as-set: AS-SETPTCL descr: Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited descr: IP & Broaband Service Provider country: PK members: AS17557, AS4661, AS7590, AS9260,AS147018,AS133457,AS141432,AS134489 members: AS9557, AS9940, AS17491, AS17539,AS149419,AS23607,AS142647,AS142150 members: AS17563, AS17787, AS17911, AS18173,AS9937,AS149454,AS149023 members: As18212, AS23674, AS23750, AS23888,AS149484,AS138432,AS150129 members: AS23966, AS24033, AS24092, AS24435,AS149495,AS147023,AS141020 members: AS24499, AS26374, AS37973, AS37976,AS141431,AS59317,AS137475 members: AS38264, AS38547, AS38584, AS9541,AS141164,AS139219,AS142300 members: AS38616, AS38710, AS38742, AS38808,AS38166,AS24429,AS139218 members: AS45172, AS45195, AS38616, AS-SETDOLS,AS141380,AS138426 members: AS45748, AS45773, AS24440, AS55330, AS45178, AS45595, AS38193:AS-PEERS members: AS131284, AS58467, AS45446,AS138985,AS137040,AS149788 members: AS55541, AS56126, AS55453, AS55816,AS138590,AS150130,AS58876 members: AS58515, AS56192, AS56167, AS132173, AS132471, AS150311,AS133141 members: AS38616, AS38584, AS132165, AS45669, AS38713,AS137824,AS59355 members: AS45127, AS55424, AS58470, AS135395,AS141421,AS140908,AS151189,AS150697 members: AS58470, AS135523, AS134721, AS135661,AS151340,AS133551 members: AS58893, AS137195, AS135316, AS138019,AS134134,AS137450 members: AS13335, AS137513, AS133933, AS138368,AS142120,AS141395 members: AS136030, AS137047, AS136384, AS58893,AS151410,AS151333 members: AS18053, AS133495, AS137265, AS45814,AS135376,AS138322 members: AS138625, AS15347, AS58617, AS138382, AS58895,AS149021 members: AS38742, AS137561, AS9541:as-customers members: AS136116,AS139577,AS139292,AS132891,AS134596 members: AS135003,AS136259,AS138640,AS135567,AS132788 members: AS18359,AS132891,AS137461,AS137014,AS135123 members: AS139043,AS139879,AS139260,AS138322:AS-CUSTOMER members: AS140526,AS132480,AS140100,AS138423 members: AS-MULTINET,AS139351,AS133202,AS140594,AS140732 members: AS138039,AS138424,AS140608,AS140900 members: AS134737,AS21859,AS4546,AS136907,AS138444 members: AS131471,AS140131,AS141369,AS138453,AS138349 members: AS138324,AS141361,AS140045,AS136974,AS136400,AS136454 members: AS141031,AS9387,AS141711,AS136969,AS141372 members: AS141215 ,AS138172, AS141342,AS139302,AS142295,AS142274,AS140607,AS132386,AS140579,AS135384,AS136610 members: AS136730,AS140499,AS142552,AS3918,AS147057,AS142127 members: AS138955,AS142421,AS55501,AS138926,AS142559,AS149173 members: AS141717, AS138910,AS23750,AS146998,AS142302,AS147066,AS58987 members: AS141023,AS142063,AS32261,AS136607,AS147031,AS147026 members: AS147055,AS9260,AS135523,AS139087,AS141234,AS139341 tech-c: MA527-AP admin-c: MA527-AP mnt-by: MAINT-PK-PTCLBB remarks: NEW AS Added in AS-SETPTCLAdded for Ufone, LKMR AS Added and Streamlink AFAdded AS38616(WorldCall)Added AS38584(CUBEXS)Added AS-SET COONECT COMMUNICATIONSAS-SET OF MOBILINK ADDEDAS-SET of SATCOM addedAS-SET of Warid Telecom AddedAS-SET Insta Telecom addedAS-SET of MTN Afghanistan added AS132471AS-SET of MOBIMAX-PK added ASN 58470AS-SET of System Private Limited Lhr AS 135395AS-SET of Khyber Internet Srv Provider Ltd KISPPL-AS-AP AS135384, AS SET of KHAADI-NOC, AS-SET of Superior University, AS-SET of Gem NET ASNAS-SET PAKWIFI-AS-AP, AS-SET of Ambition Communication, ITS Kashif Aftab, AS-SET for Cloudfare, AS-Set of HBL, AS-SET for CM-PAK, AS-SET of RedTone, AONE BB Pvt LTD, AS Set of Optix Pak Pvt Ltd optix.pk, AS Set of WayLink Lalamusa, AS Set of SCO Special Communication Organization, AS Set of Vision Telecom, AS Set of MCB Islamic Bank, AS Set of Fariya Network, AS Set of Multinet, AS Set IBEX, ASN of TPL Tracker, AS Set of AWCC, AS Set of Naseh Vision East, AS-SET of Afghan Wireless, AS-Set of WayLink, AS-Set of CyberNet Downstream Customer, AS Set of Well NW Pvt Ltd, AS Set PTCL desfined for Usman Internet Service Provider Private Limited, Netbiz Broadband (Pvt) Ltd and Khyber Internet Services Provider Pvt. Ltd., added AS Wideband Communications(Pvt)Ltd, AS set of KCN, AS Set of tufa Telecom Added, AS Set of last-modified: 2023-11-22T09:13:12Z source: APNIC