as-set: AS-GARS descr: GARS Telecom Autonomous Systems members: AS31261 members: AS12820 members: as-3data_CK19 members: AS204507 members: AS207207 members: AS-RECONN members: AS43907 members: AS38969 remarks: AS38969 customer members: AS49993 members: AS206515 members: AS204665 members: AS29651 members: AS209456 members: AS31183 members: AS30952 members: AS33962 members: AS39376 members: AS212967 members: AS34249 members: AS34121 members: AS34495 members: AS34504 members: AS35195 members: AS35774 members: AS35830 members: AS204459 members: AS35928 members: AS47183 members: AS39058 members: AS41444 members: AS41617 members: AS42134 members: AS201945 members: AS42481 members: AS42771 members: AS43787 members: AS43889 members: AS44401 members: AS44598 members: AS44696 members: AS44754 members: AS201706 members: AS60773 members: AS44797 members: AS44900 members: AS44915 members: AS47354 members: AS47677 members: AS47819 members: AS-3DATA members: AS48197 members: AS48788 members: AS49390 members: AS-AVGA-TERRA members: AS49452 members: AS50040 members: AS50276 members: AS50425 members: AS50225 members: AS50644 members: AS51144 members: AS51271 members: AS51292 members: AS51297 members: AS51472 members: AS51913 members: AS56364 members: AS56829 members: AS57050 members: AS57215 members: AS56994 members: AS57885 members: AS58091 members: AS58229 members: AS58342 members: AS59406 members: AS59530 members: AS59718 members: AS60186 members: AS60424 members: AS60535 members: AS60542 members: AS60649 members: AS60841 members: AS61989 members: AS61991 members: AS196678 members: AS196764 members: AS196850 members: AS197097 members: AS49729 members: AS197986 members: AS198358 members: AS198441 members: AS198700 members: AS198705 members: AS47168 members: AS198728 members: AS198762 members: AS198770 members: AS198821 members: AS198833 members: AS199072 members: AS199546 members: AS199623 members: AS-Lindex members: AS200048 members: AS200575 members: AS200622 members: AS201097 members: AS201794 members: AS205482 members: AS202156 members: AS202734 members: AS202768 members: AS202880 members: AS202923 members: AS203504 members: AS203891 members: AS204117 members: AS206850 members: AS-TELIOS members: AS-BSH members: AS-MTW members: AS25561 members: AS59935 members: AS200152 members: AS200166 members: AS199602 members: AS203524 members: AS51680 members: AS206179 members: AS41122 members: AS-NSPK-EDC members: AS58084 members: AS207064 members: AS29258 members: AS204574 members: AS204827 members: AS5548 members: AS201018 members: AS202857 members: AS50197 members: AS-VITNET members: AS42628 members: AS60388 members: AS209701 members: AS209639 members: AS60826 members: AS35119 members: AS206323 members: AS201745 members: AS205245 members: AS209773 members: AS-NETCUBE members: AS41187 members: AS59673 members: AS51283 members: AS207874 members: AS50545 members: AS213133 members: AS202344 members: AS207496 members: AS210188 members: AS50724 members: AS212491 members: AS49017 members: AS41774 members: AS48219 members: AS59916 members: AS211520 members: AS41388 members: AS211532 members: AS-SIGMA-TELECOM members: AS211247 members: AS-RAMTEL members: AS211076 members: AS210914 members: AS50024 members: AS34910 members: AS212764 members: AS-CROC notify: admin-c: DUMY-RIPE tech-c: DUMY-RIPE mnt-by: GARS-MNT created: 2005-09-30T11:47:25Z last-modified: 2023-08-01T11:27:46Z source: RIPE remarks: **************************** remarks: * THIS OBJECT IS MODIFIED remarks: * Please note that all data that is generally regarded as personal remarks: * data has been removed from this object. remarks: * To view the original object, please query the RIPE Database at: remarks: * remarks: ****************************