as-set: AS-NEXTLAYER descr: next layer as-set members: AS1764 members: AS6883 members: AS8387:AS-T-SYSTEMS-AT members: AS8787 members: AS8971 members: AS9023 members: AS12311 members: AS12654 members: AS13008 members: AS13022 members: AS13042 members: AS13068 members: AS15655 members: AS16099 members: AS16172 members: AS20751 members: AS20863 members: AS21079 members: AS24656 members: AS24777 members: AS25011 members: AS25012 members: AS25053 members: AS25101 members: AS25152 members: AS25522 members: AS26415 members: AS28760 members: AS28771 members: AS28839 members: AS28848 members: AS28857 members: AS28880 members: AS29161 members: AS29330 members: AS29429 members: AS29677 members: AS33917 members: AS34090 members: AS34328 members: AS35317 members: AS35339 members: AS35492 members: AS35552 members: AS35370 members: AS35609 members: AS38967 members: AS39394 members: AS39409 members: AS39508 members: AS41363 members: AS42114 members: AS42378 members: AS42557 members: AS42572 members: AS42715 members: AS42829 members: AS43913 members: AS43916 members: AS44133 members: AS44191 members: AS44385 members: AS44594 members: AS44753 members: AS44760 members: AS44865 members: AS46103 members: AS47132 members: AS47186 members: AS47297 members: AS47592 members: AS47593 members: AS48984 members: AS49660 members: AS49882 members: AS50047 members: AS50351 members: AS51454 members: AS51556 members: AS51560 members: AS51890 members: AS52111 members: AS56612 members: AS58131 members: AS59779 members: AS59789 members: AS59949 members: AS60368 members: AS60520 members: AS60859 members: AS62363 members: AS62373 members: AS196697 members: AS197458 members: AS197636 members: AS197657 members: AS198439 members: AS198521 members: AS198650 members: AS199015 members: AS199216 members: AS199217 members: AS199824 members: AS199893 members: AS200112 members: AS200273 members: AS208245 members: AS200501 members: AS200849 members: AS201185 members: AS201535 members: AS201951 members: AS202616 members: AS202664 members: AS203717 members: AS205243 members: AS206148 members: AS206159 members: AS207011 members: AS207203 members: AS207458 members: AS207637 members: AS207791 members: AS208323 members: AS208089 members: AS209553 members: AS209571 members: AS209575 members: AS210237 members: AS211060 members: AS211666 members: AS211763 members: AS212379 members: AS215048 members: AS215461 members: AS215689 members: AS216369:AS-JKDEV-OUT members: AS-ACG members: AS-ACONET members: as-andom-tec members: AS-ANEXIA members: AS-ANYCASTED members: AS-APA members: AS-ASFINAG members: AS-AZISTA members: AS-BRZ members: AS-CCC-EVENT members: AS-CNET members: AS-EMARSYS members: AS-EMIT members: AS-FUNKNETZ members: AS-GSTWAT members: AS-H3G-AUSTRIA members: AS-HOTZE members: AS-HUEMER members: AS-ITANDTEL members: AS-JM-DATA members: AS-JAGGAER members: AS-KABS members: AS-KAPSCH members: AS-KOWALSKY members: AS-LAGIS members: AS-LINZNET members: AS-LNT members: AS-LUCESEM members: AS-MMC-AT members: AS-NEMOX-NET members: AS-NICAT members: AS-MEDIAINVENT members: AS-MRS members: AS-OEBV members: AS-PXPAT members: AS-PROFINET members: AS-SALZBURG-AG members: AS-SELFNET members: AS-SCC members: AS-SET-CONOVA members: AS-SET-STW members: AS-SWG-MYROOTPW members: AS-JAGGAER members: AS-TKSWF members: AS-WIENSTROM members: AS-WNTNEWMEDIA members: AS-WORLD4YOU members: AS-XINON-CARRIER-V4 members: AS-SET-JUMPER members: AS-TeleTec members: AS-INABOX tech-c: DUMY-RIPE admin-c: DUMY-RIPE mnt-by: AS1764-MNT created: 2005-11-19T11:47:32Z last-modified: 2024-06-12T08:34:56Z source: RIPE remarks: **************************** remarks: * THIS OBJECT IS MODIFIED remarks: * Please note that all data that is generally regarded as personal remarks: * data has been removed from this object. remarks: * To view the original object, please query the RIPE Database at: remarks: * http://www.ripe.net/whois remarks: ****************************