as-set: AS6777:AS-AMS-IX-RS descr: AMS-IX NL route server IPV4 peers remarks: These are IPV4 peers of AMS-IX route servers 6777, remarks: which is a subset of the list of all AMS-IX connected remarks: parties tech-c: DUMY-RIPE admin-c: DUMY-RIPE mnt-by: AMS-IX-MNT members: AS42, AS109, AS112, AS293, AS559, AS1031 members: AS1101, AS1103, AS1126, AS1140, AS1200, AS1239 members: AS1241, AS1248, AS1267, AS1547, AS1680, AS1764 members: AS1820, AS1828, AS2018, AS2484, AS2519, AS2611 members: AS2635, AS2852, AS2854, AS2906, AS3214, AS3216 members: AS3223, AS3225, AS3303, AS3326, AS3327, AS3333 members: AS3399, AS3462, AS3856, AS3920, AS4455, AS4637 members: AS4651, AS4657, AS4761, AS4766, AS4775, AS4788 members: AS4800, AS5390, AS5394, AS5404, AS5405, AS5413 members: AS5416, AS5466, AS5524, AS5583, AS5606, AS5713 members: AS6057, AS6204, AS6206, AS6233, AS6424, AS6447 members: AS6453, AS6507, AS6661, AS6663, AS6677, AS6681 members: AS6717, AS6762, AS6775, AS6834, AS6866, AS6939 members: AS7342, AS7522, AS7552, AS7679, AS7713, AS7862 members: AS8038, AS8075, AS8218, AS8220, AS8262, AS8283 members: AS8302, AS8304, AS8309, AS8315, AS8359, AS8365 members: AS8368, AS8399, AS8400, AS8422, AS8426, AS8447 members: AS8452, AS8462, AS8473, AS8487, AS8529, AS8560 members: AS8587, AS8632, AS8637, AS8647, AS8674, AS8708 members: AS8732, AS8752, AS8758, AS8763, AS8764, AS8767 members: AS8781, AS8821, AS8839, AS8859, AS8866, AS8881 members: AS8888, AS8918, AS8932, AS8953, AS9002, AS9031 members: AS9036, AS9044, AS9050, AS9115, AS9119, AS9123 members: AS9136, AS9145, AS9150, AS9264, AS9299, AS9304 members: AS9381, AS9498, AS9583, AS9605, AS9902, AS9930 members: AS9957, AS10099, AS10310, AS11019, AS11179, AS12041 members: AS12189, AS12306, AS12315, AS12322, AS12329, AS12355 members: AS12399, AS12400, AS12414, AS12552, AS12578, AS12637 members: AS12693, AS12695, AS12713, AS12731, AS12759, AS12779 members: AS12850, AS12859, AS12874, AS12876, AS12883, AS12888 members: AS12897, AS12902, AS12969, AS12993, AS13000, AS13002 members: AS13101, AS13122, AS13150, AS13157, AS13194, AS13213 members: AS13237, AS13249, AS13285, AS13335, AS13445, AS13984 members: AS14061, AS14127, AS14537, AS14630, AS14840, AS14907 members: AS15133, AS15169, AS15435, AS15447, AS15547, AS15576 members: AS15600, AS15605, AS15695, AS15703, AS15802, AS15830 members: AS15895, AS15943, AS15958, AS15966, AS15967, AS16097 members: AS16265, AS16276, AS16298, AS16509, AS16552, AS16637 members: AS17494, AS17511, AS17557, AS17579, AS17639, AS18001 members: AS18106, AS19551, AS19679, AS19711, AS20278, AS20473 members: AS20495, AS20504, AS20546, AS20559, AS20562, AS20647 members: AS20764, AS20766, AS20804, AS20847, AS20857, AS20886 members: AS20932, AS20940, AS20969, AS21013, AS21221, AS21263 members: AS21409, AS21574, AS21859, AS22211, AS22356, AS22363 members: AS22381, AS22697, AS23028, AS23106, AS23576, AS23764 members: AS23944, AS23947, AS23951, AS24429, AS24482, AS24586 members: AS24730, AS24875, AS24904, AS24940, AS24961, AS25091 members: AS25133, AS25151, AS25152, AS25160, AS25220, AS25369 members: AS25428, AS25455, AS25521, AS25595, AS26237, AS26464 members: AS26667, AS28008, AS28283, AS28329, AS28598, AS28725 members: AS28788, AS28917, AS29017, AS29049, AS29075, AS29119 members: AS29140, AS29141, AS29208, AS29263, AS29314, AS29396 members: AS29467, AS29505, AS29535, AS29632, AS29802, AS30058 members: AS30081, AS30103, AS30132, AS30419, AS30818, AS30844 members: AS30889, AS30925, AS31019, AS31027, AS31029, AS31042 members: AS31122, AS31133, AS31319, AS31424, AS31449, AS31477 members: AS31500, AS31515, AS31529, AS31595, AS31615, AS31638 members: AS31673, AS31898, AS32244, AS32590, AS32787, AS32934 members: AS33353, AS33438, AS33763, AS33891, AS33915, AS33986 members: AS34019, AS34087, AS34141, AS34177, AS34224, AS34288 members: AS34309, AS34465, AS34549, AS34655, AS34756, AS34772 members: AS34863, AS34927, AS34953, AS34968, AS34984, AS35000 members: AS35280, AS35297, AS35320, AS35432, AS35574, AS35598 members: AS35709, AS35729, AS35753, AS35793, AS36182, AS36236 members: AS36351, AS36692, AS36864, AS36944, AS36994, AS37100 members: AS37282, AS37468, AS37721, AS38001, AS38040, AS38082 members: AS38158, AS38182, AS38623, AS38758, AS38880, AS38915 members: AS38983, AS39063, AS39090, AS39120, AS39122, AS39179 members: