as-set: AS35706:AS-PEERINGPOLICY descr: Net At Once's settlement-free Peering Policy remarks: This document sets forth Net At Once's (NAO) Peering Policy for remarks: engaging in settlement-free peering relationsships between NAO remarks: and an Internet Network requesting peering (the 'Applicant'). remarks: NAO regularly revises its Peering Policy to ensure the Policy is remarks: consistent with the current state of NAO's network. The current remarks: version of this Policy is available via the whois object remarks: AS35706:AS-PEERINGPOLICY at whois.ripe.net. remarks: NAO is open to peering where it makes engineering sense. remarks: Peering requests should be sent to peering@netatonce.se. remarks: Requests will be reviewed on an individual basis but should remarks: conform to what is outlined in this Policy. NAO does not require remarks: a formal peering agreement but it is willing to sign one should remarks: the Applicant wish so. remarks: remarks: Part 'A' of the Policy details the requirements that an Internet remarks: Network requesting peering (the 'Applicant') must meet in order remarks: to qualify for settlement-free peering. remarks: Part 'B' of the Policy specifies the operational requirements remarks: for peering networks, which both the Applicant and NAO must remarks: satisfy. remarks: Part 'C' of the Policy outlines some general notifications remarks: regarding the Policy. remarks: remarks: A - Peering -------------------------------------------------- remarks: A.1 Customer. A party cannot, at the same time, be both a remarks: A.2 Upstream transit. NAO will normally not peer with remarks: Applicant if Applicant's upstream is already peering with remarks: NAO at the same peering point. remarks: A.3 Traffic Volume. The traffic volume shall be of such remarks: amount that it is interesting for both parties to peer remarks: in order to alleviate transit and other peering remarks: arrangements. remarks: A.4 Traffic Exchange Ratio. The ratio of the aggregate amount remarks: of traffic exchanged between the parties shall be roughly remarks: balanced and not exceed 1.7:1. remarks: A.5 Max Traffic. If the aggregate peering traffic exchanged remarks: exceeds 25% of the total port speed at a public Internet remarks: exchange point the peering shall be replaced with a remarks: private peering. remarks: A.6 Redundancy. We prefer to peer over multiple remarks: geographically dispersed points to obtain better remarks: redundancy. remarks: remarks: B - Operation ------------------------------------------------ remarks: B.1 NOC. Both parties shall operate a Networks Operations remarks: Centre with email addresses, phone numbers and 24x7 remarks: coverage. Technical contact information must be provided. remarks: B.2 Cooperation. Both parties must agree to actively remarks: cooperate chasing security violations, denial of service remarks: attacks, and similar incidents. remarks: B.3 Aggregation. NAO will announce customer prefixes as remarks: received unless aggregation is requested by customer. remarks: B.4 Dampening. NAO does not apply any route damping, as is remarks: recommended in RIPE-378 and we encourage everyone to remarks: follow this RIPE recommendation. remarks: B.5 Prefix-length. Routes longer than /24 is not accepted remarks: unless a separate agreement has been established. remarks: B.6 IRR. The Applicant shall register routes and routing remarks: policy with a Internet routing registry such as RIPE or remarks: ARIN. The Applicant shall announce only those registered remarks: routes. remarks: B.7 It is appreciated if the Applicant is registered with remarks: http://peeringdb.org and all information is up to date. remarks: B.8 Default route. The Applicant shall not establish a route remarks: of last resort, ie default route, or any other static remarks: routes directed at NAO. remarks: B.9 Bogus routes. The Applicant shall announce only its own remarks: and customer routes to NAO AS35706. It should not remarks: announce any routes from any of its other peers. remarks: Likewise, the Applicant shall only announce NAO routes remarks: to itself and its customers. remarks: B.10 The Applicant shall announce the same routes at all remarks: peering points, unless other is stated in an agreement. remarks: remarks: C - General notifications ------------------------------------ remarks: C.1 NAO may at any time modify, replace or discontinue this remarks: policy at NAO's sole discretion without any prior remarks: notification. remarks: C.2 Neither party will apply any charge to the other. remarks: Expenditures for private interconnections will be shared remarks: equally between NAO and Applicant. remarks: C.2 NAO reserves the right to terminate the peering (depeer) remarks: at any time with 30 days notice. remarks: C.3 This policy is a guideline. Meeting all the requirements remarks: stated in here does not guarantee that NAO will enter remarks: into a settlement-free peering relationship with the remarks: Applicant. remarks: C.4 NAO may honor (legacy) peers not entirely matching the remarks: requirements outlined in here at it's sole discretion. remarks: C.5 Any exceptions to this Policy will be granted at the remarks: sole discretion of NAO. remarks: admin-c: DUMY-RIPE tech-c: DUMY-RIPE mnt-by: NETATONCE-MNT created: 2005-11-17T13:27:48Z last-modified: 2013-02-15T09:32:35Z source: RIPE remarks: **************************** remarks: * THIS OBJECT IS MODIFIED remarks: * Please note that all data that is generally regarded as personal remarks: * data has been removed from this object. remarks: * To view the original object, please query the RIPE Database at: remarks: * http://www.ripe.net/whois remarks: ****************************