as-set: AS-GOLDEN descr: 012 Smile Communications Ltd. descr: Hasivim St 25, Petach Tikva, Israel remarks: ------------------------------------------------- members: AS9116 members: AS49501 members: AS47770 members: AS9071 members: AS15169 members: AS20800 members: AS206039 members: AS203020 members: AS207591 members: AS211329 members: AS62651 members: AS44427 members: AS20841 members: AS207007 members: AS30383 members: AS203110 members: AS207444 members: AS212644 members: AS50440 members: AS212361 members: AS39343 members: AS19527 members: AS14778 members: AS25003 members: AS43181 members: AS396982 members: AS201152 members: AS207987 members: AS41714 members: AS202940 members: AS393262 members: AS205484 members: AS201415 members: AS202597 members: AS44846 members: AS43514 members: AS204831 members: AS15643 members: AS50079 members: AS8948 members: AS50237 members: AS43194 members: AS21145 members: AS12517 members: AS43165 members: AS203276 members: AS6888 members: AS50865 members: AS30744 members: AS56596 members: AS42925 members: AS25888 members: AS50365 members: AS8944 members: AS42994 members: AS21363 members: AS4148 members: AS31092 members: AS1628 members: AS8934 members: AS35758 members: AS35758:AS-HQSERV members: AS8376 members: AS44060 members: AS34583 members: AS9038 members: AS16061 members: AS9079 members: AS9038 members: AS4983 members: AS8894 members: AS13684 members: AS7762 members: AS55256 members: AS204814 members: AS13073 members: AS109 members: AS12975 members: AS12736 members: AS9117 members: AS61102 members: AS199391 members: AS12753 members: AS12849 members: AS8203 members: AS8738 members: AS15445 members: AS16159 members: AS12619 members: AS12802 members: AS48300 members: AS49484 members: AS39274 members: AS8697 members: AS-PALTEL members: AS-GCORE members: AS5486 members: AS21486 members: AS16240 members: AS8958 members: AS43739 members: AS8513 members: AS12441 members: AS25125 members: AS8958 members: AS12441 members: AS31092 members: AS35553 members: AS25565 members: AS31578 members: AS34380 members: AS12849 members: AS34598 members: AS35532 members: AS12749 members: AS5540 members: AS34380 members: AS41923 members: AS41924 members: AS8867 members: AS42384 members: AS25237 members: AS3381 members: AS44435 members: AS44669 members: AS44367 members: AS47135 members: AS47177 members: AS47492 members: AS44024 members: AS43871 members: AS20645 members: AS47766 members: AS47665 members: AS44709 members: AS25046 members: AS43423 members: AS48627 members: AS34886 members: AS35392 members: AS12491 members: AS12491:AS-IPPLANET members: AS49308 members: AS6907 members: AS49771 members: AS28799 members: AS50365 members: AS50463 members: AS22753 members: AS51651 members: AS197538 members: AS31391 members: AS12400 members: AS57727 members: AS198425 members: AS49921 members: AS196828 members: AS14857 members: AS20623 members: AS198087 members: AS15823 members: AS714 members: AS198484 members: AS13035 members: AS20800 members: AS60590 members: AS43842 members: AS57259 members: AS51385 members: AS197012 members: AS56914 members: AS47155 members: AS41264 members: AS30866 members: AS12257 members: AS57727 members: AS60933 members: AS42475 members: AS201093 members: AS35016 members: AS12988 members: AS13093 members: AS15976 members: AS15526 members: AS15708 members: AS19239 members: AS31417 members: AS31162 members: AS34852 members: AS50081 members: AS208465 members: AS20841 members: AS39213 members: AS35541 members: AS35435 members: AS33802 members: AS39159 members: AS49794 members: AS47461 members: AS198773 members: AS201073 members: AS43438 members: AS35142 members: AS51587 members: AS29410 members: AS43514 members: AS209028 members: AS51825 members: AS207605 members: AS210208 members: AS209622 members: AS213176 members: AS204257 members: AS198949 members: AS42316 members: AS198986 members: AS48851 members: AS205650 members: AS206531 members: AS31898 members: AS212466 members: AS210371 members: AS16158 members: AS200107 members: AS47961 members: AS396259 members: AS49069 members: AS206446 members: AS206446:AS-CLOUDLEASE members: AS208905 members: AS34919 members: AS57259 members: AS210515 members: AS206950 members: AS206950 members: AS207106 members: AS65496 members: AS201076 members: AS44576 members: AS201025 members: AS210290 members: AS210371 members: as-tamares-set remarks: ------------------------------------------------- tech-c: DUMY-RIPE admin-c: DUMY-RIPE mnt-by: AS9116-MNT created: 2002-08-19T12:44:20Z last-modified: 2024-02-18T13:55:16Z source: RIPE remarks: **************************** remarks: * THIS OBJECT IS MODIFIED remarks: * Please note that all data that is generally regarded as personal remarks: * data has been removed from this object. remarks: * To view the original object, please query the RIPE Database at: remarks: * http://www.ripe.net/whois remarks: ****************************