as-set: AS-FRONTIER descr: ASNs for which Frontier Communications provides transit. members: AS21, AS1420, AS1614, AS1827, AS2035, AS2763, AS5650, AS3278, AS3593, AS3606, AS3728, AS10685, AS10857, AS10868, AS11047, AS11061, AS11123, AS11320, AS11417, AS11472, AS11493, AS11553, AS11598, AS11619, AS11753, AS11757, AS11841, AS11899, AS11936, AS11938, AS12081, AS12118, AS12239, AS13346, AS13406, AS13428, AS13454, AS13470, AS13543, AS13558, AS13659, AS13958, AS13976, AS14010, AS14038, AS14205, AS14262, AS14355, AS14389, AS14598, AS14605, AS14790, AS14841, AS15097, AS15297, AS16627, AS16677, AS16763, AS16838, AS17051, AS17348, AS17394, AS17406, AS18439, AS18444, AS18517, AS18643, AS18656, AS18820, AS18884, AS18893, AS19096, AS19126, AS19153, AS19514, AS19615, AS19724, AS19917, AS19951, AS20115, AS20343, AS20354, AS20359, AS21512, AS21576, AS21615, AS21646, AS21696, AS21840, AS22006, AS22036, AS22046, AS22135, AS22181, AS22379, AS22390, AS22448, AS22455, AS22466, AS22580, AS22663, AS22714, AS22764, AS22857, AS23038, AS23070, AS23263, AS23297, AS23497, AS23542, AS25663, AS25674, AS25787, AS25850, AS26069, AS26080, AS26109, AS26127, AS26182, AS26261, AS26302, AS26383, AS26410, AS26438, AS26450, AS26650, AS26743, AS26846, AS26875, AS26956, AS27017, AS27162, AS27238, AS27403, AS27641, AS29823, AS29923, AS30064, AS30153, AS30192, AS30343, AS30418, AS31746, AS31754, AS31843, AS31862, AS31968, AS31990, AS31995, AS32000, AS32195, AS32210, AS32587, AS32684, AS32840, AS32854, AS32859, AS32995, AS33053, AS33533, AS33722, AS35860, AS35971, AS35984, AS36128, AS36139, AS36191, AS36224, AS36279, AS36476, AS36562, AS36798, AS40326, AS46590, AS46690, AS46972, AS53274, AS53423, AS53456, AS53571, AS54119, AS54603, AS54762, AS54972, AS55087, AS55237, AS62538, AS62785, AS62792, AS62924, AS63172, AS63198, AS63264, AS64204, AS201385, AS393286, AS393314, AS393322, AS393323, AS393395, AS393542, AS393803, AS393825, AS393838, AS393863, AS393974, AS394137, AS394197, AS394204, AS394236, AS394241, AS394283, AS394305, AS394326, AS395126, AS395912, AS398089, AS398373, AS398847, AS398963, AS399047, AS399288, AS399437, AS399527, AS399705, AS399754, AS400001, AS400069, AS55156, AS53614, AS40326, AS39938, AS6482, AS55113, AS53484, AS396979, AS53633, AS54713, AS396066, AS40534, AS40642, AS395526, AS395645, AS6448, AS40585, AS55132, AS46236, AS395333, AS394681, AS7345, AS7024, AS63405, AS46645, AS46710, AS40777, AS398254, AS7786, AS395211, AS5733, AS394668, AS394483, AS397061, AS55146, AS55156, AS397091, AS397632, AS398474, AS54464, AS40502, AS395519, AS396065, AS395413, AS6266, AS8021, AS46460, AS396020, AS395720, AS394420, AS400097, AS54361, AS14605, AS6062, AS11598, AS6482, AS53416, AS62614, AS62683, AS397425, AS63206, AS46947, AS46688, AS395749, AS395879, AS55292, AS394690, AS40524, AS23502, AS19609, AS400009, AS35921, AS398551, AS54433, AS212132, AS15092, AS400657, AS46292, AS16789, AS398023, AS400656, AS26822, AS22436, AS14136, AS397632, AS395292, AS13745, AS27309, AS54119, AS26450, AS54119, AS36128, AS398124, AS399288, AS19108, AS40496, AS394596, AS395359, AS10942, AS23043, AS62738, AS46483, AS399238, AS27437, AS33099, AS32649, AS11553, AS39999, AS397787, AS32649, AS25667 members: AS15182 admin-c: MSHIELDS-FRONTIER tech-c: MAZINGER-FRONTIER notify: bgp@frontiernet.net mnt-by: MAINT-AS5650 changed: chima.obi@ftr.com 20230919 #22:50:17Z source: RADB
as-set: AS-FRONTIER descr: AS numbers routed by Frontier Online members: AS13049 members: AS25326 members: AS2072 members: AS2094 members: AS29629 tech-c: DUMY-RIPE admin-c: DUMY-RIPE mnt-by: FRONTIER-MNT created: 2002-06-04T01:23:00Z last-modified: 2010-07-15T10:02:55Z source: RIPE remarks: **************************** remarks: * THIS OBJECT IS MODIFIED remarks: * Please note that all data that is generally regarded as personal remarks: * data has been removed from this object. remarks: * To view the original object, please query the RIPE Database at: remarks: * http://www.ripe.net/whois remarks: ****************************