as-set: AS-1-IX descr: 1-IX Internet Exchange members: AS-NFLX members: AS-UARNET members: AS3326:AS-EXT members: AS-ZETNET members: AS-VSYS members: AS6777:AS-AMS-IX-RS members: AS-UKRPACK-UAIX members: AS-UKRTELBT members: AS-TENET-UA members: AS-HURRICANE members: AS-MOLDTELECOM members: AS-NEMI members: AS12700 members: AS-NETIA members: AS12963:AS-2ANY members: AS-BANKINFORM members: AS-ITS-WORLD members: AS-CLOUDFLARE members: AS-EDGECAST members: AS-GOOGLE members: AS-ITL members: AS15645 members: AS-COLUMBUS members: AS-OVH members: AS-UMC-CUSTOMERS members: AS24115 members: AS-HOME-NET members: AS-HETZNER members: AS-MCLAUT members: AS25229:AS-CUST members: AS-CYFRA-UA members: AS-MASTER members: AS-FAUST members: AS-SYNAPSE members: AS-KOMITEX members: AS31128 members: AS-FNT members: AS-LANTELECOM members: AS-SHTORM members: AS-VALVE members: AS-FACEBOOK members: AS-KIEVNET members: AS-RENOME members: AS-NCRYPTD members: AS-KHMAXNET members: AS-NASHNET members: AS-IP-SERVICES members: AS35325 members: AS-TH members: AS36040 members: AS-SOHONET members: AS-VINRADIONET members: AS-LANETUA members: AS-VIZITNET members: AS-D2CLOUD members: AS-TIM-LLC members: AS-WEARENET members: AS-NETUNDER members: AS-SOBORKA members: AS41871 members: AS-STARGROUP members: AS-UKRBIT members: AS-HAWE-ALL members: AS42798 members: AS-LIMANET members: AS-MAXIMUM members: AS-KUMIR-UAIX members: AS-ELHIM members: AS44032 members: AS44294 members: AS44411 members: AS-GGT members: AS-POINTUA members: AS44837:AS-ELS-TELECOM members: AS44854:AS-ERITAP members: AS-TWITCH members: AS-ZASTAVA-NET members: AS-EDGOO members: AS-HOME-NET members: AS-DIGITURUNC members: AS-CORBINA-UA members: AS-KLNK members: AS-ENTERRA members: AS-GALCOM members: AS-49453 members: AS-SDS members: AS-ACTPA members: AS-WORLDSTREAM members: AS-50073 members: AS-WTLCOM members: AS50401 members: AS-UTG-UA members: AS-SKYNET-UA members: AS51314 members: AS51367:AS-OPTOLAN members: AS-KOPIYKA members: AS51742 members: AS-REGION members: AS52074 members: AS-LOCALKA members: AS54994:AS-ALL members: AS-AMBER members: AS-FLYCOM members: AS-THEHOST members: AS-CONSENSUSONE members: AS-UTELS members: AS-GARNET-CH members: AS-SOYUZTELECOM members: AS-DOMUS members: AS-MIT27 members: AS-NETTRACK members: AS-Unit-IS members: AS-LINKCOM members: AS-CDN77 members: AS-EUROLINE-UA members: AS-KIEVALTAIR members: AS61297:AS-UA members: AS62041 members: AS-PITLINE members: AS-HATANET members: AS197131 members: AS-KIM members: AS-NEWTELECOM members: AS-GCORE members: AS-DELTAX members: AS204384 members: AS-MIT27 members: AS205513 members: AS-UAG members: AS209002 members: AS-WEBPRO members: AS210896 members: AS-BYTEDANCE tech-c: DUMY-RIPE admin-c: DUMY-RIPE mnt-by: mnt1ix-mnt created: 2021-07-01T12:01:48Z last-modified: 2024-04-16T10:13:05Z source: RIPE remarks: **************************** remarks: * THIS OBJECT IS MODIFIED remarks: * Please note that all data that is generally regarded as personal remarks: * data has been removed from this object. remarks: * To view the original object, please query the RIPE Database at: remarks: * http://www.ripe.net/whois remarks: ****************************