AS39180, AS39244, AS39351, AS39378, AS39386, AS39521 members: AS39572, AS39587, AS39591, AS39637, AS39647, AS39704 members: AS39737, AS39832, AS39839, AS39878, AS39923, AS40401 members: AS40627, AS40805, AS40850, AS40999, AS41041, AS41090 members: AS41095, AS41313, AS41327, AS41405, AS41529, AS41552 members: AS41692, AS41776, AS41805, AS41820, AS41887, AS41913 members: AS41960, AS42093, AS42184, AS42295, AS42366, AS42385 members: AS42541, AS42567, AS42649, AS42707, AS42755, AS42841 members: AS42861, AS42893, AS42947, AS43142, AS43190, AS43350 members: AS43366, AS43404, AS43414, AS43566, AS43641, AS43727 members: AS43898, AS43942, AS43996, AS44034, AS44103, AS44141 members: AS44444, AS44592, AS44608, AS44684, AS44735, AS44788 members: AS44858, AS44901, AS45352, AS45430, AS45437, AS45474 members: AS45489, AS45701, AS45758, AS45899, AS45903, AS46244 members: AS46489, AS46562, AS46786, AS46844, AS46997, AS47065 members: AS47147, AS47160, AS47172, AS47195, AS47447, AS47622 members: AS47626, AS47674, AS47836, AS47886, AS47957, AS47973 members: AS48173, AS48200, AS48237, AS48284, AS48314, AS48362 members: AS48399, AS48408, AS48519, AS48635, AS48858, AS48919 members: AS48927, AS49033, AS49121, AS49127, AS49375, AS49453 members: AS49463, AS49544, AS49605, AS49627, AS49653, AS49685 members: AS49800, AS49820, AS49870, AS49981, AS50010, AS50072 members: AS50083, AS50245, AS50263, AS50266, AS50272, AS50295 members: AS50300, AS50304, AS50309, AS50316, AS50340, AS50352 members: AS50384, AS50522, AS50581, AS50629, AS50673, AS50763 members: AS50812, AS50858, AS50889, AS50923, AS51050, AS51088 members: AS51167, AS51184, AS51185, AS51276, AS51375, AS51468 members: AS51752, AS51873, AS52320, AS52551, AS52965, AS53062 members: AS53180, AS53264, AS53334, AS53427, AS54113, AS54825 members: AS54994, AS55219, AS55256, AS55329, AS55685, AS55818 members: AS56382, AS56630, AS56654, AS56655, AS56665, AS56704 members: AS56786, AS56911, AS56987, AS57043, AS57112, AS57154 members: AS57169, AS57344, AS57406, AS57463, AS57575, AS57976 members: AS58138, AS58272, AS58291, AS58453, AS58511, AS58952 members: AS59545, AS59605, AS59624, AS59655, AS59692, AS59711 members: AS59865, AS59890, AS59908, AS59947, AS60022, AS60064 members: AS60294, AS60350, AS60476, AS60486, AS60664, AS60822 members: AS61135, AS61157, AS61200, AS61323, AS61349, AS61438 members: AS61599, AS61817, AS61955, AS62041, AS62044, AS62105 members: AS62240, AS62245, AS62663, AS62713, AS62715, AS62856 members: AS62955, AS63113, AS63399, AS63927, AS64049, AS64289 members: AS65533, AS131958, AS132203, AS132337, AS132876, AS133613 members: AS135391, AS136106, AS136907, AS137367, AS137409, AS138322 members: AS139057, AS139341, AS139628, AS139901, AS140443, AS148968 members: AS150220, AS196752, AS196844, AS196922, AS196954, AS197000 members: AS197156, AS197440, AS197692, AS197727, AS197731, AS197790 members: AS197902, AS197981, AS198046, AS198089, AS198792, AS198930 members: AS198967, AS199081, AS199095, AS199181, AS199275, AS199408 members: AS199483, AS199524, AS199599, AS199670, AS199938, AS199939 members: AS199995, AS200020, AS200023, AS200052, AS200197, AS200478 members: AS200596, AS200612, AS200781, AS201119, AS201290, AS201401 members: AS201791, AS201877, AS202053, AS202120, AS202425, AS202932 members: AS202954, AS203101, AS203489, AS203536, AS203724, AS203936 members: AS204196, AS204729, AS204805, AS204995, AS205668, AS205689 members: AS205943, AS206264, AS206446, AS206676, AS206735, AS207063 members: AS207083, AS207176, AS207375, AS207594, AS207790, AS208034 members: AS208367, AS208722, AS208844, AS209045, AS209162, AS209181 members: AS209768, AS210083, AS211713, AS211826, AS212232, AS212263 members: AS212477, AS213050, AS213052, AS213241, AS213373, AS216071 members: AS262494, AS262589, AS262761, AS263009, AS263528, AS265038 members: AS267613, AS269194, AS270814, AS271253, AS328366, AS328748 members: AS328832, AS396986, AS397601, AS398465, AS399976 created: 2022-12-01T15:03:50Z last-modified: 2024-06-14T20:38:44Z source: RIPE remarks: **************************** remarks: * THIS OBJECT IS MODIFIED remarks: * Please note that all data that is generally regarded as personal remarks: * data has been removed from this object. remarks: * To view the original object, please query the RIPE Database at: remarks: * http://www.ripe.net/whois remarks: ****************************