41253 members: AS20553 members: AS44523 members: AS49795 members: AS50014 members: AS47468 members: AS50153 members: AS48790 members: AS50312 members: AS35596 members: AS50426 members: AS197135 members: AS50467 members: AS197025 members: AS197136 members: AS196928 members: AS24732 members: AS48024 members: AS197003 members: AS57101 members: AS198000 members: AS-SITEL-PL members: AS57569 members: AS34999 members: AS58017 members: AS57905 members: AS-ARREKS members: AS25055 members: AS57921 members: AS43867 members: AS57810 members: AS41356 members: AS-EUROLAN-TRANSITED members: AS198948 members: AS61256 members: AS198937 members: AS-TRUSTNET-PL members: AS-COIG members: AS60378 members: AS57170 members: AS16110 members: AS-NTT-LT-2 members: AS-NTT-LT members: AS199981 members: AS-OST members: AS-SFERANET members: AS62258 members: AS35378 members: AS51373 members: AS-INFOMEX members: AS-TELKONEKT members: AS42675 members: AS25523 members: AS56441 members: AS50625 members: AS59642 members: AS-SOFTOMASZ members: AS199715 members: AS16125 members: AS-ESPOL-IX members: AS30838 members: AS62025 members: AS60468 members: AS60106 members: AS35063 members: AS41676 members: AS201904 members: AS50606 members: AS201724 members: AS59990 members: AS59977 members: AS21357 members: AS52110 members: AS198051 members: AS6453 members: AS201519 members: AS197405 members: AS6762 members: AS42619 members: AS59472 members: AS199260 members: AS201113 members: AS200792 members: AS39171 members: AS198594 members: AS39198 members: AS201893 members: AS34937 members: AS28689 members: AS200539 members: AS-PODKARPACKI-NET members: AS201201 members: AS48565 members: AS201388 members: AS-RUDNANET members: AS47790 members: AS-NETFALA members: AS-NETTELEKOM members: AS12985 members: AS199057 members: AS201561 members: AS-DAWIS members: AS-PROVECTOR members: AS-POLCOM-PL members: AS39243 members: AS198098 members: AS56945 members: AS198595 members: AS-GAMP members: AS199356 members: AS199953 members: AS203375 members: AS197682 members: AS56752 members: AS60844 members: AS47633 members: AS25495 members: AS206948 members: AS198696 members: AS-KOBA members: AS207156 members: AS-50625 members: AS49633 members: AS-BESKID-MEDIA members: AS43062 members: AS-PL-FUZ members: AS206526 members: AS59579 members: AS20889 members: AS206411 members: AS206442 members: AS200138 members: AS44190 members: AS200755 members: AS59607 members: AS-BESTGO members: AS34120 members: AS43627 members: AS34339 members: AS206093 members: AS-NTEC members: AS203389 members: AS50551 members: AS56713 members: AS-DLC members: AS199389 members: AS205990 members: AS43914 members: AS2115 members: AS-TWINIX members: AS31608 members: AS-OPEGIEKA members: AS198176 members: AS201044 members: AS43372 members: AS31267 members: AS39869 members: AS24918 members: AS198023 members: AS205608 members: AS42923 members: AS197227 members: AS50830 members: AS-TELNAP-PL members: AS21010 members: AS198704 members: AS198962 members: AS204953 members: AS50086 members: AS44284 members: AS49611 members: AS205034 members: AS204744 members: AS39039 members: AS-TPNETS members: AS198835 members: AS47672 members: AS199390 members: AS205813 members: AS203417 members: AS204412 members: AS204301 members: AS-CUS members: AS50116 members: AS203287 members: AS202403 members: AS205017 members: AS198442 members: AS42914 members: AS-GAWEX-TRANSIT members: AS52106 members: AS-TPODLASIE members: AS35191 members: AS60421 members: AS210163 members: AS31409 members: AS197142 members: AS-BIALNET members: AS205485 members: AS16296 members: AS50423 members: AS57480 members: AS209399 members: AS209388 members: AS41809 members: AS-NETSolution members: AS3573 members: AS-MULTINET24 members: AS24577 members: AS209073 members: AS60195 members: AS-REWOLUCJA-NET members: AS24756 members: AS34199 members: AS45026 members: AS-MULTIMEDIA members: AS34903 members: AS203890 members: AS198743 members: AS199980 members: AS-CVD members: AS-NSIX members: AS208112 members: AS50599 members: AS-ONEFONE-PL members: AS131235 members: AS197724 members: AS205149 members: AS207735 members: AS-VOIPED members: AS197903 members: AS197295 members: AS-ACTUS members: AS48963 members: AS33806 members: AS-SMSNET members: AS213356 members: AS24879 members: AS197704 members: AS39437 members: AS-BELPAK members: AS42877 members: AS202860 members: AS-TAURON-SET members: AS197544 members: AS212479 members: AS201493 members: AS212305 members: AS39599 members: AS42520 members: AS60782 members: AS206736 members: AS209200 members: AS209409 members: AS34212 members: AS-WTVK members: AS49007 members: AS-ITHEU members: AS29536 members: AS30975 members: AS35720 members: AS-60652 members: AS212251 members: AS211315 members: AS213103 members: AS-ARTNET members: AS50840 members: AS-HITME members: AS206838 members: AS-WEBDEV members: AS210587 members: AS57305 members: AS207012 members: AS56373 members: AS-RESPL members: AS211388 members: AS208227 members: AS203613 members: AS51101 members: AS204484 members: AS-AIZON members: AS201730 members: AS210506 members: AS62147 members: AS196999 members: AS57031 members: AS-ACTUS members: AS-TELGAM members: AS31229 members: AS16380 members: AS34986 members: AS43762 members: AS197233 members: AS49664 members: AS204870 members: AS198655 members: AS199692 members: AS199823 members: AS211155 members: AS-WIST members: AS197459 members: AS200670 members: AS216446 members: AS50355 members: AS198522 members: AS211025 members: AS50423 members: AS212887 admin-c: DUMY-RIPE tech-c: DUMY-RIPE mnt-by: MNT-EXATEL created: 2005-12-02T12:32:10Z last-modified: 2023-11-14T06:13:47Z source: RIPE remarks: **************************** remarks: * THIS OBJECT IS MODIFIED remarks: * Please note that all data that is generally regarded as personal remarks: * data has been removed from this object. remarks: * To view the original object, please query the RIPE Database at: remarks: * http://www.ripe.net/whois remarks: ****************************