as-set: AS-FogIXP descr: FogIXP Members remarks: members: AS-PCH members: AS112 members: AS983 members: AS-PCH members: AS-STEVEYI members: AS-IPNG members: AS-NCRYPTD members: AS-MEER members: AS-UNIVERSAL-EXPORTS members: AS-IFOG members: AS-OTG members: AS38136 members: AS-NC-CUSTOMERS members: AS-ESAB members: AS-SWG-MYROOTPW members: AS39617 members: AS-MLAB members: AS41051:AS-ALL members: AS41666 members: AS-BAKKER-IT members: AS-ROUTE48 members: AS-ERITAP members: AS45009:AS-BYTEPARK members: AS47272:AS-HYEHOST members: AS47311:AS-ATHARVA members: AS-PUDUALL members: AS-EDGOO members: AS47813:AS-CUSTOMER members: AS-CRENET members: AS48297:AS-TPC members: AS48925:AS-VIBEGAMES members: AS49286 members: AS49418:AS-NETSHIELD members: AS50414 members: AS50917 members: AS51019:AS-ALL members: AS-VELDER members: AS52025:AS-CONE members: AS52112 members: AS56381:AS-ALL members: AS-VSERVER members: AS-AIRMASS1 members: AS-57344 members: AS-FNUTT members: AS-OFTEIN members: AS-ZERODISTANCE members: AS57521:AS-ALL members: AS58299:AS-ALL members: AS-HOSTINGSTUDIO members: AS59645:AS-WYBT members: AS-BALKAN-IX members: AS-MRSHEEP members: AS60900:AS-MAIN members: AS-SERVERKING members: AS-MOEBEE-CN members: AS-TOHUNET members: AS142271:AS-CUSTOMER members: AS147028:AS-ALL members: AS-XIAOJIN233 members: AS-RAPIDFIREY members: AS197477:AS-NERDSCAVE members: AS198016 members: AS199393 members: AS199518:AS-GSHAPIRO members: AS200132:AS-NETONE-NL members: AS200149:AS-NIX members: AS200351:AS-ALL members: AS-ETH members: AS-RAPDODGE members: AS200625 members: AS200676:AS-SJOHNSON members: AS200708 members: AS200731 members: AS-GUARANDOO members: AS200872 members: AS200950:AS-MAIN members: AS-RADISH members: AS201723 members: AS202002 members: AS-SET-AS202224 members: AS202262:AS-ALL members: AS202348 members: AS202402:AS-SKHS members: AS-DELTAMAN members: AS-FILLI members: AS-NICK members: AS202662:AS-HYTRON members: AS-NETALI members: AS202855:AS-GALACTICGROUP members: AS-ZH-NET members: AS-CHIMON members: AS-BANDURA-COMMUNICATIONS-SET members: AS203218:AS-ALL members: AS-JONASBUSCH members: AS203655 members: AS203738 members: AS-ROHMAN members: AS204033:AS-SARTHUR members: AS204438 members: AS-MLGT members: AS204611 members: AS-PAULLEWIS members: AS-LABIXE members: AS205088 members: AS-SNH members: AS-IMKA members: AS-CLAUDWEB members: AS-HRVOJE members: AS-MUILTIES members: AS205531 members: AS205648 members: AS205755 members: AS205794:AS-SET members: AS205848 members: AS205929 members: AS-AANETWORKS members: AS-OPENFIBER members: AS-HYENANET members: AS-KORVESNET members: AS-BLOMME members: AS207574:AS-ALL members: AS207590:AS-CUSTOMERS members: AS-EMENDERS members: AS208059 members: AS-CSO-SRLS members: AS208183 members: AS-EFERO members: AS208453 members: AS208563:AS-LINUXGEMINI members: AS-SCHAEFERS members: AS-AS208907 members: AS-GROETZNER members: AS-Tschajera members: AS-FANSNET members: AS-SUSETECH members: AS209533:AS-BGPTUNNEL members: AS209718 members: AS-AROGA members: AS209861:AS-DOWNSTREAM members: AS-RACKFARM members: AS209933 members: AS-VANVIK members: AS210374 members: AS210387 members: AS-PEDJOEANG members: AS210590 members: AS-DOMINIK members: AS-AGTECH members: AS-SET-ASTROPHAGE members: AS210890 members: AS-DEVPLAYER0 members: AS211088 members: AS211184 members: AS-MRSHEEP members: AS-YUZHEN members: AS211398:AS-ALL members: AS-POISONCLOUD members: AS-PETER members: AS211688 members: AS211696:AS-PEERS members: AS211833 members: AS-MEIS members: AS212123:AS-ALL members: AS212125 members: AS-CIRRUSLAB members: AS-86 members: AS212618 members: AS212635:AS-212635 members: AS-QDANIEL-SET members: AS212828 members: AS212855:AS-LUJE members: AS-ACCURIS members: AS-RB67 members: AS-DED3L members: AS-BITTENBYTES members: AS-VIRT-IT members: AS-HBC members: AS-SET-AS213312 members: AS-COCONUT members: AS215553 members: AS215751:AS-NETZR-DOWNSTREAM members: as215759:as-ziax members: AS215828:AS-TMW members: AS216126 members: AS216398:AS-YIFF members: AS327813 members: AS-TRITAN-ASNS members: AS399532 members: AS-NOVANETWORKS remarks: tech-c: DUMY-RIPE admin-c: DUMY-RIPE mnt-by: ch-ifog-1-mnt created: 2022-03-31T10:26:00Z last-modified: 2024-04-09T21:05:53Z source: RIPE remarks: **************************** remarks: * THIS OBJECT IS MODIFIED remarks: * Please note that all data that is generally regarded as personal remarks: * data has been removed from this object. remarks: * To view the original object, please query the RIPE Database at: remarks: * http://www.ripe.net/whois remarks: ****************************